Monday, May 31, 2004

5.31.04 -
Jennie: Woah, something in here is vibrating
Liz: Dude it's a back massager, here, look.
Jennie: OH... I thought it was something dirty.
Liz: Yeah, I don't own that kind of vibrator ... and that one would be REALLY hard to use in a dirty way
Jennie: Oh I'm sure I could find a way!

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Yeah, so I took off work a little early so that I could pack (which didn't happen) and so that I could get a couple extra hours tomorrow at time and a half (which hopefully will happen...) So basically here's my schedule for the next couple days:
Pack my shit until bed time tonight, get up tomorrow morning and go to work, work 10 hours at time and a half, come home and put any finishing touches on the packing, and sleep, get up and go get the u-haul, pack all my shit into the uhaul, drive down to Jennie's place and load up everything we've got room for, go to work for a few hours (also at time and a half) and at 5 go unload everything into the new place, and finally go get any remnants from Jen's place and take them to our apt... once all that's done we're crackin a few beers and crashin hard on top of the boxes if we don't have the energy to put bed frames together, which is a likely scenario.

Right now, I'm just kinda killin time to avoid getting back to my packing... I can't believe I'm less than 48 hours away from living in my new place, and being done with all this nonsense, crap-hatchery, and nincompoop-itude! (Now THAT'S a fun word!) Now please bear in mind that it's going to take a few days to get things all unpacked and settled into the new place, but once we're all good, you kids are welcome to come over and party with me and the Jen-meister! (We've even got a peninsula!) In the meantime, you're still welcome to call my cell, IM, BLOG, or e-mail me, although I make no promises that I'll have the energy to communicate coherently.

Well, I think it's time for me to get back to my packing. Those boxes are just callin my name!

Friday, May 28, 2004

C offered to BLOG for me while I was busy with the moving nonsense, but I figured I'd update you kids on the progress. My room is now almost naked... my posters and pictures are all packed up, my toys and my trinkets are all tucked away in boxes (Dave stop being dirty, I don't own any of THOSE kinds of toys.) And basically, I'm learning, I've got a lot of crap... a lot. But I found my watch.... and that's good.

I'm gonna go back to my packing now.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I don't know how available I'm going to be in the next couple of days, what with working, packing, and moving.... so I'm going to go ahead and post some quotes of the day in advance just to keep my bases covered. (I know some of you get all antsy in the pantsy if you don't have the latest quote of the day) Furthermore, if anyone is wanting to help me with the move- out on monday morning (time TBA dependong on when we get the truck...) or the move-in on monday evening around 5, then your help would be greatly appreciated, beer is my currency of choice for helpful movers! I've already recruited Ben, so just let me know if you wanna help out and be among the first to see the new place!

Just so you kids are all aware of what's going on currently, I'm just looking forward to moving and getting all of this crap over with... it will be a stupendous relief of epic proportions, (Plus I'm just REALLY ready to be done with this joint!) I'm pretty sure Jennifer is stoked too!

Since I've gotta get up early for work, I'm going to go ahead and put up those quotes, and get to bed...

5.27.04 -
"Liz, you could be a guy, and I'd still love you! And I'm pretty sure you're not.... you're not a guy are you?" ~Dave, on loving me no matter what.

5.28.04 -
(Chris was Squeegee-ing the floor)
Chris: "This thing needs a screw."
Liz: "OH, go ahead and say it! know you want to make a hilariously lude remark"
Chris: "Well, I could, but obviously you're on the same page, so it's not necessary... just kinda goes without saying."

5.29.04 - Liz:I do NOT have a fab booty.... I've only got boobs.... and if we can get you the right bra, you'll have great boobies too!
Alana: haha i got two new bras, and they make my titties look huge... I'm like embarassed to wear them... I feel like im hittin people with em!

5.30.04 -
Liz: we've even got a peninsula with barstools!!
Alana: shut up! thats awesome... I'm gonna live there with ya
Liz: so we can drink beer just like at the bar ... but cheaper, and you can live on the futon!
Alana: I'm there. I'm gonna keep a toothbrush there like I'm your girlfriend, but no makin out though.

Ignoring Rachel continues: day 18

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

It's been 4 days and my watch is still missing... This upsets me!

Onto more important business. It's now day 17 of ignoring Rachel.

And people will either be really excited about this (like me) or you're going to think I'm totally lame and kinda weird, but anyway, I was walking home from the beach, and wouldn't you know it, I came across some discarded windows... So I've finally got an old window!! Now at this point, a great many of you are saying to yourselves, "Uhhh, yeah, I think I'm leanin' more towards that lame and weird option..." or something to that effect, but please allow me to explain. I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO PAINT A WINDOW! SO THIS IS AWESOME! I got a free window! YAAAAAAY... YAAAAAAAAY!

Oh and since you're here anyway, you might as well check out those spankin' new links! Hey... Where do you think you're going? I SAID CHECK OUT THE NEW LINKS DAMMIT!

So here's quote of the day.

5.26.04 - Chris K. has made a triumphant return to the QOTD... (Chris and I were "dead-heading" the geraniums at work...)
Liz: Hey, Chris, can I take your heads?
Chris: Well, that's a rather personal question
(Later in the day...)
Liz: I think you got quote of the day with that...
Chris: Yeah, it was pretty good, would've been better coming from a guy though, but it was the best I could do on such short notice.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Special thanks to Heather for this one:
Waste a couple minutes to find out which dysfunctional care bear you are... and be sure to report your results in the comments section:
Personally, I am the HOOLIGAN BEAR! WAHOOO!!!!

Hooligan Bear
Hooligan Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?

Oh, and here's quote of the day!
5.25.04 -

Liz: Go play with the monkeys for a little bit
Dave: OK!!
Liz: Have you named them yet?
Dave: I think they're dead
Liz: WHAT!?!?! you killed the monkeys?
Dave: They weren't there last time I was in research... maybe they were at the cleaners
Damn Liz Forgot: Monkeys don't go to the cleaners!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2004

I haven't been keeping up with the blog lately, but it would seem that my audience either didn't notice, or didn't really care. But I'll bring you up to speed on the weekend's few events.

Friday I got up and went to work... but not for long! Why you ask? Because C had a hook up and we got tickets to the Cubs-Cardinals game! So we bailed on work (Yes, I have been there less than a week, and I took off early to go to a game... I hope this illustrates my dedication to all of you non-believers out there) So the end result was a score of 7-6, it didn't quite go the way I'd hoped, but still, a few beers, some peanuts, and 9 beautiful innings in the friendly confines is still a good day if you ask me! It was still a good game, but you can't win em all. (But please note that we did take the next 2 games of the 3 game series...) So after the game we went out to Chris' house for a lovely little bbq because our good buddy Mel is leaving us to go to the happy hunting grounds in Virginia. We'll miss that crazy kid, but she'll be back! And after the bbq at Chris', we went to Hamilton's for a few more rounds of farewell beverages... That was my mistake.

Saturday I got up entirely too early because I had to go sling flowers all damn day... with not enough sleep, and on a nasty day, (and on a Saturday, which is crazy anyway) basically me and my wet nasty feet were not happy. So I eventually made it home, got a shower, a meal, and a nap, and I was pretty happy... So instead of going out and making the same damn mistake two nights in a row, I decided to stay in and rest up for work on Sunday. I got to sleep at about 1 AM, only to be awakened by my phone ringing at 4 because my dear sweet Dave decided to drink dial me... while it did wake me up, I didn't answer the phone, and for that, Dave should consider himself immensly lucky, because I was PISSED. So eventually I got back to sleep, and got up at 6:45 to go to work once again on Sunday morning...

So I got there at 8, only to find the joint a mess, and I was the only one there to do anything about it... C had been scheduled, but she bailed on me because she was too beat, (which I understand, and it's not a big deal! It's all cool) And so then I had to make room for carts, and bring the new ones in, that took me until lunch time, and then another hour or so after... (during lunch I checked my voicemail and got Dave's very sweet message *Thanks babe*)and so after my brief lunch and cart movin' fun, I decided to clear the tops of the carts and bail, so naturally, I climbed up and started to clear the tops... Doug, in a totally condescending way, thought he'd tell me how to do my job and ban cart climbing. (This made me resent Doug all the live-long day.) So even though I've climbed up on the carts every day since starting at this job, and watching every single one of my co-workers climbing on the carts in EXACTLY the same manner, cart climbing was banned... This is quite funny, because the thing is these carts probably weigh like 3 times Doug's weight, (And Doug is WAY WAAAAAAY FAR from being a little guy!) So instead I had to go get the stupid wheely-step-ladder thing. (Which is ESPECIALLY hard to maneuver when the joint is full of closely aligned carts, and entirely too many customers)SOOOOOO at 2 I got all that crap done and decided to call it a day, because I was not willing to deal with Doug any longer, and let's face it, I WAS BEAT! So I left. I came home to a shower and a nap, and then C and I went looking for sea glass (and we found A LOT!) But then we got a craving for BBQ chicken, so we went on a great little food run! But walking from the car into KFC was quite painful, so for the sake of my feet, knees, and ankles, I'm taking Monday off. YAY!

Ok, so here are the quotes of the day for the days I missed... and today too!

5.22.04 -

"So I opened my eyes, and I saw blue, and it was then I realized I lit my face on fire... and then I tried to put it out with my hand, and then my hand was blue... yeah, my hand was on fire." ~Mikey talking about his fire-spitting misadventures

5.23.04 - "Yeah, she's less concerned with breathing than with gettin' places" ~Jill talking about her dog

5.24.04 -
Jill - "Here's a band called the g-strings!"
Chris - "We gotta get front row tickets for that one!"
Jill - "Oh... well, they are all guys"
Liz - "All the more reason to get the tickets!"

Ignoring Rachel has crossed the 2 week barrier! DAY 15 BABY!

****A few side notes - 1)"I LIKE TATER TOTS!!!" 2)Goats have weird and VERY scary eyes! 3)Christopher Walken is THE MAN! 4)I STILL HATE THE LAKERS

Friday, May 21, 2004

I've noticed a recent trend... my commenters have stopped commenting, and my contributors have stopped contributing. This makes me sad... I'm also sad because I don't have the kind of conditioner to match my shampoo, and that's upsetting. (I'm generally pretty easy to please, little shit like that makes my day.) Well, as much as two days ago rocked, yesterday really didn't. It took me 45 minutes to get to work, I was growled at by a crazy old woman, and I had the 11-7 shift which pretty much SUCKED. (I prefer the 8-4 or the 9-5 at this point, in spite of not being a morning person.) But there was one shining moment in the later part of my working day, the cutest little girl jumping in a puddle, and having a grand ol' time! It's just one of those things that makes my day... and I had THE BEST BURP EVER a little while ago, so that was pretty cool too! It was one of those that I had to comment on out loud, even though there wasn't anyone around to hear me... Yeah, I commented to myself on my own burp... and DON'T LIE! YOU KNOW YOU TALK TO YOURSELF TOO!

My feet hurt, and quite frankly, that's all I've got at the moment...

Ignoring Rachel continues! DAY 12!

5.21.04 -
"Don't talk to this boy... HE IS THE DEVIL, and the devil will steal your soul. HE IS THE DEVIL, DON'T TALK TO HIM! GRRRRRRR, GRRRRRR!" ~The crazy old lady who growled at me

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Yesterday was a good day... ok, that's an understatement, it pretty much rocked. I went in for my first day of work at my new job, and I really like it. I also got myself a baseball autographed by Kerry Wood and Kyle Farnsworth, and I booked my travel for my family reunion! WOO HOO! HOW EXCITED AM I? The only ways that a day could have been better was if Kyle proposed to me, or someone had handed me a winning lottery ticket worth 200 million bucks, the Cubs won the world series, and I hadn't ruined some of my favorite pants while at work by getting permanent dirt stains on them... Oh well, that's just my excuse to always wear those pants to work in the future, because they're already ruined, and as a bonus for me they're comfortable! (and I don't think that any day soon someone is going to hand me a 200 million dollar lotto ticket... so until that dream is realized, I'll settle for what I can get) *Please note that I still have the utmost faith that my Cubbies will still win! So there is no need to rule that out, because that will be the ultimate BEST DAY that WILL happen!!! NAYSAYERS BEWARE, if you decide to bad mouth my optimism and team support, I'll have to throw down on you like you wouldn't believe... I'd even insult your mom while I was at it! BELIEVE IT!

That's all I've got to say in the matter.

I'm still ignoring Rachel. Day 11

- "Liz, there is no sense in fighting with you, EVER... I can never win, and it's not because I can't present a good point, it's just that you remember EVERYTHING, and you formulate your answers in a way that you're always absolutely irrefutably right.... YOU'RE ALWAYS RIGHT! It's something I love and hate about you." ~Jamie

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

HOLY CRAP! I've got work today!

5.19.04 -
Liz: "I wish you'd needed me back in mid April when I first needed a job"
Nate: "Well, back then I was all set, but since then I've torn through like 6 people up here... I guess I'm just a work-nazi like that... But not like Chris. Chris is just a morning-nazi!"

Ignore Rachel fest continues! Day 10!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Well today was another day down the toilet... I waited around for my new boss to call, like he told me for the last two days that he was going to do, and he didn't. So I could have gone to the beach all day, or could have done something productive elsewhere, but no, instead I spent the day talking to people on IM, watching dangerous amounts of TV, and playing just obscene amounts of snood... It was a shamefully spent day, I'm not going to lie. On the upside, (after much confusion and effort on my part, because as we all know, I'm an idiot...) Jennie managed to wrangle us a u-haul for our impending move, and our new landlords officially accepted our application, and we'll be signing the lease shortly. So those are good things.

For those of you who are concerned, the painting is finding it's way... it's still got a long way to go, but definitely on the right track at the moment (let's just hope it stays that way!) And for those of you concerned about other things, Dave wore blue underwear today (or so he told me), we're working hard on getting sea monkeys back on the airwaves, L. Ron Hubbard is still dead, and when Krystian was in high school he was known as "little whale" ... Since I know you kids were all losing sleep over all of that!

I have neglected to post the daily tally of my time ignoring Rachel lately, but never fear, I'm still steadfast in my constant denial that any friend of mine could be so lame... for those of you keeping track, this is day 9 of Ignore-Rachel-fest '04

Since my day was pretty lame today, and whatnot, I'll just leave you with the quote of the day and let that be the end of it. I should note that this is an old one that I neglected to post when it happened, but it still deserves its dues.

4.18.04 -
"I only have two real friends Liz, and that's you and Teresa... Oh wait, correction, I have three real friends, you, Teresa, and alcohol!" ~The Admiral (You're more loved than you know Kirstienne!)

Monday, May 17, 2004

5.17.04 -

Joe: "You know, L Ron Hubbard tried to communicate with a tomato once... that crazy bastard... I mean really, what's a tomato gonna say? 'Don't put me on a burger!!'"
Liz: "Well, it's L. Ron Hubbard, so maybe it was saying 'Hey, I'm a scientologist tomato! Don't put me on a burger!'"
Joe: "Hey, you know what you don't see enough of on TV these days? SEA MONKEYS!

~The most random conversational excerpt EVER!

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Ok, so here I sit, good & sober... Last night was great! As I mentioned in the previous post, we went to Durkin's and we spent our two hours drinking beer to our heart's content. We then waited for the train for what felt like an eternity (it was really just about 20 minutes) and we went to Hi-Tops for another hour of free cocktails... and yes, at one point in the evening I was "Triple fisting" (for those of you who don't know what that means, I had three drinks at one time.) And so we left Hi-Tops to go to some house warming party, which was a subdued, but good, time. We then went to some girl's birthday party... I didn't know her. We then proceeded from that party to Clark's for a little soberin'-up-food. At that point, poor Jennie looked as though she was ready to yak on the table... So she took off and the rest of us sat and ate for a bit. Jennie made it home safely, and from what she told us, she didn't yak. An odd development on that storyline would be that while she didn't toss her cookies, and she says she feels remarkably wonderful today, she was still swearing off alcohol for a while when I talked to her this morning. (She's an interesting character, that Jennie!) I also drunk dialed Dave because I was bored on the el ride home (and he noticed the southern twang just like I said he would!), and I ran into the drunkin' blo'nuts guy when I was getting off the train... we chuckled in amusement! I came home and talked to Dave a little while longer before going to bed, and I woke up this morning, and have been pretty damn lazy ever since... so, now that we're all caught up, I think I'm going to go paint, and clean up, and maybe even do some laundry! (can you believe it!?!) Take care all and behave yourselves!
So we went to Durkin's for the free party, and we proceeded to earn another free party... and we learned about like four more free we're well on our way to drinkin for free all summer long! and since I'm a drunk ass, and I don't know what else to write about, I'll go ahead and leave you with quote of the day, and recap things for you later...

4.16.04 - "Yeah, I knew these twins that were albino, but they were black... so they were actually kind of orange." ~Dave, in all of his political correctness.

I love ya dave! (and I love all of my boys that made it out to the parties... way to be!)

Saturday, May 15, 2004

I GOT A JOB!!!! I GOT A JOB!!!! I'm not gonna be a grump anymore! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!
Well here it is Friday night, er Saturday morning... either way... and I stayed in because I think Jennie forgot about me. We were supposed to go out, I think... but I never got a call or a response to my IM, so instead I stayed home and painted. But that's a good thing... because I needed to paint. So there are no hard feelings. She's my Jennie, and I couldn't be mad at her! We're still going out to Durkin's and Hi-tops for more free beverages... so it's all good.

I've got no real rantings for this evening... just looking forward to a possible drunk dial from my Dave. (even though he hates my husband) Dave is just one of my fans, and I think he tries to roast on my beautiful Kyle because he's jealous... Speaking of my fans, Wayne misses me... Jen went in the other day and he asked where the hell I've been lately... apparently he doesn't understand that it's almost summer, and I'm poor, so I don't have money for tanning. Never fear Wayne! I'll be back in the fall! The quote of the day also relates to one of my fans, but we'll get to that in a bit.

As far as the job search goes, my sister Becky has offered to pay me to babysit my nephew this summer, and as much fun as that would be, I would still have to pay my lease up here, so it's kinda impractical to go home. As far as job offers up here go, I've still got nothing... but Chris and C are looking into getting me a job as a flower slinger... which would be pretty fun if you ask me. I don't think there's much else of any interest at the moment, so I'll just leave you with the quote of the day!

5.15.04 -
"Wait, you mean that's not an engagement ring? You mean I could have been hitting on you this whole time? Aw, you gotta be kidding me!" ~Some guy at the Guinness event

Friday, May 14, 2004

Ok, so I went with Jennie to the Guinness event... It was a good time. It's kind of hard not to have a good time when you're eating free food, drinking loads of free Guinness, and meeting all kinds of interesting people... And you walk away with a free t-shirt, and 10 bucks worth of free games at ESPN Zone! God bless the fine folks at Guinness! It should be noted that upon my arrival at the event, I was hit on by a limousine driver named Manny who looked DEAD-UP like Ron Jeremy! (PURE COMEDY!)Oh, and I love you Jen, but I'm kind of upset you ruined my last beer... but I forgive you because it was unintentional and you were trying to give me more beer... BUT STILL!

For clarification, I (Liz) am not the only person posting things on my blog... It's still Liz's fun time happy hour, but since I have invited other people to be contributors, that means they are free to contribute as they see fit. I do however retain editorial control, so my contributors can write anything they like, but it had better agree with me, or it won't stay there long. (I've yet to have to remove anything... but Dave has made some anti-Farnsworth comments that are a bit upsetting) So, now that we're clear on that, please check to see who posted the article you're reading before wigging out on me about it! But before I forget, a "friend" of mine decided to make a physical comparison of my Kyle Farnsworth to Jeff Weaver ... THIS NEEDS TO NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER HAPPEN.... EVER! (I've got better pictures of Kyle available upon request, but there are no better pictures of Jeff... he's just one ugly dude.)

Another thing, people... (I'll go ahead and make exclusions now, because I know those folks who I'll most likely hear from... Mom, Dave, Beth, Jennie, Kirsten, none of you are the ones pissing me off.) As for the rest of you, some of you (but not all) fall into this category so please pay attention and please... TAKE A HINT! I've been a grump lately, and I'm more than willing to admit that, but here's the thing... Constantly bringing up topics that irritate me is not a way to improve my mood, nor my relationship with you. For example, I'm not a Laker fan, nor will I EVER be a Laker fan... Not even if I were to move to LA, (Which will also NEVER happen) So blatantly flag-waving on behalf of the Lakers is going to rub me the wrong way... Sorry, that's the way things are. I'm just that way... I like my Guinness Extra Stout (Yes, even better than Guinness Draught/Draft). I don't like the Lakers or the Yankees. I like my Cubbies baseball. I don't like people who insult my intelligence in any way. I like diversity in my conversations. I don't like it when people can dish out criticism but can't take it themselves. I like bigger dogs that don't have lame-o yuppie names that insult me. I don't like when parents yell at little kids for behaving like little kids when in public. I like to spend my weekends drinking until I'm good and drunk, at which point it's time for a drunken bagel from Drunkin' Blo'Nuts and a drunk shower. I don't like offensive odors that are left to fester. I like my bed super-soft, and my coffee a little less than super-sweet. I don't like when people abuse the word "love". I like turkey, and my Grandma's dressing. I don't like feeling left out. I like thunderstorms at all hours. I don't like people who tell you that your opinion is wrong... HELLO!? IT'S AN OPINION! I like being busy. I don't like to do my homework much more than about 8 hours before it's due, no matter how long I've had to work on it. And I like to occasionally make out with guys who I know I'll never see again. THAT'S JUST WHO I AM! IF YOU DON'T LIKE ANY OF IT THEN STOP WASTING MY TIME. I'm bothered by people who like to spend their time trying to change me... I am who I am... and if you don't like it then don't be my friend, and if you do like it, then there's no reason for me to change. This might seem small of me, but I really don't give a damn, because it's how I feel about the whole thing. GRRRRRR! But as a result, I like my friends who love me just the way that I am just that much more! I'm an open book, what you see is what you get... There are not many shockers here! Love me for the way I am, or leave me the hell alone... >:o (That's an ANGRY FACE!)

Wow... That was an unintended rant, but I feel a little better because of it... Ok, so here's quote of the day...

5.14.04 -
"Yeah, didn't you know? Each drag adds like 40 seconds to your life span... and you can hold three women up on your cock [after a smoke]... Man, someone get me another cigarette!" ~ Alex on the little known benefits of smoking

Day 6 of ignoring Rachel

Thursday, May 13, 2004

faster than the speed of light' swoops Jennie V to save the day...yep darlin stress no longer, i have a fully functional DVD player that is dying to be used. yeah i abuse my dvd player by not using it. How sad is that. Sometimes i hear a funny noise coming from the far corner of my apartment and its my dvd player crying out to be used and abused, so come May 31st i'll let you have your way with my DVD player all you want. Damn girl, look at the power you have over me.

So ranting is cool. yeah more and more i'm down with the ranting. WHY you ask...cause my asshole landlord shows up at my apartment at 8pm last night while i'm running around in nothing but my smile and a bandaid where i got a blister on my toe from wearing sandles that looked soo good but hurt sooo bad. Yep he bangs on my door and says "yeah i just wanted to show the place to thsi guy." Holy f'ing mice. Damnit man....i do believe you are suppose to give me 24 hours notice and not show up at my place at 8pm at night. Soooooo i made them wait for like 5 minutes wh ile i put on clothes and took my food off the stove so it didnt burn (yes, i know i will have to stop cooking in the nude once i have a roommate, but gee it was fun while the living alone lasted).

Soooo the guy comes in to see the place and he was SOOOOOOOO nice (the guy looking at the apartment, nto the landlord)...I just wanted to scream at him RUN< RUN LIKE THE WIND from this MOUSE HOUSE!! I'm trying to think of ways to let the people who come in and look at the apartment know that its INFESTED by mice and mice friends without out and out saying it. Maybe I could make a huge TO DO list and put it on my fridge and have it say "try to get the landlord to get rid of the MICE THAT RUN MY LIFE"....and maybe get huge quanities of Decon (i like to call it DEATH CON) and put it right when you walk in the door. Hummmmm.

On the other side of the story I got a talking to last night because "it isnt' my business if someone rents the place and gets the mice...its their own problem then." Who the F tells me that. God if i had only had someone to warn me then i wouldnt have had to move 3 times in less than a year. I'm sorry, yes it may not be my business but i feel awful not letting someone know. Any tips on how to not screw over the landlord but also feel that my moral obligation to save the world from living with the mice is being fulfilled? Do tell.

Ohhh and by the way i think its more fun to blog on Liz's Blog. It makes me think that we should create one big blog world where we all blog together in peace and harmony. Damn that sounds like I'm a loser. ha ha ha. Ok....working, yeah thats what i'm getting paid to yeah...i'll get right on that.
Well, I rather enjoyed venting all my crap last night... I think I'll do a little more tonight.

God bless my dear sweet sainted mother... I know yesterday's rant hurt her feelings (despite my apologies and warnings in the post) but she took it in remarkably good stride, and I have a feeling she knows I didn't mean it to be hurtful.

A quick shoutout to Alana; thanks for giving the Aunt & Uncle a shot, I appreciate the effort even if it didn't yield a job... and I hope you have an awesome time in Las Vegas girl, you deserve a good time!

Another quick shoutout to J; Girl, I know you're looking forward to moving (especially because you're moving in with ME) and I know you're miserable in your little mouse-ridden, sub-terrainean den, but we gotta work on keeping up the morale... Hey, here's an idea! Let's go drink free Guinness at ESPN Zone tonight! Good idea, huh? Yeah... and wouldn't you know it we've got spots reserved for tonight!(Remember we've got more lots more free liquor on Saturday too!)

OK, so here's the venting for today:
Oh, and just an unrelated note before the venting gets into full swing: I just watched Rocky IV, (the last decent Rocky movie, and as far as I'm concerned, Rocky V doesn't exist, much like The Godfather III). Based on this movie viewing, I should say that James Brown is a bad ass! (not that we didn't already know that, but it was just refreshed tonight) Yeah... so sorry about the false start on the ranting, here we go again. OH, and I guess before I get going I should go ahead and post a link to show my support for my AL team the Boston Red Sox... if for no other reason than they are the noble rival opposition to the soul-less-ness of the Yank-me's. So here it is, the running diary of the BoSox fans and the Yankees fans... Ok, so false start number two... one more and I'll be DQed, so I beter get serious about it now. So here goes! Ranting: Day two; Take 3...

By now you people whould have a pretty firm grasp on the concept that for me and my baseball, IT'S NOT JUST A GAME! For me it's a WAY OF LIFE. More than one person made the mistake of calling it "just a game" last night, and I'm telling you now, I'm not having it! I am puting those fools on probation. You're on shaky ground! Don't make me insult your mother and kick you! I'll do it! I will!

Next topic: My DVD player is broken, and I'm too broke to get it fixed or buy a new one, and with my movie-crazed-ness, you know this is another thing that is not good for my long-term mood. That's all I've got on that topic... just pisses me off.

Next topic: People who insist on talking politics in impertinent modes of conversation, IM is one example of this, talking politics over booze is another... People continually do this to me, despite my warnings that these efforts are fruitless because when computer IMing or alcohol is involved, it is pretty much guaranteed that nobody is going to change anybody's opinion, so stop wasting your, and what is infinitely worse, MY time. You just end up pissing me off, and as we all know, that's not a good thing.

Next topic: This isn't so much a rant as a survey of the faithful, Since Kirsten and I came up with the idea for our show, and since one of our first guests would be our favourite sports writer Mr. Bill Simmons, I'm thinking of getting in touch with Bill, and asking him to be a member on the blog... he could have his own rants... OH HOW GLORIOUS IT WOULD BE! Imagine! Now odds are that this would never come to fruition, but still, a girl can dream, can't she? For those of you who don't know about Bill Simmons, he's a sports writer for ESPN Magazine, ESPN Page 2, and The Jimmy Kimmel Show. I'll even make it easy on you kids... Click here and read up! Get to know the genius of Bill Simmons. (I can make recommendations of some of my personal favorite articles if you want to read only a few to get the idea, but they are all DAMN FUNNY)

Next topic: There are two people who have particularly gotten on my last nerve lately, (and since I don't talk to Lauren any more, we can safely rule her out,) but here's the thing, Ive invested some time into cultivating these friendships, so I don't think it's fair to either of these people, or to me, to just cut them out f my life. And the last nerve thing might have less to do with them, and more to do with the fact that I've been a total grumpalumpagus lately. Actually, I should rephrase, one person has irritated me for far longer than I've been a grump, but this is the person I'm more interested in staying friends with. The other person has really only ramped up the irritation factor since my grumpy mood has set in, but there was definitely an element of irritation present before as well... So, what's a girl to do? Ignore them until the mood improves? Ignore them altogether? Some other approach? C'mon people, a little help here?

Ok, well, I suppose that'll do it for now... I'm done venting for the time being, so here's your quote of the day.

5.13.04 -
There needs to be a website with lots of breakdancing footage! I could watch it for hours! ~A very bored Dave at work. (it should be noted that THIS is what Dave came up with...)

Day 5 of ignoring Rachel

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

In response to the lovely Jennifer's post, I'll make some additions to my ranting... Ok, she makes a good point ,and I agree that there are 2 kinds of "bandwagon fans" and I will further say in my own defense that I only attacked the bandwagon fans that want my cheese sandwich (for those of you just joining us, please see paragraph 3 of the rant that is 2 posts below the current text) namely those who said they wanted a cheese sandwich all along... That said, I will say quite clearly that I harbor no feelings of ill will to those who acquire a new-found appreciation for the fine sport of baseball (or any other sport for that matter) because athletic competition is a joy to behold, and the fact that one is only recently coming to appreciate is both a happy and sad event; happy because you've finally come around, and sad because it took you so long! But I'm more than willing to accept the new fans who express a genuine interest in learning all about a new topic, especially one as wonderful as Cubs baseball. (As long as you're not trying to pretend that you knew it all along) My issue is with those who claim that they have always had a serious interest all along. I'm ok with those folks who are willing to admit they are newcomers to the game... The fact is that right now the jury is still out on you kids, but if you make good on your word, you won't be a bandwagon fan forever, it's just a temporary status until the passage of time and the acquisition of knowledge has made you a genuine diehard. The gear will eventually become soiled in the heat of competition, worn with pride after big wins, and after particularly gruesome defeats, lived in for days on end. I have nothing against the new fans who are genuine in their appreciation, but until you have an acceptable knowledge of the game, and you have spent acceptable amounts of time watching games and listening to radio broadcasts, just admit that you originally had spaghetti-os... Those of us who originally had cheese sandwiches know we had cheese sandwiches, and we can pick out almost everybody who actually had the spaghetti-os to begin with. God bless the new-found fans on their quest to becoming die-hards!

On an unrelated note, here's something that will provide you with some momentary entertainment... Find your ideal job! Post in the comment area what you're gonna be when you grow up!
I'm afraid now...very afraid. please someone tell me that Liz won't rant like this if i have a boy over and he accidentally leaves the toliet seat up and then she falls in it at night when peeing while still asleep. Oh wait, yeah that would be a good reason to rant and rave. I'll let you go on that one.

As for these bandwagon fans, I'd like to make a distinction: There are two types, one the type of person you mentioned, and then two the type of fan I am. I moved to a new area...never knowing the joy a cubs game or any baseball game could bring to one's life. Growing up in the "we have no baseball team but we have a huge muth fuk'n bat" metropolis of kentuckiana I had no clue what baseball, beer, crazy fans, and hard bleacher seats could do for a girl. I'll be honest, i know shit about baseball...but my softball team won the sectionals once when i was like 11. I'm learning and it will take time for me to get snot stains on my cubs baseball tee (that yeah i got cause it was cute and i had only lived here for two weeks) from cryin soo hard that my nose is running because Woods arm is not making it and your husband is out for the game. BUT a girl has to start somewhere...albeit on a bandwagon maybe or maybe its just a new leaf, a new side of life i didnt even know existed. So for all the new to baseball fans out there like myself, I must stand up and ask for you to have pity on our poor souls. Everyone has to start somewhere and hell who wants to eat spag-o if they could have a cheese sandwhich (spag-o often have funky canned meat in them, and honey i ain't down with that)

Ok darlin. thats all i have to say about that. Smile. I'll let you borrow my umbrella. and its raining so thats nice of me..yeah that should make you smile.
OK, FINE... I've been driven to it... It's time for me to vent. I NEED A FUCKING JOB! I love my mother dearly, but the fact of the matter is that her daily calls that check on the jobless-status are not at all helpful. I know she's calling because she cares, and she loves me, and she wants me to find something that will pay my rent and not be too unbearable, but in the meantime I have to cope with the loaded silence every day after I tell her I'm looking for something but that the job market sucks. I'm not yet a college graduate, so I can't get any job that requires a degree, I can't get a job in foodservice because nearly all of them require experience, and I don't have any of that. I don't have a car, so I can't get a job that says a car is required, I only have like 6 months of retail experience, so people don't want me for that either, I've got 6 months in an office as an administrative assistant, but people want more than that... so basically I've got 2 years behind a desk at the gym that are good for nothing, and 6 years on a lifeguard stand that aren't good for much else. I love my mom more than anything, as all of you know, but if she asks me about the job search one more time, I'm gonna have to put the smack down. I will talk to her for hours about anything else, but being jobless doesn't agree with me, and having it brought up on a regular basis doesn't put me in a better mood.

Furthermore, as I write this, Kerry Wood was taken out of the game after 2 innings because of a sore arm, which is never a good thing... especially considering we don't have Prior at the moment. And so of course we're getting beaten by the Dodgers...(Final score Dodgers 7, Cubs 3) Weaver is still an ugly mo-fo, and that's all I've got to say about that. But on a related note, I will say that LA is (in my humble opinion) a soul-less puddle of urine, and the Lakers are much like the Yankees... Utterly unrespectable because they BUY their titles instead of working hard to get them. And I don't want to hear all that "well they're in a bigger market, so they have a larger fan base, and therefore bigger budgets at their disposal" because that is BULLSHIT. Those teams (Lakers / Yankees) buy titles by obtaining championship-quality established players from other teams! When was the last time that you heard of the Yankees developing some talent and bringing people up out of their farm teams?? HUH? YOU DON'T! WHY? BECAUSE THEY BUY THEIR TITLES WITH THE GOOD PLAYERS FROM OTHER TEAMS! The Lakers are the same damn way... and there really is no denying it especially considering the aquisitions made at the begining of the regular season this year. And I don't care to debate it with any of you, because we all know that as a sports purist debating the logistics of those two teams would just piss me off... so unless you're IMing me to tell me you're on my side, I don't want to hear it. If you insist on saying something in support of the Yankees or the Lakers despite my warnings, I will just call you a soul-less idiot who knows nothing about the true joy of competitive sport, and then I'll insult your mother and kick you.

On a similar, though tangential note I hate the bandwagon fans... ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO SAY THEY AREN'T BANDWAGON FANS! Basically, if you didn't follow the team you say you support a minimum of AT LEAST 4 to 5 years BEFORE THEY GOT HOT, (didn't attend a game, didn't consistently listen to games on the radio, or watch them on TV for at least 4 to 5 years prior to an awesome season) then you are a bandwagon fan. And please, don't call yourself a fan at all if you can't intelligently discuss the sport... for example, I can't intelligently discuss rugby, or lacrosse, and I know I can't keep pace with the genuine hockey fans, despite having a little interest, and having been to a few games in my day. Similarly, I would appreciate you kids knowing your sports limitations. The reason I'm irritated by the bandwagon fans is pretty much the same reason that older siblings get irritated with younger siblings... Allow me to elaborate on this simile... When you are an older sibling, your younger siblings look to you to see what's cool. For example, you decided you wanted a cheese sandwich for lunch, now despite having just cooked up some spaghettio-s for your younger sibling, they decide that they want a cheese sandwich too... they don't want the spaghettio-s that they told you they wanted like 5 damn minutes ago. So you give them a cheese sandwich. This might not seem like such a big deal, but when done 4,000,000 times over the course of time by one person (As by a sibling) or done by 4,000,000 people all at one time (like the bandwagon fans,) it bothers those who had it first... especially when those newcommers claim that it was their original idea all along. Now I'm not going to lie, I know I did this to my older brother (And Scoot, I gotta say, I'm sorry about that bro,) and I know my little sister does it to me, so I assume that this is not an isolated thing. In this scenario, I'm the older sibling, and the Cubs are MY CHEESE SANDWICH!!! But here's the thing, we diehard fans, we know our shit, and we have our gear, (gear we've had for years, gear that we've cried on in the defeats, and we've gotten blood and sweat on when we wore them to our own competitive events.) We've attended games, we've spent hours listening to and watching game broadcasts, wigging out over horrible calls, bad plays, and stupid decisions, (See Grady Little in the ALCS 2003). We jump up and down with screams of elation when our team makes a huge play or wins a big game, and we roll on the floor in the agony of defeat when we don't win. We do this because we have suffered the shitty years to get here. The bandwagoners don't understand the depth of emotion that a team can incite. They don't get this because they haven't been around for the lows, so the highs don't seem as high.
Jesus, I'm rambling...

So anyway, I've also been irritated by people who think that since it's baseball season that baseball is my life. DAMMIT THERE ARE OTHER THINGS! (Albeit, they are insignificant, in comparison, but still) I appreciate a little diversity in my conversations as much as the next person. So don't lead off with a platitude about baseball, or sports in general... and if you don't give a damn about baseball, or in other seasons any other sport, please spare me, because I guarantee I'm sitting at my computer reading your message thinking "God what an idiot... how long do I have to talk to this person before I can make up a polite excuse for leaving?" Since I know my audience here, I know that there are a few of you out there who are thinking "Jeez, is she talking about me? I hope she doesn't mean me!" Well if that's the case, then yes, it probably is you. But for real kids, I don't want anyone to get their feelings hurt... these are just my rantings, and considering that I've been in a really pissed off mood lately, I'm a bit more abrasive than usual so don't take it to heart... If I don't want to talk, I'll tell you.

I think that's enough of a rant for the time being, so with all of that out of my system, I'll leave you kids with the quote of the day;

5.12.04 -

Liz: I didn't even know you were here.
Anthony: Yep, I'm here... wait, when am I not here?
Liz: Good point.

Side note: Day 4 of not talking to Rachel.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Well there are a few people who have expressed concern over my last entry... I would like to note that none of those who have expressed concern are the people who have showed concern over irritating me are actually the people who are irritating me... in other words, the people who are worried that its them, and have said so to me... it's not them.

All that said, I'm gonna give a shoutout to my contributors (for assorted reasons)
Shoutout to Dave; because poor Dave has some issues with the ladies. (For those of you who are very concerned about all of this, you can see his elaboration on the topic by going to his blog which is under the Introducing Dave... Yes my Dave link) But we still love him because he's a terriffic fellow.
Shoutout to Jennie; because my dear sweet Jennie worries about whether or not I think she's whining about various assorted things. But she has yet to irritate me, and most of it I wouldn't even classify as whining, oh and she did call me a mo fo this morning... which I thought was hilarous!
Shoutout to Beth; because she's got finals this week, and she's all stressed out.
Oh, and I'll issue a quick shoutout to three other people who I've invited to be contributors, but I've not heard back from them...
Shoutout to Alana; because she's seeing about getting me a job, and she's going to have a rockin time in Las Vegas
Shoutout to Kim; because she got her eyebrow pierced, and she will feel the wrath of the family when they see it, even though it looks good on her.
Shoutout to Kirstienne; because she is a rockin girl who knows what she wants and she knows how to get it... (Gettin it from the neighbor boy is all good!) She is a super pimpstress if ever there was one, and we need to get her back up in the windy city!

Yesterday I saw Bob Ross painting on tv... (Yeah, the white guy with the afro, who paints "happy little trees" and "happy little streams") and today I tuned in to the same channel at the same time, and I get some other person painting... that's not cool! I mean can they do that to me? OH, and don't pretend like you don't like Bob Ross... EVERYBODY likes Bob Ross... it's just so soothing to listen to him and watch him paint a happy little scene... Too bad he's dead.

Ok, time to go cook up some lunch action. (You kids behave yourselves while I'm gone!)
Ok ... Welcome back to the fun time happy hour. While today was rather uneventful, I will say this I think that there are a few kids out there who are working overtime on trying to irritate the ol' Lizzle... like for real, I mean some of you are working really hard at irritating me. I'm not naming any names or anything, but among other things, there's snot and whining, and boys, involved.

Fortunately I have found out that my Alana is recovering nicely from her illness (just in time for her trip to Vegas) and that she's going to talk to her aunt and uncle about getting me a job! This is also fortunate because I talked to Ben today and found out that things didn't pan out with the HR dept. (Thanks for trying Ben... I appreciate it)

I can't really think of a whole lot else to say, because like I said, I'm just irritated, and today was otherwise uneventful. If any of you kids have any ideas as to why I'm so irritable the last couple days, (And NO it's not the obvious reason... I ought to know) and if you have any suggestions for my to rid myself of the irritation, those are welcomed as well. So without further ado, here's your quote of the day...

5.11.04 -
"We're practicing for next month." ~ Erin explaining why she and Emily were napping in the same room in spite of still having separate bedrooms.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Well kids, you'd have to be blind, totally stupid, and/or have some kind of short-term memory disorder to not notice that Liz's Fun Time Happy Hour has gotten a brand-spankin-new look! I hope you like it (I know I like it a LOT!) I'm not gonna lie, I had some help making it all special and spectacular! (Good ol' Dave!) I'm glad to see that some of you are taking me up on my offer of blog-membership! I look forward to seeing your postings! If you weren't invited to be a blog member, don't get your feelings hurt, just let me know you're interested and I'll see what I can do... You can either shoot me an IM or leave it in the comments area... I do still encourage commenting, even from those of you who are members! Please let me know what you think of the new look.

Jennie and I are getting things moving on the new apartment, and I think Ben is doing his darndest to get me a job. (no word from Alana on her connections, but maybe she is too) In the meantime I've been painting like a fool, looking at job listings, making calls, putting together a resume, and being a lazy bum with the time that I should be spending at work.

There is a bit of a conflict over QOTD for today... I've never actually written down all the rules that govern what can and can't be QOTD, but I assure you that there are some rules, and I stick to them most of the time. (as the loyal readers know there are some exceptions) But anyway, the conflict on today's QOTD centers on the whole "how I got a hold of it" issue, so I guess I'll put up today's quotes like this:

Official: (Because I actually got it directly from her in conversation)
5.10.04 -
I'm an anger parfait right now! ~Kirstienne "The Admiral" McLinden

Unofficial: (Because it appeared in a friend's profile, and it wasn't sent to me in a conversational context)
5.10.04 -
Finals are like boys . . . they're hard to understand, they're easy to cheat on, some are harder than others, they put pressure on you to perform well, they were created to make our lives hell, you can work for hours and still get no satisfaction, some take longer to finish than others, you still feel like shit the next morning, some arent as big as you expect, if youre drunk when you do them it doesnt hurt so bad, and when its all over you will either have a big smile or a big frown on your face!! ~From Beth's profile, as sent from her friend Meghan

Sunday, May 09, 2004

I do so enjoy this little quip from C's profile that I'm going to in a very pirate-like fashion take it and post it here for all of you to see... Since I know so many of you kids in the great state of Kentucky, and since Mark seems to think that Evansville Indiana is Kentucky...

"Sure, girls from New York, they are tough. And girls from Georgia are sweet. But those born and bred fiesty Kentucky girls, they are the ones you have to look out for. We have sugar and fire in our blood. We can ride a horse, throw a left hook, and tell you the entire UK line-up all while making sweet tea. And if we have an opinion, you get to know it. We're both the pride and the downfall of the bluegrass."

Speaking of the Kentucky girls, Kim sent me what is quite possibly one of the funniest example of photo-editing I've ever seen... but then again I'm a Cubs fan, so I love Dusty.... Scroll down and see all the funny shit people come up with!
Yeah kids, I invited some of you to be members... which means you can put stuff on my blog... As you can see Dave has already taken me up on the offer.
:) Long story short, Liz gave me access to her Blog...a mistake? We'll see. In the meantime, Hi!

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Well kids, I didn't make it out to the Schaum because my dear sweet 'Lana-mama has fallen ill... And we do hope she has a very speedy recovery. So since I didn't go to the Schaum, I elected to stay in this evening and get some work done on my painting, and whatnot. And so during the course of my work I got to talk to Dave... and I had to repremand him for his shameful drunken behavior, but once again my conversations with Dave have yielded today's quote of the day.

5.8.04 -
HEY! There's pretzel in my pocket! ~Dave
(Dave had drunkenly purchased a pretzel about an hour earlier)

And in case I go out to the Schaum for Saturday, which it possible, but not necessarily probable, I'm going to go ahead and post the QOTD for Sunday as well...

5.9.04 -
(Dave ended up buying a sub for a girl who was "a little off"... so without further ado)
Dave: I was outwitted by a retard... don't tell anyone
Liz: ok... a little good karma for you
Dave: I'm not sure that counts... being that i lined up a date with her next week...we're going to go helmet shopping

(Oh, and kids, here's the thing, when you say "Don't tell anyone!" or "That's not going to be quote of the day, is it?" it generally WILL be quote of the day... you kids should know by now that nothing is sacred, and if it's THAT embarrassing, I'll take your name off of it, but it will still be QOTD!)

Friday, May 07, 2004

New posting for Friday... hmmm.... Well Friends is over, and I know more than one person who shed a tear during the final episode (although I was not one of them, I was very sad to see it end). So after Friends and ER, I talked to momma, like I always do... and then gave Dave a call (as per his request.) Dave and I talked for over three hours about just about anything you can think of... well not ANYTHING... We didn't talk about marshmallows, or the star-spangled banner, or girraffes or anything... but we did talk about robots, tree-beating, apartment hunting, family and work nonsense... so that covers a lot. But that was three hours well spent if you ask me! It's unfortunate that Dave lives in Baltimore... (Stupid Orioles.) Yeah... So out of that I think I got the QOTD.

5.7.04 -
"Well, let's see, Liz... You're smart, you like sports, you like batting cages... Yeah, I'm thinkin there's a good shot at you being a lesbian."

(Dave obviously has no clue... but we do so love him!)

Another friend sent me this lovely webpage... and strictly from a satirical standpoint, it's quite amusing. I would like to take this opportunity to note that I didn't create this webpage, and the views expressed in the link are solely those of the people who authored the page... I just think the satire of the whole thing, and a couple of the captions by some of the pictures are just hilarious...
While this wasn't quite side-bar quality, it'll get a temporary mention until I get comments calling me a racist asshole... (obviously those people don't know me).

Oh, and speaking of the sidebar, I hope you all have noticed that I took the time to restore the commenting and the links on the sidebar, as my VERY FEW loyal blog readers know, I had issues the other day, and those magically disappeared, WHICH SUCKED! But I've made a couple changes and a couple additions, so I hope you like what I've done with the place!

Well, I'll need to be getting to bed shortly, so that I can get up in time to pack a bag and make it to the Schaum for at least part of my weekend! (HUZZAH!) I will get a great big dose of alcohol, and fun times with Alana, so that means that come Sunday night/ Monday there are going to be stories on here for you kids! (I can already tell you're waiting on pins & needles!) Gnite kids... Don't work too hard!
Oh, and on a note totally unrelated to anything else I've posted recently, I think it should be mentioned that I now know of at least 7 people who won VIP Parties just for coming to my party! Congrats to all you kids... See, it pays to know me! And I hope we keep the pace up and continue to party for free all summer long!

Oh, and on another totally unrelated note... If Rachel names her dog Wrigley, I'm going to vomit and then never talk to her again... personally, I'm thinking Wicket.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Well kids, yesterday was awesome... Jennifer found a great new place with a lot of character, and we're really excited about it! We looked at a lot of places and we were totally torn between 2, and then we looked at the last three... two of which were not bad, but for what the guy was asking... he must be kidding himself! The third one in that group was the one that made it into the finals and eliminated one of the previous two contenders... so we were once again at an impasse and totally torn between 2 apartments, we slept on it and the lovely little number on Winona (just off the Argyle stop) was the one we ended up with... So, HOORAY! I've got someplace to live next month (and for the next year!!!!) Yesterday, I also got to go to the Cubs game, which unfortunately didn't go quite as we might had hoped, but today's game certainly made up for that. (And I did hit Ben on the nose with a peanut from two rows away... which quite honestly couldn't have been a more perfect shot.) And I got to see my lovely husband pitch... (SIGH) And he did such a good job! (Totally redeeming his earlier performances) So after the game, we all went to Cullen's, which as you all know, meant we felt right at home as we drowned our post-game sorrows. And that wrapped up a great day. So it's about time to go and watch the big Friends Finale, so with that, I think I'll wrap this nonsense up. So you kids go out and have fun, Behave yourselves! (Tomorrow I'll be out in the Schaum, so if the QOTD isn't up right away, never fear, I'll put it up shortly after my return!)
5.6.04 -
Lizzle, Can we go swimming? The only reason I want to go swimming is because I got a new bra! ~ Alana wanting to go swimming (in Lake Michigan which is roughly 50 degrees.)

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

OK... So I tried to give the old blog a new look, and in the meantime, I've screwed up my blog and lost all my links and whatnot that used to be on here... Please have a little patience, and I'll get them back on here as soon as I can! Please take this opportunity to suggest new links that I should include in the time-waster/entertainment section!
Since I've got the space, I'm now going to include conversational excerpts in the QOTD... it's hard to do that in the IM profile because of space constraints.

5.5.04 -

(Today's QOTD should be prefaced with the knowledge that Alana's sister went out and got her a metallic green vibrator... which we think is hilarious!)

Liz: we gotta find you a gay sugar daddy
Alana: woohoo thats perfecto
Liz: I know! We just need some guy who wants a marriage of convenience... as kind of a straight guy front, but then you get home and he doesn't want it from you ... That's our mission
Alana: yeah thats perfecto! Plus I have a vibrator now, so I dont need a man (haha I'm totally kidding.)
Liz: HA HA
Alana: its still in the box!
Liz: yeah, your box!

Yeah, so today's quote is a little raunched-out, and I did quote myself (which is generally a violation of the rules), but when I have gems like this one, they need to be known to many people! I am still upset that more people weren't around for the Astronaut comment... that one was a gem if ever I had one! (The few of you who do know about it are free to use it, as long as I get my dues... even if it's just you telling me about it later on!)

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

5.4.04 -
"You wanna know how many parking tickets I've got?" ~Emily just randomly volunteering that she had 4 parking tickets ... that girl needs to learn to park legally!

Monday, May 03, 2004

Jennie: I think we need a pool boy!
Liz: I think we'd need a pool for that ... how about a porch boy?
Jennie: Well as long as we don't call anybody a porch-monkey, I think we're OK.
Liz: Yeah, I think that would be a good idea.
Jennie: I don't really care... I just want the boy!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Yeah, so we spent all afternoon looking for new digs, and we had a good time doing it! We walked a lot, and we walked some more, but we made a lot of appointments, and we burned some calories... and let's face it we saw a kitchen with a COOL paint job, so now we know what that looks like for future reference. All in all, it was a productive day. I also somehow managed to rip my favorite jeans not once, but twice... which was fun. When you round it out with pizza and fruit snacks it's pretty tough to beat that kind of afternoon.

Based on this afternoon's activities, I have determined that southern Indiana is it's own separate little country, and that it's inhabitants speak a very distinct language, and think on a certain wavelength....and when the citizens of that wonderful nation find each other outside the natural boundaries of hoosier-dom, there is an unspoken bond that is just SO COOL.

Based on this unspoken bond, J and I have come to the conclusion that we're going to have some really amusing movie nights and such... We're just a couple of down-home hoosier girls and it's gonna be a good time. (Oh life!)

Well, it's almost 10, so you know what that means, it's about time for the latest installment of the sunday night sex show... and I won't miss a minute of that, so I'll wrap this up! Gnite kiddies!
5.2.04 -
"Wow! I can't believe it, I almost put up 'The Shocker!'" ~Janey and her inappropriate hand gestures!

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Here's a quick quiz for you kids who want to kill an extra couple of minutes...

How Would YOU Take Over the World?

As you can plainly see I would give everyone fuzzy bunnies, and before you know it I'll be runnin' the show! (I do expect those of you who take the quiz to let me know how you did by posting your results in the comment area!)
Well things didn't pan out quite like we'd hoped for the men's volleyball team, but they still get a shoutout for putting together an exciting season, and I have no doubt that next year will prove even more successful! I hope you guys have a tremendous summer. Enjoy your time off boys, you earned it!! I do expect a cursory "we're goin' out" phone call from a couple of you now that you don't have to worry about practice in the morning!

On an unrealted note, it should be said that I'm now aware of 3 people who won VIP Parties at Hi-Tops for attending my party... that just goes to show all you kids who were too cool to make it to my party just how bad you missed out! So there will be another fine party on May 15, and another on 29th. (I look forward to seeing you all in attendance, maybe you'll get lucky this time around!) If we keep this up, we'll be partying for free all summer long!!!

So this weekend will yeild another trip into the wonderful world of apartment and job hunting. Me and the Jen-meister are still seeking some delicious digs, and I still need to find a super summer source of income.

Oh and since this is the entry where it all begins, it should be noted that as of May 1 we welcome Liz's Quote of the day to the blog! I think to keep things simple we should just keep the QOTD at the end of every day's entry... and on the days that I don't post, I'll either double up on the day before, or the day after, or if I think about it I'll just post it in advance... so that'll give you kids another reason to read the blog and comment as necessary! (And just so we are clear, quote of the might not always be an exact quotation, but if it is a little off, just know that it was in the same spirit as the original quotes... and if you're misquoted* feel free to let me know!) (*Misquoted doesn't mean that the quote was taken out of context, misquoted means I got the words altogether wrong... taking things out of context is what makes them funny half the thime) So with all of that said, I'll go ahead and leave you kids with the first official QOTD done Blog-style!

5.1.04 -
"Yeah so I've decided I want to randomly get into a fight with somebody and challenge them to a dance-off!"~Kirstienne "The Admiral" McLinden