Thursday, April 29, 2004

I know that it's been a few days since there have been any alterations to the Blog, but I've got a good reason I promise!! Actually there are a couple of things going on here... First off, I'm not gettin much feedback from you kids... I know that a lot of my pals have gone home for the summer, and that even I'm not on all the time, so you kids might not have the link handy, but still... I know you kids... there are 200 of you on my buddy list and I've only got 3 comments so far?? You kids can do better than that! I'm not really all that motivated to write down my nonsense if there isn't a soul out there who reads it... I even offered up free shoutouts and I still got nothing... I know that my entries have been a bit sporadic, but I've gotta find a new job, and I've gotta find some new digs with miss Jennie! So the job search and the apartment hunt have officially begun... So Jennie and I looked at this place today... it had a "magnificent courtyard." And the guy who showed it to us had to have been at least 80... although the official estimate was 103. It was a nice joint... but admittedly it would be a bit of a hike for J to make it to work every day... so we're looking for something in kind of a happy middle. It's early in the search... I have no doubt that we're going to find a really awesome place! So tomorrow the madness continues. I send my v-ball boys off to ohio, and I hope they come back with a big win... I have faith that my boys will wreck shop like it's nobody's business! I think I'll just leave it at that... Much love kids! Take it easy, and have a nice day!

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Well kids, it's been another rainy, lazy day here in Chicago. After last night's festivities celebrating Janey's birthday, today was spent recovering. Dave drunk dialed me from Baltimore, and I'm not going to lie, on my long walk to the el I listened to the message and it totally made my night! (What a doll!)

I need to go ahead and take this time to issue a shoutout to Kirsten "THE ADMIRAL" McLinden... She's been hot on the quote of the day lately, and she asked for a shoutout, so she gets one! She's a hot mama, and hopefully now that she's 21 she will find the time to come up and party with the Chicago crew... Because we ALL know she wants to. (We can still pour some out for T. Lopez)

I think we're current on all the shoutouts, if any of you loyal readers would like a shoutout (and all the recognition that such a prestigious award entails) then just leave me a comment, and we'll do our best to hook you up!

I think that's all for the moment, have a pleasant evening everybody!

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Welcome back! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... oh wait, not so much. I think I will go ahead and give Beth a shoutout, Thanks for coming down girl! It was so awesome to see you again, and you need to come back when you've got Cubs tickets or when you're a more seasoned drinker. (We'll take you in if you decided to visit before then too, even though you do have sheet issues.)

I also need to issue a quick birthday shoutout to the lovely Miss Janey Henning!

So, now that finals have come to an end, and my lease is almost up, the mission is clear: find a summer job that won't make me want to kill myself, and find a new apartment that can suitably and hopefully affordably house myself and the lovely Miss Jennie V. So I will recruit the help of my blog faithful, if you would care to inform me about any affordable/available 2 bedroom apartments anywhere in the northern half of Chicago, or any great jobs with reasonable pay I'd really appreciate it!

This seems like a good time to issue a shoutout to the lovely folks who celebrate their college graduation today... Large Marge, Butts/Jenny McCarthy/Tyra/Rudy Huxtable, Dan the man, Murph, Shawn-eee, and others.

Another shoutout that needs to be made is for the men's volleyball team, congrats on some EXCELLENT play last night, and congrats on advancing to the next round of the MIVA conference tourney! I'll keep you in fresh gear for at least another week! Good luck in Ohio, if you keep playing like you did last night, you're gonna rock those Cardinals like it's nobody's business!

I think I should also give a shoutout to my buddy Dave. I love him dearly and he wants me to move to Baltimore so that he can support me and I can live my lifelong dream of being a trophy wife. Dave is one of the few guys in my life who I can fully trust to tell it like it really is and trust me not to abuse it. Dave actually used the following words in addressing me, and I love him for it! "Basically I think I've fucked up and been a dick long enough that realize I've probably missed my only chance to hit it with you and I hope you'll accept my apologies and allow me to shower you with compliments so that I might salvage any hope I might still have left." Dave's relationship philosophy is "there are three keys to a successful relationship: Forgiveness, compromise and hard liquor... and I've got all three" How can I not love this guy?? (In an attempt to lure me to Baltimore, he even offered to pay for satelite TV service so that I could still catch all my Cubs games!)

I have the greatest friends ever!! Have a great day everybody!

Friday, April 23, 2004

ALL I HAVE TO SAY RIGHT NOW IS THAT FUCKIN' SUCKS (I was so done with an entry and it was deleted before I could post it... DAMN IT ALL!)
I'm having BLOG issues today... don't even ask.
Well hello again children, and welcome to another installment of Lizzle's fun time happy hour... For all those of you who are unaware, today the spring semester finals for loyola universtiy chicago concluded, and I had a party to celebrate all the goings-on! (Contrary to what the like 9 people at the bar would have you believe, it was not my birthday) But anyway... for all those of you who attended, I thank you for making tonight absolutely awesome, and for those who didn't make it, you missed an absolutely awesome time. (but I still love you!) So after the free drinks stopped at hi-tops, Beth, Jennie, Alana and myself all went to Cullen's and had a great time! (Then we went to Jennie's to take care of some business, but we'll leave that at that) and we came home... even though we broke tradition and didn't get bagels.... (but that's cool) OH!!! AND BY THE WAY, I WAS REBUKED IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST TONIGHT! (just HAD to mention it...) Yeah.... so I can't really think of a whole lot more to say, at least not right now... but I'm sure this will be ammended later.

I'm going to shower and go watch Brad now.... because that's what I do!

Just so you're all aware, I do WANT your comments and such... I want to know what you all think of the things I say and do, so please let me know how things are!! I love you all! THANKS AGAIN KIDS! ~LIZ~

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Well a pleasant good morning to you all! As I start writing this post it's about 5:45 AM. To those of you who know me, you know that the only reason I'd ever post anything before 10 AM is because I never made it to bed the night before... yes, once again this rule of thumb holds true. So here's the reasoning this time around (for those of you who care to know... for those of you who don't care, piss off, I don't want you readig my blog anymore.) (Just kidding... you're still allowed,just don't bitch about this entry because you were warned.) Ok, so a couple days ago I got an IM from the lovely Alana, and she was so excited to tell me that her feet were all better (finally!) and that in spite of all the goings-on during finals week, she wanted to celebrate her recovery by knocking back a few brews. And as so many of you already know, if it involves hanging out with Alana and the consumption of alcohol I'm SO THERE! SO... long story short, I was a gigantic idiot because I have a final in a couple hours, and for the same class (which happens to be a capstone course in my major) I also have revisions and about 8 pages of additions on a paper that I've had roughly a month to work on. (yeah, I'm that much of an asshole.) So of course I go over to Alana's right after work and we start drinking at roughly 7PM. Please keep in mind that I had gone over with the intention of working with Rachel on our papers (since she had to do the same assignment and write up the same data) But when someone hands you a beer as you walk in the door, and the Cubs are on TV (and we're also switching back and forth for playoff hockey),working collaboratively on a paper doesn't exactly take priority... Yeah my parents would be so proud... So anyway at 1AM I decided that academics needed to be handled so I left Alana's to come home and work on my paper and study a little bit for my impending final... So I sit down and make a couple of revisions, and begin to work on my additions for the final draft, and I realize that I don't have the numbers I need. (which basically means I can't write much of anything and I'm generally screwed.) I had the numbers, but they were trapped in a program that my computer can't open... Go figure. So... being the ass that I am, I call Alana to see if Rachel is still up, or to see if she can read me the numbers I need, or SOMETHING. Basically I got REALLY lucky, Rachel was still up, so I sprinted back to their place, picked up the number sheets, and jogged my happy ass back home. (on the way I ran into Kang who offered me another drinking opportunity, even though I already told him I had shit to do) So I came home, cranked out the additions to my paper (which are undoubtedly little more than semi-coherent drunken ramblings with some fancy words and the right numbers thrown in there) But it's done and it will be on time, and that's what counts, right? (wow, this has turned into a really long post.) So here's the end, the sun is up, the sky is blue, I'm all sobered up, and my paper is all done... wow you gotta love drinking during finals week....

Sunday, April 18, 2004

OK kids, it's sunday night, and you know what that means! Another edition of Talk Sex with Sue Johansen If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, then you really need to watch the Oxygen network on sunday nights at 10 pm (central time) THIS WOMAN IS SO AWESOME! Here's the basic gist of what is going on, you kids remember Loveline on MTV, right? Well Talk Sex is basically the same premise, but it's hosted by a lady who is easily mistakable for your grandma... to hear this old woman talk about how to give a blowjob is seriously one of the most wildly amusing things ever! (And yes, she does get very specific about instructions) I seriously can't watch this show without rolling around in convulsive laughter because it's just too great! (Watch it and you WILL understand!)

But anyway... so after this weekend's hijinx, and that whole incident at Sluggers, I've come to the conclusion that all men are pigs and it's going to take a lot of evidence to convince me otherwise. I think I'm going to leave that whole topic at that...

So for the fine folks up here at Loyola finals are upon us, and so with that said, I think I'm going to have to go into hiding... If anyone has any ideas for a sociology of mass media and popular culture paper topic, I've got to come up with 10-14 pages on anything to do with mass media, so any ideas for a topic would be welcomed. As for everything else I'm not too worried, but since that paper is the last thing due it's something I've put off for some time, and probably ought to get moving on. So you can put your comments or ideas up in the comments section, or you can call or IM them directly to me.

So other than finals, this week will also be full of celebration. My "Shared Birthday" my VIP party, Celebrating the triumphant Chicago return of Beth Hribar, and all the joys of partying with my old RA as we celebrate her 23rd birthday and her roommate's second graduation... so basically, once my finals end, it's time to abuse my liver in the most radical summertime fashion! (And I expect to see you kids somewhere along the way!)

Ok, well that's a wrap! You kids take it easy, to all the 'Blers, good luck on all your finals!! Behave yourself and take care!
OK, so that last entry was a drunken post... please forgive the more incoherent parts. I'm going to take a few minutes now to soberly recap the evenings events in a condensed and lucid manner. I went to Alana's and pre-drank briefly. Then I went and met up with Jennie. We went to Sluggers (unfortunately not to the batting cages) and almost right off we somehow managed to attract some married guys... always fun. (Oh well... if nothing else, they pay for drinks and you don't gotta worry about them wanting to take you home.) Alana met us there, and Jennie's friends called her so she had to bail on us, but that's all good. Somehow I also managed to attract our lesbian waitress who decided it would be a good idea to cop a feel without letting me know in advance... yeah, it was time to leave. So Alana and I went to southport where we are always right at home. The bar we picked was rather packed, and not really my scene, so while Alana seemed to be enjoying herself, I just drank more... I think I drank that last one too fast, because ... well it wasn't pretty. So we came back home. We got our traditional drunken bagel (That guy workin' at dunkin donuts LOVES us!) and we parted ways. I then proceeded to compose that lovely gem you see below, shower and pass out. I woke up late, watched the Cubs game, shopped with Rachel and then I called it a day. Ok, so here we go with today's shoutouts: 1)HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH! YOU'RE FINALLY 21 BABY! 2)Kirsten, yes, you do have a very real problem with initiating IM conversations. And yeah, I'd say it does in some weird way qualify as a kind of social anxiety disorder, (but we still love you). OK I think that does it for now! You kids take it easy, and take care of yourselves.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

OK, so I went out and got drunk.... very drunk. Alana paid for the cab and I paid for our drunken blownuts bagels.... like every other weekend. Jennie bailed on us early, but we still love her. She was with me at sluggers when we met the three johns and frank... and when Sarah started hitting on me... apparently all the lesbians want is a a pretty red-head with a decent rack to take home for the night... because I know my chest seemed to be the hit of th evening. (P.S.- gettin hit on by lesbians is not my scene, but these things happen... after all, Alana got flashed by a waitress a couple weeks ago.) It's all good, even though Alana wanted to stop at Carol's (Charlie Daniels checking ID's)... ok, so it's like 2:45 AM Sat, and I have finished my bagel and want to shower ;like alwayays..... love me!!! (I type as well as I cann) ! ~Liz~

Thursday, April 15, 2004

OK, so my new buddy Jennie has one of these things, and someone else has told me that I needed to start doing one so that I could have a record of quote of the day... seems like it makes some sense... and I'm always lookin to find new ways to kill time on the internet... so here goes. I can't promise that it will always be funny, or entertaining, or even remotely interesting, but I'll do my best to keep my audience in mind.

So, with that said, welcome Liz's Fun Time Happy Hour.... proceed with caution and go with god!