Tuesday, November 30, 2004

KEN JENNINGS LOSES ON JEOPARDY! In case you didn't get to see it for yourself, or catch a clip on the news or something, you can read about it HERE. Or you can actually hear his demise here! You can totally bank on the fact that this guy will be the answer to a trivial pursuit question at some point in the future! (Well him, or Nancy Zerg, who is the lady who finished his all-too-long run in a mortal kombat fatality style finish)


It's a recipe for hell monkeys! (I have no reason for using this as a title for this entry, other than the fact that the sentence amuses me.)

Ok, so here's the revelation of the day. I know it takes a person of a certain overall mindset to be only 22 years old and still be of the belief that they are destined to be alone forever. I have come to the conclusion that I am one of the poor saps who is of this sad, neurotic constitution. I mean I've been single for the OVERWHELMING majority of my adult life, and during the few rare occasions that I've cultivated anything even remotely resembling a successful relationship with a heterosexual male which exceeded the bounaries of platonic interaction, it has inevitably (and more often than not, rapidly) crumbled miserably into the annals of failed-relationship lore.

Please don't misunderstand me here... I'm not looking for "THE ONE" at the moment... For Christ's sake, I'm only 22. But the truth is that I am looking for signs of the mere existence of intelligent life forms beyond the platonic level, and at present I'm coming up empty handed here. Is it really so much for me to ask just to want to spend the interim (between now, and the time when the search for "THE ONE" eventually begins) with an acceptable guy? Once again, it seems like I'm asking too much of the boys.

Now, I've heard a few theories from other people on my chronic-single-ness, which I'm more than willing to share with you fine folks:

1) I undermine my own relationships. - I disagree, though from an outsider's point of view I can understand how it might look that way. The fact is that in any relationship I've ever considered to have even the most miniscule amount of something resembling a successful relationship (or at least the start of one) , it has been with a REALLY jealous person, a long-distance thing, (those REALLY RARELY work,) a manipulative self-absorbed ego-maniac, the most indecisive person EVER, and a chronic cheater who was also a rather emotionally manipulative fellow. (And I really don't think any of my exes read this thing, so if you think I'm talking about you, I'm probably not... but you never know, so do feel free to ask if you're all that concerned) ...Which leads me to number 2.

2) I am attracted to the wrong kinds of guys. - Now that I sit and look at it, I have to at least partially agree with this one. In retrospect, I do find myself involved with guys who make successful relationships damn near impossible. But in my own defense, all of these guys did at some point have their redeeming qualities as well, which for at least some period of time made up for their shortcommings. (And to my credit, while I am presently single, it might be because I don't like putting up with the afforementioned crap) This brings us, rather conveniently I might add, to observation number 3.

3) I am too picky. - I wholeheartedly disagree with this one. I am willing to give just about anyone a fair shot. And we all know I hate doing the breakup dance (while a rare event, it has happened,) so in general you've gotta be doing something REALLY bad or making me REALLY crazy to drive me to the end of the line. Also, we all know I'm at the heart of a very serious dry spell, and I'm just about ready to make out with anything that shows the least bit of interest in me and posesses a Y chromosome. (XY = BOY for those of you who don't know) So the picky thing has flown the coop on this one. And besides, I'm a reasonably attractive girl, (XX chromosomes) and I have a brain, and I refuse to apologize for the fact that I'm not willing to lower my standards to the level of dating the homeless men on the street who cat call me every so often. (Sorry Froggy... wait Froggy is homeless, he doesn't have a computer, although he used to have a functional cell phone... weird.)

4) I am repugnant and/or repulsive in some way. - I really hope this one isn't true, but under the current circumstances, it's not safe to exclude this one just yet... CRAP.

So, that's the best I can come up with.

I'm single, and hating it. (I pray to god that there will come a day when I can look back on that sentence and either announce the exact opposite "I'm no longer single, and I'm loving it" or on some day in the distant future I will look at those words written so long ago, and I will think to myself, "My god, what the hell were you thinking? YOU WERE SINGLE! THAT WAS THE LIFE!")

At present I am thinking that there is very little, if any, hope for my romantic future. Granted, my mother has tried to hook me up with patients at her office, family members of co-workers, etc, basically any guy between the ages of 20 and 35 who she thinks is even remotely attractive or acceptable, and who generally turn out to be neither attractive nor acceptable... but she means well, so I overlook it.

Yup, I'm convinced that I will live the rest of my pathetic life in male-less misery and I will eventually die alone. No one will notice I've gone missing for a good week or two, and when they do, they will discover my remains (bottle of alcohol still in hand) partially, if not mostly (depending on the length of time since my demise went unnoticed) consumed by a pack of wild marmosets, or yetties, or kangaroos, or something like that.


Monday, November 29, 2004

If I didn't love Dave so much, I'd have given up on him a long time ago. But I'm sure he's got an excuse... and I'm sure that I'll hear it, and either believe it, or not believe it but not care enough to stay mad at him. (That's pretty much how things go with me and Dave.)


Today was something less than fabulous. It was not only a Monday (my long days which always suck anyway,) but it was also a Monday after a holiday break. (Those always suck way worse.) So I got up, I went to class, spent much of my day talking to others about their thanksgiving break, and how they had a great time, while I didn't, then I killed time at the gym before night class, and had a pleasant little meal with Spoolie (not that you care). I then went to half of night class and then bailed to come home for dinner, a shower, and movie time. (Life is just a barrel of monkeys isn't it?). But the upswing to being this incredibly bored and boring all day is that I got to think a bit, and I finally came up with the answers to some things that had really been bothering me... the answers are 1) His name was Alex! 2) Dr. David Rudek, and he loved Piaget. 3) Mother Theresa and Joan of Arc... quotes are possible. 4) A bracelet and/or earrings. I guess that leaves you wondering what the questions were, doesn't it? Well, that's your problem!



I find myself kind of torn as to how I feel about cat-calling. (For those of you unfamiliar with the term "Cat-calling" it means when someone you don't know whistles at you, makes some kind of comment, or honks at you, or makes some other kind of suggestive/obscene gestures aimed at you in a lustful way.) Why am I torn about it? OK, yeah, someone who you don't know is going out of their way to comment or note your appearance in a positive way... Yeah, that's a little bit of a self-esteem booster. But at the same time the people who generally do the cat-calling are rarely, if ever, even remotely desireable people. They are generally dirty old men, the homeless guys you pass, truck drivers, and construction workers. (*Please note that not all truck drivers and construction workers are undesireable dirty old men, these classifications are not mutually exclusive or exhaustive, but generally those who do the cat calling tend to fall into a very undesirable category.) So yeah, you might get a little ego boost, but it tends to come from the kind of person you don't really want an ego-boost from on a good day... and on a bad day, well, anything will do.


12.1.04 - "I love you! HEY COME BACK!! I LOVE YOU!!" ~ Some random drunk guy at 4th street live (And no, this is not what prompted the cat-calling commentary.)


Johnny Cash & Dave Matthews - "For You" (Awesome song, just trust me on this one! I mean really, who doesn't like Johnny Cash?)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Ok, so I was an even bigger slacker than I had projected over the holiday weekend... Sorry.

But I'll recap the events for you, just so you know I wasn't totally worthless the whole time I was gone.

  • Sunday - I drove home with the mommage, and did some slacking at the homestead. (Because if you can't slack at the homestead, where can you slack?)
  • Monday - Did very little all day, went out for a beer with my mom and brother, came home and wrote a paper for medical ethics philosophy which was due Tuesday morning (Please note I've had almost a month to do this paper at this point)
  • Tuesday - found out my paper was not in a readable format, so I had to resend in a different format... you know, standard operating procedure for we procrastinators. Then I made plans to meet up with my sister on Wednesday and I saw the new Bridget Jones movie (Personally I prefer the first one, but this one was good as well)
  • Wednesday - met up with Becky and rode to dad's house, played with the nephew, sisters, etc, you know, general visiting with the fam.
  • Thursday - THANKSGIVING DAY, cursory overstuffing at the traditional meal, nap, football watching, video game playing, more visiting etc.
  • Friday - went to the riverboat casino (my first casino ever) where I proceeded to lose $40 because I am jinxed. Did some cursory day-after-thanksgiving shopping, got my Christmas cards (if you want one, please make sure that I have your address)
  • Saturday - More visiting, more eating, more football, and went down to "4th Street Live" for an evening of fun with Kim & Cole.
  • Sunday - Rode home with Jen & Nicole. Watched a movie, and typed up this little number.

So you see, I am not a total loaf... just a semi-loaf.


I feel it necessary to note that today while driving up with Jen & Nicole, we rode through Gary, Indiana and I think it's important to note that I stand by my original stance about Gary. For those of you unfamiliar with my take on Gary, it is simply this: I firmly believe that everything and everyone that comes from Gary, Indiana should be required to have a warning label that is fully visible at all times, and this warning label need say nothing more than "Warning: Product of Gary, Indiana. Exposure to Gary products may be hazardous to your health." Here is a small sampling of conversation which contains a couple quotes of the day.

Jen: "Hey look, we're in ghetto-Gary"
Nicole: "OOH, a taco and bake sale!" (QOTD - 11.26.04)
Liz: "Taco and bake sale? Who does that? JESUS, where are we?"
Jen & Nicole: "We're in GARY!"
Liz: "You know, it's really no wonder Michael Jackson is such a dysfunctional whacko!"
Jen: "Oh, hey, look there! Food & wig shop! (QOTD 11.27.04) (Then mocking conversation with other Gary residents) 'Hey, baby, you want anything to eat? I'mma go get me a new wig!'" (QOTD - 11.28.04)

Here’s another doozie of a quote from my sister Kim!

11.29.04 – “I love cancer! HOORAY AND HIGH FIVES FOR CANCER!” (It should be noted that Kim works in a lab doing cancer research, and cancer keeps her out of the unemployment line… so she’s not cheering for cancer, but more for cancer research, so please don’t get offended… you know if you heard it in person you’d think it was quote worthy too! And if you are offended, then what the hell are you doing reading this page? You know I don’t give a shit about offending people!

I think it's also important to give my dad a QOTD, because he is really incapable of addressing his children without alienating them... you all know how my birthday went down, and today I found out first hand that I am not unique with regards to having an asshole dad who makes needling remarks at inappropriate times. Today is my big brother's birthday (Happy birthday bro! Sorry I let dad talk on my phone only long enough to be a dick) And to be quite honest, even knowing the tenuous-at-best relationship between my dad and brother, I wouldn't have believed the comment if I hadn't heard it myself.

QOTD - 11.30.04 - "Well, I've sent several e-mails your way... apparently you check your e-mail about as often as you call." (I also feel that it's important to note that while my dad claims to call and leave messages for my brother, he did not have my brother's current phone number... My brother has lived at his current address and had his current phone number for over a year now... just goes to show how diligently my father keeps up with his kids.)

Please don't mistake any of this for bitterness, it's not bitterness, it's not spite, it is merely allowing my privileged readers an accurate view of my family and some of the shit I have to put up with and be the middle man for.


TOTD - (I'm a bit delinquent on this one as well, so I'll give you a few to choose from)

Bowling for Soup - "Hit Me Baby One More Time!" (WAAAAY better than the original which will never make this list for reasons already noted)

Amanda Ghost - "Silver Lining" (This is one of my favorite songs, and it's by a relatively unknown artist... It's a shame.)

Phil Collins - "Long Long Way to Go" (I only heard clips of this tune for the first time tonight, and I already like it enough to recommend it to you. *Might be a little hard to find though)


And here's an interesting link that my buddy Nate G. tracked down. Believe what you want to believe, but at least give this a look, if for no reason other than to pass a couple minutes of time that should be spent doing actual work.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving kids! (Just got that one in under the wire here!)

Here's the update:

  • Becky got a non-verbal form of discipline from the state police on our way to my Dad's... Though not in the form of a ticket, but rather in the form of a stern finger wag. (Only in Indiana can you get comedy like that from the state policemen when you're doin' 90 on the interstate)
  • I got pooped on by a puppy today.
  • I beat the newest Mortal Kombat game in under an hour... (Because I'm a champion)
  • Tomorrow I will go to my first casino EVER.
  • I am friends with Turd Ferguson.
  • I had homemade dressing, and life is good!

Here are a couple of quotes that I can recall now:

11.23.04 -
Dad: "Golly, I ate so much I feel like I'm pregnant!"
Grandma T. : "Yeah, well, you look like you're pregnant too!"

11.24.04 -(in response to the above comment)
Grandma: "What, um, I mean... I don't know what I'm talking about..."
Becky: "Yeah Grandma, way to use the 'Where am I? ... I'm old, I don't know what's going on' defense!"


11.25.04 - "Well, we were at the concert, and there was this 30 year old lady behind us, and quite frankly we couldn't tell if she was hitting on me or on Emma, but after she did that I was like 'I don't care who you were just hitting on, that was so awesome that I'll still make out with you right now!" ~Cole (the 30 yr old woman taught him the "double whammy")

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sometimes I wonder where it all went wrong... this is not one of those times. I know that my life is far from perfect, but I somehow get the feeling that I am standing at the edge of an epiphany. I don't know what this impending revelation has anything to do with, but it feels big, it feels like I'm going to have what we alcoholics refer to as a "moment of clarity" ...Now with all that said, I suppose I should note that spending two days at my southern Indiana home, doing relatively little whilst my fellow students are still in class in Chicago, and my mother is at work has left me with time to think about things, and so I've come to my own conclusions, and basically decided to reconstitute my faith in men. Yes, you heard it here first. I'm not man hating anymore at the moment. (And no, it is unfortunately not the result of seeing any real action, but rather merely personal refletion on matters.) I should note that while my faith in men in general has been restored, there is one notable exception. I am of the firm belief that my own father is not infrequently reprehensible and generally beyond help. I'm sure that you've heard plenty about all of this, and if not, I doubt we are close enough for you to ever be able to forgive me for boring you with details. Sorry.


I've been rather lax with the tracks and quotes of the day... though with such a traditionally large holiday coming up in the next couple days, you can undoubtedly count on my family members to provide some real gems for the daily quotes (So I'll save up the 2 days I'm presently lacking so that you get quality lines instead of just slapping up poor quality quotes in order to stay current... besides, you all know that punctuality is not my strong suit.) As for the tracks, here's a few to hold you over while you sip your wine/bourbon/etc. and wait for the annual promise of turkey and family drama to commence.

The Darkness - "I believe in a thing called love" (The video is spectacular, as I have noted before, but listening to just the song is fun too, even if only because you can imagine the best parts of the video in your head while you tone out your intoxicated parents talking about their sex life in all-too-vivid detail.)

Guns N' Roses - "November Rain" (it is November after all, and at over 8 minutes long, it eats up all kinds of time that would otherwise be spent listening to your great aunt Doreen talk about her bowel movements, or something equally grotesque)

Stroke Nine - "Vacuum Bag" (This one is just an overall quality tune... give it a listen and I think you'll agree... and if not, then you can feel free to vent here if you want)

The Beatles - "Eleanor Rigby" (One of my favorite Beatles tunes and one that is neglected in the modern musical lexicon, and we all know you can't very well go wrong with a Beatles tune)

Elvis Presley - "Hound dog" (Because we all know that the world is divided into two kinds of people, ELVIS people and BEATLES people... and I can't very well have a song by the beatles listed without alienating the elvis people for lack of metioning the king.)

So there you have it. Enjoy your turkey, have a happy holiday, and do your best to not kill (or do anything else which you might regret in the morning) family members, family friends, and neighbors... well, neighbors are ok.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Quick history lesson: (courtesy of Sally H.) In the late 19th century Evanston, Illinois, nicknamed "Heavenston" by Frances Willard, was a Methodist-minded town, so pious that the town fathers, resenting the dissipating influence of the soda fountain, passed an ordinance forbidding the sale of ice cream sodas on Sunday. Some ingenious confectioners, obeying the law, served ice cream with syrup but no soda. This sodaless soda was the Sunday soda, and became so popular that orders for "Sundays" crossed the counter everyday of the week. When objection was raised to christening the dish after the Sabbath, the spelling was changed to Sundae, and so developed one of America's most characteristic dessert dishes.


11.20.04 -
Mom: Oh, I bet you could pick up something really nice at the "Highway-side all-in-one marketplace"
Liz: "Yeah, something nice, like syphilis!"

11.21.04 - "Yeah, I used to not mind her crap so much... then she turned into the devil, and I decided that she must be stopped!" ~Lindsey (and haven't we all felt that way sometimes?)

11.22.04 - "I have crazy dreams all the time... but never one like this. This one involved WAY more cheese than ever before!" ~Gies

Friday, November 19, 2004

Do's and Don'ts of Driving

  • Do turn your stereo all the way up. If you're like me you find driving to be a relaxing escape from life's struggles. Too often you find yourself pulled from the warmth of the womb that is your 84 Chevy Chevette by the sounds of an angry and selfish world. Luckily for you Honda, in it's infinite wisdom, has included with your 92 Civic ES (that's the cheap one) a 60 watt three speaker stereo system. Use it. You'd be surprised how well a cheap stereo and a Jefferson Spaceship 8-track can drown out the blaring horns of fellow drivers and the blood curdling screams of pedestrians caught unawares.
  • Don't use your turn signals. After a late night and a hard days work most people find that they need a little pick-me-up. Bumper to bumper freeway driving is no solution, rather it does quite the opposite, putting even the most spastic 12 year old into a deep coma. Help your fellow commuters wake from their slumber by changing lanes quickly and without warning. The horns you hear are the cheers of thankful drivers TIP: More advanced drivers will master the incorrect turn signal method of driving... I prefer leaving my left turn signal on ALL the way home. God bless blinky lights.
  • Do aim for squirrels. listen they're gonna get hit. It's better that you end their lives quickly with a single square squish than they get clipped and die a slow painful death. So aim for the little bastards. TIP: This makes for a great game. A common point system is as follows: Squirrels 2 points, Cats 3 and the elderly 1.
  • Don't let a good opportunity pass you by. While this rule applies to life in general here we'll only discuss opportunities applicable to driving. Let's say you're stuck in traffic one hot July evening and suddenly you hear sirens. In your rearview mirror you see a great red truck parting traffic like the Reed Sea (red sea was a mistranslation... get over it). Yes, at this very moment a man is standing outside his burning home screaming to his wife whom is stuck on the second floor. She will die. Everyone dies though so don't get all mushy on me. Here you've a great opportunity. Don't let it pass you by. Follow that fire truck like it's your friggin job. TIP: Feel free to follow ambulances, fire trucks and cops. be careful not to follow cops too closely as they will pull you over and beat the crap out of you, possibly give you a ticket.
  • Do unplug your brake lights. Unbeknownst to most drivers these little red lights warn others that you are braking... that's right, I'll say it again. Brake lights let others know that you are stopping. But wait you say, this is the U.S.A!!! Privacy is important to every US citizen, but here we find that the auto industry is openly giving out personal information to anyone who happens to be behind us. Fight the power and unplug your brake lights. BONUS: Most states are cracking down on tailgaters. In MD, for example, if you rear-end another driver you are ALWAYS at fault no matter the circumstances. You'll find that you've a second income after unplugging your brake lights. You owe me big.
  • Don't wear your seat belt. Extreme sports (sometimes spelled Xtreme) are spreading across the world like wild fire. Many find themselves spending thousands of dollars a year to feed their adrenalin habit. Why? Why travel for hours, spend thousands of dollars and be forced to wear neon colored clothing? There are cheaper ways to laugh in the face of common sense. Instead try driving without your seat belt. You'll find that even a trip to the grocery store becomes an xtreme adventure. The head rush will do much to extinguish the flames of embarrassment as you set the box of extra wide pads and Monistat 7 vaginal suppositories down on the conveyer belt of the express lane at your local SuperFresh (it's amazing what a man will do when in Love). TIP: Remove your windshield. There's no bigger buzz kill than slamming into a sheet of glass at 80 miles per hour. Not to say you’ll survive the 200 foot flight of doom, but those few seconds of free fall are totally bodacious... dude.

Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday, but I had to work.... at work. You should try it Liz. :-P

Hello internet people! Apparently I have regained my esteemed position on Liz's blog. Now, I would have a blog of my own, except I am too lazy, so I thought I would just post my rambling's on Liz's. So, as an introduction, I thought I would post 6 things about me. I did do the list of 100, but I don't think any of you out there in procrastination land want to read 100 things about silly me. So here goes, my first blog post ever:

1. My full name is Mary Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Beth, except most of my uncles and one of my TA's call me Mary Beth. I don't like Mary at all, but you can't stop your uncles, and my TA is hot, so he can call me whatever he wants.
2. I go to school at UW Madison where I am a poli sci / sociology major. I went to Loyola my freshman year, but came home (I'm from Madison) for a lot of reasons.
3. As you guessed, since I am a poli sci major, I loooooooooove politics, and take elections personally. Though Liz has banned political opinions from her blog, I do want to say this: I truly believe that if you don't vote, you CAN NOT complain about the government. And since the government impacts almost everything we do, basically you have to keep your whining to yourself.
4. I love, and I mean LOVE Dave Matthews Band. I don't think a day goes by when I don't listen to them. I also think Dave is the sexiest man alive, after Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom of course.
5. I don't know what I'm going to do after I graduate in may, and that scares the hell out of me.
6. I like beer. Blue Moon is my beer of choice, though if I'm out (which is rare) I'll drink Miller Lite, Rolling Rock, or Corona.

Well there you go. That was fun, and maybe I'll do it again:)

Peace, Beth

When I have nothing to do, my mind wanders. It just does. I must entertain myself.

Anyway, here's a short list of the things that I think about when I have too much time on my hands -- you know, when driving, standing in the shower, waiting in line, watching prime-time TV, etc.

And, just so you know, these are only the ones I remember from today.

  • Due to the rotation of the Earth, and the consequent creation of time zones, every New Year's Day the entire world does the wave.
  • What if life had an "Undo" button?
  • I bet I could wear my shoes on the wrong feet for an entire day and nobody would mention it.
  • Integration is the Jeopardy! of mathematics.
  • Retarded kids should have retarded teachers -- I think they'd learn faster if they had a teacher that could communicate on their level.
  • "Hysterectomy" should mean the elimination of hysteria. Does that not make sense?
  • How long will it be until we have orange juice fortified with awesome?
  • "Bat tab" is a palindrome.
  • What the hell is a "bat tab?"
  • How long could I lie face down in a public park before someone would call an ambulance?
  • What kind of kid has aspirations to become a proctologist?
  • "Aspirations." That's a funny word. Doesn't it sound like it should mean "ass sweat?"
  • Has anyone ever tried to exorcise a person who had, unbeknownst to said exorcist, Tourette's Syndrome?

And I'd like to thank Sally for this link... because only someone as awesome as Sally would have a link to this in her AIM profile.
Well, Dave breaks another promise to the masses... SHOCKER!


Slightly less shocking, Beth H. Has regained her status as a contributor... look for her posts roughly any time she has a big paper due, (She's yet another of the procrastinators of epic proportions!)


As for today, another BLAH day in the land of Lizzle... Got up, jacked around for a while, avoided responsibility, got paid to jack around whilst at work, (instead of paying to do my laundry, I got paid to do my laundry... TAKE THAT, Hunter Properties! That's what you get for charging 1.25 per load to wash and an additional 1.25 to dry! GREEDY BASTARDS!) Then I did dinner with my lovely spoolie, and we watched TV, jacked around some more, and played some cards... (We're toying with the idea of setting up a regular card game if we can ever teach Alana about the betting strategery [intentionally spelled STRATEGERY, stop whining.]... but that's a whole other post.) And then I came home and surprised my momma with the news that I'd be coming home with her on Sunday, (this was her Thanksgiving surprise)

I know you all don't care about any of this.

I'm ahead of the game with QOTD, and nobody said anything worth noting, so today all you get is a track of the day.


TOTD - "Golden Brown" by The Stranglers... you might recognize this one, it was used in Guy Ritchie's movie "Snatch" and it was also used in a commercial for french fries... but I find it to be a rather enjoyable tune unto itself.


Is there anything less sexy than Dr. Ruth Westheimer saying, "My vagina is so wet! I am so excited!!" I mean really... think about this one before answering!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I can't sleep... I can never sleep when I need to. Yeah sure, sleeping is no problem in theology, (I actually think you're a little abnormal if that class doesn't cause you to drift off for a little bit) but when it really comes down to getting a good night's sleep, I can't manage. How does that work?

But, since I can't sleep, I have sought out means of entertainment, which means that eventually, you- my readers, will reap the rewards of my missing ZZZZZs.


11.19.04 -
Liz: "Dude! My schedue for next semester sucks! I have a 9:20, and you know whow I struggle in the morning!"
Beth H: "Umm, Liz, my dear, I hate to tell you this, but you struggle [to attend class] no matter what time of day it is."
Liz: "Well, yeah, but you know it's WAY the hell worse in the morning!"

You know what, I was feeling like this page needed a little kick in the pants to push it up just one more notch, and thanks to Mr Hasselhoff here, I think we've gotten a boost of at least three or four notches... Don't you think?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I found this today... it amused me. For those of you who can't read it, it's a little note from the U.S. to the rest of the world that says, "I'm sorry about the election and Paris Hilton - Let's spoon!"
If I knew 87 hand-cut snowflakes and 12 hand turkeys would bring so much joy to the kids in the athletic department, I'd have put them up every year. Sorry about slackin' for the last three years all... I hope this year's effort makes up for at least some of that! A few quick notes about the snowflakes:

  • 1) I don't understand how people can stand there and watch me sit and cut all of them out during a week's worth of shifts and still feel the need to ask me if I cut them all out myself... YOU BLOODY WATCHED ME CUT THEM OUT, AND I TOLD YOU WHAT I WAS GOING TO DO WITH THEM!
  • 2) No, I don't have a favorite snowflake, so stop asking. You're welcome to have a preference, and to tell me which ones you like, I am apparently not as attached to them as you are, though I am appreciative of the praise you give me for my creative efforts. I like praise!
  • 3) Snowflakes are not CHRISTMAS decorations, they are WINTER decorations. I wouldn't do anything to compromise the integrity of our school/departmental policy of religious tolerance and acceptance. (Last time I checked Hanukkah also falls during winter, and it still occasionally snows on those eight crazy nights... The same goes for Kwanzaa and any of those other bogus winter holiday celerations... YEAH, you heard me, Kwanzaa is BOGUS.)
  • 4) Stop asking how long it took me to do all of that... it took many hours to cut everything out, (As you should all know from having watched me continually) and about 2 hours to put everything up.
  • 5) I am utterly amazed at the number of people who keep asking how the heck I cut out all the snowflakes... They seriously didn't understand the concept of folding paper many times and then hacking away at the sides until you have an acceptable snowflake... seriously, isn't it a requirement that children are taught in the grammar school years how to make a snowflake? What are they teaching in our schools? I mean yeah, the kids can add and subtract, but they can't create a pattern of shapes cut into a folded piece of paper? PRIORITIES PEOPLE!
  • 6) No, all those snowflakes are not making it cold back in the cage, the joke wasn't funny the first time, and it's not getting any funnier with repition.

Ok, with all that out of the way, I must say that I took a quick peek at Dave's helpul hints post for the week, and I must say that it has a promising start. (Why do I get to peek in advance, you ask? BECAUSE IT'S MY BLOODY PAGE, SO STOP BITCHING! You put up a page where I can post and I'll let you peek at my drafts!)


Another quick little note or two before I get to the daily features:

I apologize to my regular readership for the lack of humorous stories lately... I'll work on it, and in the meantime I'll do my best to gussy up the other writing when possible.

I would like to note that this is a public page, not just a private affair, so if you have any friends who you think would enjoy my babblings, feel free to share it with them... especially if you garner an honor such as quote of the day, or you recommend a winning track of the day! We welcome new readers all the time, and I wouldn't put any of this nonsense up on the internet if I didn't want it shared with the masses.

I will be going home for Thanksgiving, and it's harder for me update daily when I'm at home... neither of my parents have discovered the joys of a high speed connection. So please bear with me, I'll do my best to update whenever necessary and possible.


Track of the day: (Please note that you will NEVER see Britney Spears get track of the day... EVER. I'm sorry, but as someone with more than half a brain, and what I like to think of as a pretty good taste in music, I can't ever allow Mrs. Federline to get TOTD while maintiaining my own self respect.)
TOTD: (an old favorite!) "Loser" - Beck


11.18.04 - "Liz, I've got a question for you. What is tuna? I mean I know it comes from the ocean, but what is it? Is it fish?" ~ Teresa "Jessica Simpson" Nierzwicki

Sorry guys. I got started on my Do's and Don'ts, but my cold is making it really hard to concentrate... however I have gotten started on me and have them saved in draft form. I'll finish me up tomorrow at work. promise...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I registered for spring semester classes today... and my schedule is poop.

Nothing much else to tell you, other than to tell you to expect another dating tips post from Dave... He promised one when I talked to him on Monday night.


Tracks of the day:
Velvet Revolver - "Fall to Pieces"
Dispatch - " Open up"


QOTD (Note: Jen is sick, but VERY quotable!)
11.16.04 - "Hey, it says I shouldn't take this if I'm lactating" ~Jennie

11.17.04 - "I look like asshole right now! I should totally take a picture of myself looking like this and put it on match.com... I'd get ALL the men!" ~ Jennie

Monday, November 15, 2004

Leave it to Dave and my big brother to renew my faith in boys everywhere.

Much as I like to give Dave crap, and say he's fired, he's always wonderful whenever I really need him to be. And as infrequently as I ever talk to my big brother, the fact is that when I do get to talk to him, he not only renews my faith in him, but since I've seen his bad side, he renews my faith in pretty much all boys. Why? Because I know that while he is/was fully capable of being a total jackass, when it really matters, he knew what he had to say and do to redeem himself and much of boy-dom while he was at it.

So yeah, Dave and I talked for a while, and it was a healthy dose of what I needed. A decent straight boy who I'm not related to, showing me a little bit of positive attention and love. (Even if it's long distance love, requiring telephone hugs I'll take it.)

And as for my brother, I talked to him whilst he was intoxicated, but he still said things that cheered me up.

So kids if we can keep up the good work, my man-hating days might soon come to an end.

In the interim I keep finding new and interesting ways to screw myself over and maintain a minimum level of misery.


I've decided to add a track of the day (TOTD) item to the blog. I know this is a cheesy thing that hacks do to fill the space, but the thing is with mine, it's not the kind of thing where I'm going to try to pick a track or song that is all sappy and somehow linked to my mood, I just wanna share some kickass tracks with yout kids. Consider TOTD just my personal recommendation of some choice track to downoad, (legally, of course). This might not be a 100% daily feature, so I'm not going to bother putting a date on it, just consider the date of the entry to be the same as the date for the song... as you all know QOTD doesn't always follow this format, and QOTD will still be a regular daily feature! (I know you kids were worried!)

So let's kick this bitch off with a real winner: "The Monkey Song" by The Mountain Goats. You can't be salty listening to this... you really can't!! And if that doesn't do anything for you, then allow me to also recommend "Crazy Mary" by Pearl Jam. (We all know that with the exception of "Spin the Black Circle" you really just can't go wrong with Pearl Jam.)


11.15.04 - "Well, Liz, you could come to Baltimore so I fall even more in love with you and then you could move away, tearing my heart out and taking it with you while you're at it... that seems to be the trend about now." ~My fabulous Dave.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Right now, I'm in a man-hatin' mood. This has very little to do with the fact that I didn't get any kind of play this weekend, and more to do with the fact that my dad pisses me off more and more every time I talk to him, and the fact that Dave never answers his phone when I call. However, when all three of these factors all combine, it generally yields a man-hatin' mood.

Yeah, that's right, I'm man-hatin'... and if you've got a pickle, that means it's probably your fault. (And no, I'm not hormonal, so just don't even go there.)

If anybody has anything constructive to say to help me get out of this funk, I'd greatly appreciate it. If you are only going to tell me that I need some action, then please restrain yourself, lest I find some torturous way for you to remember in the future that you were harshly punished once for stating the obvious. (Likely something that will yield a great deal of scarring.)

If you are male, and you are offering up apologies for not having a Y chromosome and all the trappings that it entails, then by all means, fall to your knees and beg forgiveness. Otherwise, you're going to have to keep it sweet for a while... there's no telling how long this is gonna last.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

I know you kids were really anxiously awaiting this entry... sitting at home all day refreshing the page every 30 seconds praying for an update, holding your breath praying that the events of last night would rank right up there with the haze that was my drunken week-long birthday celebration. Alas, this was not such a night. (And yes, my apalling dry spell continues... I'm getting pretty frustrated about all of this...)

We started the evening off with several mini bottles of champagne that Jennie d-boed (DEE- BO, past tense) from the office. And followed that with some beer, then a shot (Rum for me, Jager for Jen) and a red wine chaser. (I hope you can see where this is going... if not, I'll just tell you, mixing lots of different kinds of alcohol at random is tantamount to one mean hangover.) So we got ready, and set out for Cullen's. A few rounds later it was off to Messener's which was way cooler on a weeknight when you could actually breathe. We ended up at Carol's ... you all know how I feel about Carol's. And I know that some of my friend's (including my roommate) just love Carol's... I'm sorry, but a country-western themed hole in the wall with a guy who looks like Charlie Daniels checkin' IDs at the door is not my idea of a good time. I might be from southern Indiana, but contrary to popular belief about we hoosiers, I don't like country music. I don't own a cowboy hat, or cowboy boots. I have never gone cow-tipping, and I've never fallen off a tractor, largely because I've never been on a tractor. Sorry, that's just the way it is folks.

So after Carol's we came home. Apparently we came home short one purse, because Jennie woke me up three separate times to see if she could look for it in my room... why the hell it would be in my room was beyond me, but hey, weird shit happens when people drink as much as we did... so I told her to look through the mess to her heart's content, as long as I could go back to sleep. No hard feelings. (Turns out that she'd left it at Carol's and someone had found it and helped themselves to the cash, but everything else was still in it.)

So I got up and nursed my hangover for much of the day. I camped out on the futon, praying for unconsciousness to take hold or for my headache to retreat, with some success.

I've got nothing else of any interest to say to you folks on the matter. That's that. Deal.


I would like to note that I was at work the other day when I heard loud laughter coming from Phyllis' office. Shortly thereafter Krystian came out to show me what all the fuss was about. In case you have no affiliation with the Loyola Athletic Dept. This guy is a former athlete, and current butt of many jokes. The pictures say so much... don't ya think?


Speaking of funny things this QOTD LITERALLY had me on the floor with laughter when it was first uttered:
11.14.04 - (We had just passed a guy in the hall who was sporting a sweatshirt and basketball shorts on a rather cold day) "[my last name redacted] I've got a question about your kind, and I just gotta know, why do you white folks do that?" ~ Jen "I'm a beaner" Mendez, clarifying information about "us white folks" (In case you missed the reference and the last name, Jen is Mexican)


I should like to note that I didn't hear until today that Scott Peterson was found guilty... I'm glad to hear this, and I honestly thought he did it, but he was likely to get off.


ODB died today. Pour some out for a brotha.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I don't know why it isn't showing up, but I did comment on Dave's dating-tip post. Click the zero, and you'll see it's really there! (There are a few things he and I will have to discuss, but once again, that's between me and Dave... ) As for the rest of you, I really hope that you checked out the game I recommended. It's quite educational and fun! Where else can you destroy your enemies with the infamous Howard Dean Maniacal scream? Seriously, give it a try!!!

As for the random guy and Dave's comments about the banana thing compensating for my lack of man-action, I have a rebuttal. Yeah, it's been a while since I've had some desirable play. I admit that. And yes, I still have the v-card at 22... which is a whole other story, but I digress. In the entry the other day I was talking about teaching myself to like bananas... and you decided that it was because it was a phallic symbol etc, this however is not the case. My argument is this: I was teaching myself to like banana in that entry, the reverse is simply not true. I don't have to teach myself to appreciate the other, as I'm a decidedly heterosexual female. I'll leave it at that, and if there are any further problems I'd appreciate if you took them up with me personally.

Also this weekend holds all kinds of possibility, as Friday is decidedly a "Girls' night" and since I'm WAY past due, I'm going out lookin for trouble. We all know where these weekends go, and what kind of trouble I can get into when I go lookin for it! (Hopefully I'll come back at you with another classic story for the happy-hour-ages!)


11.12.04 - "You have other husbands? Aww, c'mon Liz, I thought we had something special here." ~ Nate, on our "engagement."

11.13.04 - "Well, if I hear from you great, and if not then I guess it just wasn't meant to be." ~ The creep-mo Santana (in a recent voicemail message) who seems to think something is "meant to be" even though we've never gone out, and we only actually talked on the phone once... kinda scary. (And seriously, these boys wonder why I DON'T WANT to date them?)
A Simple List of Do's and Don'ts for Dating

  • Do compliment your man or lady when it is deserved. Be wary of over-complimenting your mate being that they may begin to believe that they really are "the sexiest, smartest person in the the entire world" and will leave you for some prick named Chip or chick called Zoey.
  • Don't drink Yeungling whilst on a date. While the Ling is a crisp full flavored American beer, which is sure to please, it WILL give you gas. This may not be a problem while you're awake, but nothing will send a date running faster than sleep farting. Breeeeeeeeeet.
  • Do shower your lover with cheap meaningless gifts. If your girl has a thing for apple paraphernalia be prepaired to take full advantage. A set of bathroom towels with little apples on em will cost you 10 bucks but you will reap great reward (usually head). Added bonus: When she dumps your triflin ass her future BFs will be forced to think of you everytime they use her apple hand towels, apple frig magnets, apple door mat, apple oven mits, apple candy bowl, apple panties and apple bed sheets.
  • Don't remember the names of her ex lovers. This is tough as she may mention them many times during the first few weeks of the relationship (i.e. "John always put the seat down" , "Barry loved to make me dinner" , "Rob always got it in the right hole"). By putting forth the effort to remember the names of these blowhards you're telling her that it's ok that she was with other men before you. It most certainly is not. FYI: An ex boyfriend is always just a drunken phone call away from being a flashback... single night of passion with an old lover aka a flashback.
  • Do constantly touch her. Not to the level of humping her leg (though fun it may be) rather hold her hand, brush shoulders while walking, place a hand on thigh when driving, arm around waste and other such things. Do so makes her feel special... not that that matters, but it does make it much harder for her to get away. TIP: Beware of girls who are quick to initiate contact as these girls dont' want to run away... and will most likely give chase when you attempt to bolt.
  • Don't tell her about the time you dreamed you were having sex with your grandfather. She won't understand..... you're wondering how I knew
  • Do show her your vast collection of porn. Many will tell you this is not wise, but these people are cronic masturbaters. TIP: Copy, not move, your porn into folder named "Not Porn" on your desktop. When your girl is over your place show her the original folder with the original copies of your dirty picture shows and repeat this "I was lonely. I was searching for something, something I needed, but couldn't describe. I've found that with you. I need you. [pause] this is the past I won't return to" then suck it up and delete the original porn folder... this will be tough, but there's a backup. protect the backup. TIP #2: If you're without computer and forced to use DVD/VHS/Magazines don't fret. There's always one or two videos you've rewound to many times and a couple mags which you can't open without the jaws'0'life. Just let her throw those way... give her gloves before hand.
  • Don't be honest. Women will tell you that they treasure honesty above all else. These are the same women who tell you size doesn't matter. Bullcrizzap. Look, Chica does not need to know that you once killed a rabbit because you were bored. Sexy does not need to know that you can convert grams to ounces in your head and she certainly doesn't need to know why you learned how. Baby does not need to know that you are immune to hemorroids due to the calluses you developed during that brief stay at the state pen. Just keep your mouth shut and nod, you fool.
  • Do hit on her mother. Let's be honest, if the parents don't dig you you've got no chance. She will never choose you over daddy and the rents will spend hours a day just trying to ruin your not entirely bad name. Sooooooo hit on her mom!!! It's a safe bet dad hasn't been taxing it has much as he used to and mom has got an itch she needs a man to reach. Be there for her now and she'll back you up in the future. When your girl won't let you sleep with her stylist moms will be there to say "He's only asking because you aren't capable of fulfilling his needs. You've grown cold and bitter. You bitch" and once you've got moms on your side you're unstoppable.
  • Don't think that I won't post more dating/relationship tips in the future
Love, Dave
For clarification, the IPOD thing is totally on the up & up... I checked it out. It's not a virus, and they're not trying to steal anybody's identity, All of the offers are done through the valid company websites and important information is encrypted. So, if you're so inclined, I'd still appreciate it, and if not, that's fine too, whatever. No pressure.

But if you're still worried about all that, then humor me by just joining the face book. (You don't get anything as a prize for doing it, but it's fun.) It's kind of like a giant rolodex.

Wow... look what I've turned my page into... I've sunk low enough to promote online gimmicks and whatnot... I suck at life. Forgive me.

It might just be my own personal misery talking for the time being, but yeah... I'll be out of this funk soon enough... I think.

I don't know why, but I feel that I should note that I went on a monochromatic fruit craze today. After work I went to the Mexi-mart and bought 4 different fruits, all yellowy-green in color. I got yellowy-green grapes (I coulda gotten purple ones and didn't,) I got yellowy-green apples (I coulda gotten red, or some other variety but didn't,) I got yellowy-green pears (I coulda gotten brown ones and didn't,) and I got yellowy-green bananas (pretty standard for bananas) ... even though I don't really like bananas. (Weird.) Actually, I'm trying to teach myself to like bananas. I like them on my cereal, but I don't eat cereal all that often, and when I do, I rarely if ever have a banana handy, so I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I ate a banana prior to today, but I had one today, so I'm on my way to banana-appreciation. (Side note: I don't know what my monochromatic fruit craze means, or why I suddenly had a desire to teach myself to like bananas, or if any of it means anything at all... if anyone has any insight into the matter, please let me know. I appreciate it!)


11.11.04 - "WOW, it smells like a library in here." ~ Teresa (For the record, this quote is only funny in context; so to make you aware, she was sniffing the inside of a drawer at work. *it's a lot funnier if you mentally picture her hunched over, sniffing the inside of a drawer as she says this to me... Well, at least I thought it was funny.)
I know it's too late for the election, but this game is still an amusing time-waster... and educational too. (I especially like the Howard Dean special move!) Try it out! Hey, where else can you defeat Bushie and his goons as Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, or an obese He-Man (among others)?

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I'm trying to be like all my cool friends and own an ipod... but since I'm poor, I could use a little help from you, my loyal readers! (You can get a free one too!) Please PLEASE PLEASE just click this link, and apply for a credit card or something... (You can apply for the credit card and then just cancel it, or cut it up, or never use it!) And if you create an account, and convince one of your friends to do the same thing then you get a free one too!! And then we can be cool with our ipods together! (If you do this, I will love you forever! REALLY!)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

If I expect my readers to keep reading, and people to pass on my page of pleasantries, I'm gonna have to snazz this bad boy up and get my act together. Seems a lot of people are waiting for me to get my act together, starting with my professors... but they'll have to wait too, won't they.

So forgive my funk and overlook my ornriness. I don't mean any of it... unless I don't like you, in which case I mean all of it!


And can I just say that Pepsi "Holiday spice" thing seems like a HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING, REPULSIVE idea... so if any of you other folks are brave enough to give it a whirl, let me know what you think.
Jennie got a mention in Jason's blog... this is a pretty big event... because Jason's blog is a much bigger deal than my own. So congrats are in order.

Also a happy b-day shoutout to Sorgatz. (Congrats on the big 22, man-hands!)

Also a shoutout to the women's hoop-stars because despite the loss, it was a hard-fought effort, and it was only an exhibition game, so it's good to get it out of the system now!

So. Today was lame. I was not well, and that made pretty much everything suck. And in addition to that suckage I haven't heard back from Dave yet, so I can't get started on his Christmas present like I'd hoped... (so yes, the good lord is going to smite you at my request David... because on the days that I'm not hell-bound I still carry a little leverage with the man upstairs.)

I'm not feeling well though, and I'm in a bad mood, so instead of being funny and loving you all, I'm going to leave you hanging and let that be the end of it.

And if you don't like it then you can just crap out a rhinoceros and fetch me a frisbee with a turtle and a duck on it... and when you're through with that then we'll talk.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Whenever I allow new people into my weird little world, (by telling them about the webpage,) I've repeatedly been asked if I'm a writer. The quick and dirty answer is no. No, I'm not a writer, unless this counts in some perverse way. (And for the record, I don't think it should count in any way, shape, or form.) The fact is that I've seen writing WAY the hell better than my own semi-coherent ramblings in this sort of set up, and I've seen many a blog that makes this page seem to be on par with a Shakespearian play or what have you. And honestly kids, we all know that I'm no Jesus- inking- the- first- copy- of- the- bible- on- banana- leaves- in- my- own- blood- here... Unless we see a major spike in visitor traffic here and my blog becomes the bible of drunk college kids everywhere. (Man that's a scary thought.) And if that's the case then I better get rid of that dead body in my trunk in a hurry, because I don't think that would reflect very kindly on me when I attain sainthood for inventing rocket skates totally powered by moldy noodles and apple cores... (But keep that whole body thing on the DL)

But seriously folks, sometimes mother nature gives you a Cosby sweater with pink and purple sleeves, and sometimes she just kicks you in the shins and runs away. (For the love of god don't ask where that came from, I'd be unable to tell you.)

But, in the immortal words of Dan Connor "The only things you have to say you're going to do are the things that you have no intention of doing." And he ain't talkin no jive.

Basically, I've talked in complete gibberish for the extent of this entry because life is boring at the moment and I have nothing else to tell you... As Flava Flav once said, "Mackadocious!"


QOTD (Sorgatz and I were having an argument over which of us was the bigger asshole earlier in the evening... I think I won.)
11.10.04 -
Alana: "Aww, Sorgatz... aside from your man-hands, I think you're absolutely perfect!"
Ben: "Sorgatz, if it makes you feel any better I don't think you have man-hands."
Liz: "Yeah, and Sorgatz, and if it makes you feel any better, I don't think you're perfect!"

Sunday, November 07, 2004

I drink too much on weeknights. This much we know. I keep doing this nonsense to myself, and I just don't even care anymore.

I should note that there was a lot of writing that went on recently. Please note that in addition to the "hot 100" there's also an article on Jesus, some rantings on herpes commercials, and a post about my thursday night out... I hope you've taken the time to read all of this nonsense, and if you haven't read it yet, then you can feel free to skip the rest and just read the bit about Jesus, that's where the real comedy is. The rest of the stuff is only important for you to read if you love me and don't want to hurt my feelings.


11.8.04 - "Hey, I'm a flapper!" ~ Heather Sorgatz

11.9.04 -
Liz: "What's the password?"
Tiggles, AKA Lindsay Lohan: "Umm, BACON!"

Saturday, November 06, 2004

I was looking at other people's blogs, and I happend across one blog where someone decided to post "100 things about me" and I was intrigued by the concept. It wasn't like she was responding to other people's questions or anything, it was more of a stream-of-consciousness king of thing, and so I've decided to give this a try. Here goes nothin'!

1. There is a part of me that really enjoys watching some infomercials and the shop at home network on tv at 3 AM... I don't know why.
2. With regards to my infomercial as a "guilty pleasure" I've never ordered anything I've watched an infomercial for.
3. Tony Little (that guy who tries to sell "The Gazelle") and Anthony Robbins (the guy who does life affirmation and reformation tapes) both terrify me and I refuse to watch any of their infomercials.
4. I am a sports junkie.
5. I name inanimate objects, such as stuffed animals, plants, etc.
6. My favorite beer is Guinness Extra Stout, but I can never find it anywhere... and this upsets me.
7. I love to paint, but I hate acrylics.
8. I came into college knowing that I wanted to pursue my interest in art, but since I know it's a real bitch trying to make a living as an artist I was too chicken shit to major in a fine arts degree.
9. Unlike many girls I don't have a problem killing bugs, there are two exceptions to this: Cockroaches and the creepy crawlies that lived in my last apartment... they freak me out A LOT.
10. I have a tendency to be brutally honest with just about everyone I meet.
11. I don't eat beef... I'll eat any other meat, but no beef, and I haven't eaten beef in over 5 years.
12. Living by a burger king recently caused me to have a major craving for a hamburger... I had a turkey burger, and that was good enough.
13. I have a tendency to develop crushes on unavailable and unattainable men around me... despite knowing this, I continue to do it time after time.
14. I love taking showers when highly intoxicated... I know that for many reasons this is a dangerous habit, but it's not one I plan on stopping.
15. I have always gone to Catholic school. (even now in college)
16. When I was in middle school I was on the speech team, and I competed in the original oratory category, and I still remember every word of the opening paragraphs of all the speeches I ever gave.
17. The best compliment I ever got was given to me in the form of magnetic poetry. It read quite simply, "You shimmer."
18. I love getting mail.
19. I once had a pen-pal in France, her name was Letitia Stalin, I only ever got one letter from her.
20. I have short, fat fingers, and I'm ok with that.
21. The last movie I saw in the theater was Garden State, and I loved it!
22. The only movie in my collection that I regret buying has to be Monster's Ball... I just really don't like this movie.
23. I went to Europe the summer after my senior year of high school, and my favorite European city has to be Florence, Italy.
24. I once dated a Scottish boy, and I still miss him.
25. Dating my Scottish boy has absoutely ruined any chance of me enjoying my friends' attempts at faking the accent...
26. I thank the good lord almost every day for caller ID.
27. My favorite color is cobalt blue, but I decorate more with soft greens.
28. I still remember the combination to my locker in the fifth grade. (Locker 14, combo: 2- 15- 28)
29. I have an addiction to driving. This is why when I go home, I drive as much as possible.
30. When I drive I love to speed.
31. One semester of my college education costs more than my oldest sister's entire 4 year degree... I guess that's why I'm paying for it.
32. I have never purchased a scratch-off lottery ticket.
33. I find that when I'm really ill, (ill to the extent of having body aches and fever, etc.) I feel a lot better if I just lay on the kitchen floor.
34. Calla lilies are my favorite flower.
35. I have a problem seriously saying no to people despite the fact that I can say no to someone sarcastically with great ease.
36. When I was a little kid I was mad at my brother for some reason, so I gave him a dead fly and told him it was a raisin... he definitely ate it, and I don't think I ever mentioned that to him.
37. I have never taken my academic growth seriously.
38. My two favorite books are White Oleander by Janet Fitch and The End of the Affair by Graham Greene.
39. My friend Joyce got me hooked on a Hawaiian treat called "Mele-kaliki-macs" and every year she says she'll send me some for Christmas, and she never does, and that always bothers me.
40. My friend and former-roommate Kirsten and I have the best idea ever for a reality show, even though reality shows are the most detestable form of television entertainment, I'd still do this one if the idea ever got picked up.
41. I love crime-related shows, like Law & Order, Cold Case Files, Forensic Files, City Confidential, etc.
42. I once dated a boy who was bitten by a shark and was also blind in one eye. And when we were "on a break" he was shamelessy flirting with another girl in front of me, so I made out with his best friend. (This is the most regrettable thing I've ever done in a relationship)
43. I hate it when people ask me what my favorite movie is, because so many movies are so good in so many different ways I can never pick just one.
44. I love a good cup of coffee, but I hate tea.
45. I can honestly say that I don't remember my dad attending any sporting event I've ever participated in.
46. I love Christmas time, but I really hate cold weather. (Which is of course why I moved to Chicago)
47. I never missed a men's soccer home game in my 4 years of college undergrad.
48. People I've never met quite frequently tell me they think they've seen me somewhere, or that I look very familiar.
49. My favorite old TV show has to be Welcome Back Kotter.
50. I hate running. Unless I am running to save my own life, or to catch a train, or a bus, etc, I do not run. Pretty much any other form of exercise is acceptable.
51. I have never been to Las Vegas, but I really want to go.
52. When I was a little kid, my favorite toy in the toy box at my grandparents' house was a kind of a sock-puppet- baby named Naybob.
53. When I was little we lived in a house on a hill and we used to roll down the hill in refrigerator boxes... I have a feeling that head trauma suffered while doing this is responsible for certain problems with my current mental state.
54. I really hate that pins-and-needles sensation I get when my foot falls asleep.
55. I love naps.
56. I love singing aloud when I'm alone, but I never sing in front of people.
57. I love to go camping and be outdoors.
58. I don't mind baiting my own hook when I go fishing.
59. I wear perfume almost every day because I worry that I smell bad, despite daily showers and otherwise good hygiene.
60. I have trouble sleeping when I don't have my body pillow to "cuddle"
61. Recently I've gone on a kick of eating sushi from one of the campus dining facilities, on a near-daily basis... it's not the best sushi I've ever had by any means, but it does the trick.
62. I talk to my mom every day, (most days we talk multiple times) but I don't talk to other members of my family nearly as much as I should.
63. Thin mints are BY FAR my favorite girl scout cookie.
64. I am definitely a dog person.
65. Despite being a "people person" I find that I'm pretty irritated by people in general... (just the stupid ones really, but since they comprise such a large majority of the population...)
66. I still remember burying my first dog Snuggles after she was hit by a car.
67. I love the Golden Girls, and I have repeatedly been likened to Sophia.
68. At 22 years old, I can honestly say that I've never seen a porn.
69. While I had my first alcoholic beverage at a much younger age, I didn't ever get drunk until I was 16 and attending the annual family reunion.
70. If I were to ever amass a wealth beyond what I could spend on a "comfortable life" for myself and my family I would have no problem giving every extra dollar to charity.
71. I despise the Olsen twins.
72. I played the piano and the french horn... but I wish I'd learned to play guitar.
73. I still bite my nails.
74. I have never broken a bone in my own body, although I have broken bones in other people.
75. I have been in a bar fight.
76. I sometimes lie to people about really unimportant things, such as saying I've seen a movie I haven't really seen.
77. I love the sound of breaking glass.
78. Whenever I use a good permanent marker, I still like to sniff it.
79. I don't like it when most people touch my face... (There are exceptions though)
80. I am bothered when people consistently use poor grammar and/or spelling.
81. I have gotten kicked out of Office Depot for having rolly-chair races.
82. Cows kind of scare me.
83. I hate my nose.
84. I hate it when people talk on their phones in restaraunts.
85. I collect sea glass.
86. I really dislike talking on the phone to most people (there are some exceptions though)
87. I worry a lot that I'm very misunderstood by a lot of people.
88. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.
89. I think that going to war for religion is just a a grand-scale version of fighting over who has the better imaginary friend.
90. I am a total nerd at heart.
91. I love roller coasters and carnival rides.
92. I don't think I can dance.
93. I am very stubborn.
94. I have been firecely independent for as long as I or anyone else can remember.
95. I often think about who I would cast to play people I know if ever my life were to be made into a movie.
96. I wear a toe ring, and I haven't taken it off for more than a few minutes in over 6 years.
97. I am amused by the failures of people I don't like... and that probably makes me a bad person.
98. I feel naked if I don't have jewelry on.
99. I worry when I show my art to people that they are only saying that they like it because I'm standing there, acting proud of it.
100. I think I am my own best source of entertainment, because I know I laugh at myself at least as much as I laugh at everyone else combined.

(And just for the record, this entry was way harder to complete than I thought it would be... seriously, even if you can't post here anymore, give it a try, see if you can come up with 100 things, I think you'll be suprised how long it might take you.)

I totally didn't write any of the following, but it amused me so much that I just had to share it with the rest of you, and the best way to ensure that is to post it here:

After watching the History Channel for the last 40 straight hours I was shocked and dismayed by all of the inaccuracies they portrayed on their programming. If there’s one thing I know, and know well it’s history, since I’ve made so much it myself. When I ditched that Cadillac full of dead hookers into the Grand Canyon it was probably the single most defining moment in all of history. But since all of you ignorant louts have been corrupted by “school” and these new fangled “news papers” I’m going to have to start from the beginning.

There might be some “quack” professors out there that will disagree with me on some of the historical facts I’m going to be chucking at you, but I believe you deserve to know the truth. And anyone that disagrees with me should be stuffed full of flaming carpet samples and hurled into a crevice.

Despite what your educators have told you, history began when Jesus first came squirting into the world. Before that people just sat around, lived in burrows, threw sticks at each other and got eaten by dinosaurs. Jesus changed all of that; first he killed all of the dinosaurs by writing the bible. He simply didn’t like the dinosaur’s attitude. The bible was a very important accomplishment for Jesus. When he wrote it he was in a Vietnamese POW camp and had to ink the first copy on Banana leaves using his own blood. Even through the adversity of being imprisoned in a bamboo tiger cage Jesus was able to finish his book, which he wrote in his native language Traditional Chinese.

The Bible was used for a lot more than just its dinosaur slaying properties. It contained the blueprints that would later allow the Canadians to build the Pyramids in Egypt and also contained many words that are used today in many prime time sitcoms such as “too” and “how”. But as incredible as it may seem that dirty smelly hippy did even more incredible things.

After Jesus grew sick of eating rice and spider eggs everyday in the POW camp he managed to somehow escape, possibly by using magic. Jesus then began to travel the world. Along the way he attracted groupies that would follow him around. Back then groupies were called disciples. Of these disciples he chose twelve to become his roadies. Back in the 1200’s roadies were called apothecaries or something of that nature.

Now that Jesus had his following of minions they started on their world tour. They didn’t have cars trains or tricycles back in the 1570’s so they had to walk everywhere they wanted to go. They visited numerous exotic locations and islands where Jesus would perform miracles or just carve his initials into indigenous trees or people. To fund their journeys they would sell various trinkets and gypsy charms they made along the way such as bead necklaces and Girls Gone Wild videos.

As Jesus and his band of merry men traveled across the country side he began to attract more and more followers by pulling miracles out of his hat, sleeve or pants. Once, while he was in Bolivia he came across an old woman that may or may not have been blind. With a wave of his hand and the chanting of the words, “GET YOUR VISION ON!” Jesus miraculously restored the woman’s sight just like the son of god might have done.

Another miraculous miracle type thing Jesus did in some place of no real importance was walking across water. There is a lot of speculation about this particular miracle. Some say that Jesus actually walked across a creek and nearly drown and then was saved and nursed back to health by wood elves. Those kind of people are jackasses and should be castrated and hung in a systematic fashion and then shot in an entirely unsystematic fashion. He was nursed back to health by pixies, and that’s the bottom line truth.

Once Jesus and his posse were travailing across the Oregon Trail when they found themselves in a predicament; they were running dangerously low on food. With only 12 loaves of bread to spread among hundreds of his cult followers he weaved his mystic powers once again and divided the bread among them equally. They also ate all the children under the age of seven, but no one complained that they were still hungry. It may have also had something to do with Jesus walking around and saying, “EAT THIS AND BE HAPPY WITH IT OR I WILL STAB YOU IN THE GOD DAMN FACE”. Then he began slapping people around a bit for no real reason.

One of Jesus’s final miracles was curing the leopards. Leopards had been carries of the Bubonic Plague for a great number of years prior to the 1492’s. Even though his quest typically resulted in frequent maulings that left him permanently scared and the chest, back, arms, legs and face Jesus was not deterred. He eventually managed to vaccinate each and every leopard at the Bangkok zoo.

Not everyone loved Jesus though, the Mongolians, who ruled much of Europe in 834 AD saw Jesus as a threat to their paganistic Hindu ways. They captured Jesus with the help of one of Jesus right hand cronies and made him walk the obscenely long distance from the Middle East to another area in the Middle East all the while carrying a big wooden X. Hanging people on X’s was the preferred method of execution at that time because Confucius hadn’t invented the electric chair yet. They nailed Jesus to the X using nails and then stabbed him with a stick that was shaped like a spear.

Jesus eventually died on the X and the Mongolians buried him deep within the Great Pyramid and blocked the entrance with a large boulder and then sealed it with silicone caulk. Something as trivial as death didn’t stop Jesus though. He was one rough tough SOB. He picked that boulder right up and hurled it right into space, thus creating the moon.

And that is why Jesus is the President.

Do you want to know what has been bothering me lately? Herpes commercials. I strongly suspect that herpes commercials are contributing strongly to my recent insanity. Think about it... the commercial always features some suspiciously hot looking chick describing about how excellent her life is now that she has starting taking these pills. In between her narrative, you see shots of her enjoying life with some guy who is probably going to wake up with one scaly dick. They go scuba diving together, they horseback ride, they greet friends to their backyard barbecue parties... and during all of this, the man has his arm casually slung over her shoulder and he’s grinning like he just got the prize fish of the pond.

Does anyone else have the mad urge to throw aside their remote control, get up and scream at the television, “GET AWAY FROM HER, MAN! SHE HAS HERPES!”

What a sneaky-ass disease-ridden whore. Here’s a hint gentlemen: If she’s hot and she’s constantly describing her life as ‘vibrant,’ then she’s probably burning.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Ok, kids, enough with the partisan politics...
There's a time and a place for it, and this ain't it. You know what? I didn't vote for Bush either, but similar to the republicans who did re-elect Dubya, I am tired of listening to all everybody else bitch about it... we've got four years to make it through here, so lets not go blowing our wad all in the first week. Just take it down a notch or two, eh? Like I said before, I voted for the other- other guy too, and I'm just going to leave it at that for the time being.


So last night I had my cursory drunken weeknight, (we all know how these turn out... no shocker) Last night was another exercise in senioritis extravagance and liver abuse. We started off with a little pregaming here at the ol' 1230, and then met up with Benny at Cullen's. We had a round, and since Guinness was introducing their oldest beer to the states we got a free black & tan, and we got to keep the fabulous Guinness pint glasses! [Oh, and by the way, if you have a chance to try Smithwick's (pronounced Smitt-icks) do it, it's some good stuff!] So from there we moved on to Nick's uptown (I took the chance that Santana was not working because I REALLY wanted to make out with someone and there's no better place to find someone for a quick and easy makeout than at Nick's) (For those of you not in the know, a quick side note; the night I fell and hurt my hand Santana hit on me, and since I was too drunk to think up a suitable fake number he somehow got my real number... and ever since then he has been WAAAAY too friendly with my voicemail because I don't answer when he calls.) So after we'd been there a few minutes I asked the bartender if Santana was working and we'd just managed to successfully avoid him, or if he had the night off, or what, and the bartender gave me some fabulous news. Santana got the axe. (Yes I rejoice in his misfortune, because this means I get my "desperately need a good makeout with no further attachment after-hours" bar back!) Apparently I wasn't the only chick he was a little too friendly with, and a couple other women lodged complaints with the powers that be, and life is good again! So after I was talking up this guy for a while his friends all wanted to leave, and I got no make out... so the drought continues. Such is life. After Nick's we headed to IHOP, where we shared our waiter (I think his name was Schwinn... like the bike, although that wasn't how he spelled it) with a table or two of cross dressers. They were having a FABULOUS time at the ol' IHOP. Good times. We came home, Jen went almost directly to bed because she knew she'd hate herself in about three hours when she had to get up for work. And I of course took a drunken shower. It was grand!


QOTD - (Sorry, I've neglected you lately!)
11.4.04 - "You know, they say that there's an ideal wine for chicken and an ideal wine for pork, but I think this might be the ideal wine for poopin!" ~Jen.

11.5.04 - "Aww, Liz, look, your pancakes have menstruated all over the table!" ~Ben & Jen

11.6.04 - "Liz, it's been two weeks, and still nothing. I've never had to work so hard at this... I even did the whole romantic day thing... it's killin' me!"

11.7.04 - (The boys rented the Brit-action-comedy Snatch)
Mark: "You got Snatch? I like Snatch!"
Erik: "Yeah Mark, we know."


I talked to Dave about his christmas present, and I honestly don't think I've ever heard him sound so excited about anything! He's fabulous... even though he's still fired.

A quick note... I voted for Kerry and I'm glad he lost. This is the first time in my life I can use the "Hey, I voted for the other guy" excuse and I plan to. Often. Much too often.

Things are going great with Karen! We're getting very close, finding we've a lot in common. I haven't felt this way about a girl since I was 19 (well except for Liz, but that's been on going for a couple years now... i've become akin to it) It's amazing. Now we're less than two months away from her move to N.J. and I'm starting to feel the heat. Well I'm not all that worried about it, being that its a good bet I'll find a way to fuck it up and drive her away long before 12/23.

For those counting it is now day 15 since she first spent the night. Still no sex. This is record of mine that won't soon be broken... damn. Good news though, cold showers are a refreshing way to start the day.

Sorry I missed your call lastnight Love, I left the phone in the car... I've been wanting to talk to you anyway so expect a call from me when I get outta work this afternoon.

Last weekend I went up to NYC for Halloween... a friend thought it funny to dress up as Johnny Damon. I'll miss him dearly :-(

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I got to stay! That right there calls for a reason to post. I'd like to admit my life is as boring as can be right now, so posting would be pointless as for the fact I have nothing interesting to talk about. Let's see....the work week is almost over, thank god. I have no real plans for the weekend but I'm cool with that as I need some R&R time I guess. I could use with a good night out on the town maybe...I mean you might be able to twist my arm and get me to do something... Right. Ok...back to work, but i felt loved for still having privy to post. xooxoxx hugs, but not the kind where the sketchy guy hugs you soo tight and extra long just to get a cheap feel....
To all those navel-gazers out there!

I've made an administrative decision. I've revoked the priveleges of my non-contributing contributors. (This means C-Murda, Alana, Kirsten, Beth, Kim, and LuRK are no longer able to post anything on here even if they wanted to! ...Not that they ever did before though) If they want their spots back, they're going to have to prove it to me. So for now, it's down to me, Dave, and Jennifer.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

WAY-O WAY-O, WAAAAAYYYY-O WAY-O! Walk like an Egyptian!

I want an Aidan... For those of you who don't know, I'm referring to Aidan Shaw, the character played by John Corbett in Sex and the City. He doesn't have to look like John Corbett, although that would be a bonus because he's kinda hot. But anyway, he's earthy and sweet, and that's all I really want! A sweet, earthy, all-american boy, either that or a boy who will sing to me... not so much to ask? Is it? Apparently it is. (Gentlemen, please take notes... if you need further information, please refer to roughly the fourth season of Sex and the City.) I'm going to stop whining about my man-less-ness now, before it sends me into the throes of a deep depression. This is only worsened by people I know having up away messages like this "Sometimes I wish that I had married the first guy who proposed to me... or at least taken him up on his offer to protect me from the world. I still love that kid." Now I've had a couple of pseudo-proposals... the kind given when a boy first tries my home made chocolate chip cookies the first time, or something of that nature... but nothing that ever stuck... Wait, I thought I said I wasn't talking about this anymore...

Yeah, so I went to work today, and since the Black Eyed Peas were playing a show on campus, they had taken over the gym as their personal lair until showtime. Actually, I should be more specific. They were slated to go on stage at 9:30, the venue doors were slated to open at 7, and they didn't even show up to the gym /"dressing room" area /my place of business until roughly 7:10... so it was actually the C.L.U.B. Nazis who took over the gym... and one girl tried to give me the glare when I was roasting on them for freaking out about ice and placing directional signs no further than 7 feet apart. (She obviously had NO idea who she was dealing with, since I invented the glare, and I practically live at the facility she was conveniently taking over for the night.) And apparently those people who escort the Black Eyed Peas everywhere they go are going to get lost if there's not another sign directing them to the stage or dressing room within a 5 foot radius. (Or if there is no ice... Teresa knows where I'm going with this, so I apologize to the rest of you if you're feeling left out.)


... And I was totally serious about those 8 things I want to do before I die.


Side note: We all know that Murda did it right, and SOMEONE else didn't... and that is totally horseshit! There is something to be said for holding EVERYONE to the same standards.


Small rant: I had a plant that my mom gave me last year when I first moved out on my own... and since it wasn't getting enough sunshine in my apartment, I moved it out to the back just outside my back door... and some bitchass stole it today! SON OF A BITCH! They stole King Roy! (Who does that?)
Super Big Shoutout!!!
Congratulations to C-Murda!!!

You finally made your mile punkin!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It's 12:33 in the AM on November 3, and let's just say things ain't lookin good for JK. I try to keep theses posts non-partisan, and today will be no exception. (I'm not saying I'm glad or sad JK is trailing, or that I'm glad or sad Bush is winning... I never liked either one of these characters.) At no point have I advocated for anyone to follow me and vote as I vote. I've never endorsed either of the 2 realistic candidates, and I don't expect any rational person to allow my nonsensical musings to in any way dictate or influence how they should vote. I just advocate that you should vote. I don't care what race, religion, orientation, party, or whatever you are, I merely desire that you be a good citizen, do your civic duty, educate yourself, and vote for the candidate who you think best serves your interests.


There are a few simple things I'd like to do before I die:

1) Get pissed off and throw a drink in someone's face.
2) Get pissed off and bitch slap someone.
3) Get pissed off and throw something made of glass against a wall, causing the glass item to break.
4) Ride a horse on the beach.
5) Do some kind of charity work in a third world country.
6) Have kids.
7) Sell at least one piece of my art to someone outside my family or circle of friends.
8) Slow dance on a rooftop.

(I hope you are all taking notes.)


How's about a little lighthearted entertainment... starring kitties!

And this is for all you S.O.B.s on Atkins!

And this is for all you penguin haters out there! (Addictive!) (My record is 1112)


11.3.04 -
Shaun: "I don't remember much about the end of the night, I do remember going into a convenience store and putting 5 slim jims on my debit card... and when I got home I was drunkenly bouncing off my walls as I headed in to go to bed"
Heather: "You need to watch what you say around her, it'll end up being quote of the day."
Shaun: "I don't care, as long as my name isn't on it!"

(Sorry, Shaun, your name is on it.)

I am usually not one to do these, especially when they show up in e-mails, but I got a comment today from Kippy, (a girl who I've not talked to in entirely too long) and so I wanted to show some reciprocation *i.e.- Yeah, I read other people's pages too!

Plus I'm really bored because it's not pretty outside. (Welcome to the beginning of winter in Chicago, I know.) And since I've noticed a small spike in the number of people checking in on me, I figured I might as well offer up some background for the newbies.

1. Known as: Liz, Lizzle, Liza, Eliza, Jiz, Lizard, Crazy, and Beth (Only to those who have known me for a LONG time, and even then, I take exception to it.)
2. Lives in: Chicago IL
3. Birthday: October 11
4. School: Loyola University Chicago
5. Ethnicity: I'm a white girl. (mostly German & Irish)
6. Religion: Catholic.
7. Shoe size: 8
8. Hair color: Auburn (Apparently magical auburn)
9. Eye color: green
10. Style: Casual/comfortable/ original
11. Fears: 1) That I really will be banished to hell for all the terrible things I say and do. 2) Being on my deathbead and feeling like I've lived and unfulfilling life. 3) Anything bad happening to my friends and loved ones and me being unable to help.

12. Fallen off your bed? Yep. Alcohol was involved on more than one occasion.
13. Broken someone`s heart? I can't attest to that. (And if I did it wasn't deliberate)
14. Had your heart broken? Yep.
15. Had a dream come true? Yep.
16. Done something you regret? Nope. (Aside from all those things that have me hellbound... but I'm not stopping any of that, so I guess I don't really regret them, do I)
17. Cheated on a test? Yep. (Though never anything important, I believe in doing the important things on my own merit)

18. Wearing? Guinness shirt and adidas shorts.
19. Listening to? "This time" by Graham Colton
20. Located? On the Jesus bed! (Are ya jealous?)
21. What are you doing? Answering these damn questions, and listening to Graham Colton, Jeez, I thought we covered this already.
22. Should REALLY be doing? Probably reading some nonsense for one of my bulshit classes
23. Brush your teeth? Yep. I did it when I got up this morning, and again after lunch.
24. Like anybody? At the moment, not actively, no.
25. Have any piercing? Just one hole in each ear.
26. Drink? Do you really have to ask?? I mean HAPPY HOUR is in the title of the page.
28. Smoke? No.
29. Got a pager? Who has a pager in this day and age? Honestly... get a cell phone like me!

30. Who is your best friend? Alana. (Though several others rank very close to the top.)
31. Who do I hate? Fake people (There are a couple of people in particular, but I'm not gonna be that bitch to out them by name.)
32. Who is the shyest? I don't really hang out with many shy people, but I'd have to say C-Murda has the most shy moments.
33. Who is the most talkative? Jennie, or Alana... depends on the situation.
34. Who is the craziest? Alana.
35. Who laughs the most? We ALL laugh A LOT.
36. Who have you known the longest? Shannon.
37. Who have you known the shortest? Teresa... or Nate. (Depends on criteria really)
38. Who do you miss the most? Griggs & Taryn
39. Do you hang out with the opposite sex? Frequently... I'm a real "Guy's girl."
40. Do you trust your friends? Why else would I be friends with them?
41. Are you a good friend? You'd have to ask my friends, but I think so.

42. Hugged? Nate.
43. Kissed? Uhh... I prefer not to answer that... (And wow it's been entirely too long since I've had a decent kiss!)
44. IMed? Jen
45. Talked on the phone: My mom last night before bed.
46. Yelled at? Shaun, (I wasn't mad or anything, he was just far away.)
47. Fell in love with? Genuinely in love with? ...Probably Marcus.

48. What do you want to be when you grow up? Ideally an artist, realistically a sports psychologist.
49. What comes first in your life? Mom. No doubt.
50. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? None of the above at the moment. HMMM.
51. Crushes? None.
52. What do you usually think about before you go to bed? "Do I really have to get up and go to class in the morning?
53. Did you lose someone you really loved? I have.
54. How many times have you fallen deeply in love? Twice.
55. Love your family? Immensely.
56. Love your friends? Immensely. (My friends are adopted extentions of my family.)

57. Movie: Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window
58. Song: Amalia Rodrigues - Cancao Do Mar - it's in Portuguese... But I love it.
59. Store: J. Crew
60. Relative: Momma. No contest.
61. Sport: I like them all, but baseball's gotta be the fave.
62. Ice Cream Flavor: G.D. Ritzy's Chunky Dory Fudge!!
63. Fruit: Strawberries, cherries and green apples.
64. Candy: Jolly Rancher suckers, Starburst jellybeans, White Rabbit, or Caramello (depends on what you're in the mood for)
65. Holiday: Christmas.
66. Day of the Week: Saturday.
67. Time: Night (after 10 PM.)
68. Color: Cobalt blue
69. Name for a Girl: Grace, Kate, Amanda, Anne
70. Name for a Boy: Ethan, Gabriel, Aaron, Reid, James

[ DO YOU ]
71. Like to give hugs? Yep, I'm a hugger.
72. Like to give kisses? Yep.
73. Like to walk in the rain? Yep.
74. Prefer black or blue pens? Whatever is handy.
75. Like to travel? Yes indeed!
76. Sleep on your side, tummy or back? Tummy or side.
77. Think you're attractive? I'm capable of being attractive. (We all have our off days though)
78. Ever have the falling dream? Once
79. Have stuffed animals? A frog, a duck, a bear, and an octopus.
80. What do you think of the person that did this before you? Kippy is swell, though it's been quite some time since we've really talked.

Damn that was a lot of questions.