Friday, August 17, 2012

Adapt or die...

So I joined ye olde tumblr...

I figured that so much of the time that I think about posting, I am generally at work, or out and about and can't manage a long, drawn-out post... I really just want to give you more of a "status update" level post. This is made exponentially easier by the fact that tumblr has a very user-friendly app for just that purpose, unlike blogger which still requires a web login and copious typing on a tiny keyboard for a more blogger-friendly post.

I can't say don't worry, because I don't know how all this is going to pan out, but much like Jay over at and, I hope to RELATIVELY maintain both, opting for blogger when in the mood for long, drawn out posts that require deluxe elaboration for the full effect of a story, but leaning toward tumblr when doing the mere day-to-day update of awesomeness.

No, I still don't live in a fancy city full of interesting goings-on, but I'm working on it... Much like so many things in my life.

Basically, while this is my first home, I want to play this by ear and see how things go, and while I intend to maintain a presence here, I will also be posting to, which I have also added to the sidebar for your convenience.