Sunday, April 05, 2009

Exciting news!!!

Well, kids, I think I have a home!

I've been looking for the last few weeks and had found a place that I kind of liked the looks of right off the bat. The thing is that they were always closed when I was able to make time to go check out the actual living space. So I went back this Saturday, and of course they were closed again, (because who goes looking for an apartment on a Saturday?) so I called the office and left a message saying I wanted to set up a time to see an apartment.

While I was either at church or having lunch with some of my dago family members, the property manager called and left a message saying she'd be around today. (SERIOUSLY, who is closed on Saturday when the ad says they should be open, and then around on Sunday when the ad says they are closed? Is that not weird, or am I just loony tunes?) So I went and took a look, and unlike all the other ones I'd seen, it wasn't ghetto, it wasn't a matchbox, it didn't stink of recent animal inhabitants, it wasn't stupidly set up, it wasn't in a complex that had just made the papers for having a fire, the other residents that I saw walking about didn't terrify me, and the rent was reasonable. And since it had been the first complex that drew my attention when I first arrived and was able to look at complexes in person, I was pleased. What pleased me even more was the fact that I will cut my commute to work from 45 minutes to a measly 15 minutes. This means I can sleep in even later! There is also free wi-fi in the community room, so that means that as soon as I get my retarded-ass computer patched up, I'll be able to post and check in with you guys all the time! (And yes, that also means that the PHC will start up again, and believe me there is a LOT more to tell!)

As excited as I am about all of this, I think I am even more excited by the fact that I will be able to unbox all of my belongings, and have access to my full wardrobe! I'm also really anxiously awaiting the day that I can invite Traci to come down and hang out for the weekend, because I know that homegirl could use a friggin break! And we can go ca-brewing on the Cahaba river! (For those of you not up on your slang, ca-brewing is canoeing with lots of beer.)

I'm just so pumped that I'm not tossing out a boatload of cash to live in someone's walk in closet and call it my apartment. I will have all of my own stuff all around me again, and I don't have to worry about anybody else's plans, or who I've got to worry about offending, or whatever... I'm PUMPED! It's going to rock!

(Don't tell anybody, but I think we're about to witness the comeback of the Lizzle... And that should excite us all! It's been a long time since I've had this much go right for me!)

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