Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Apologies of a misanthrope...

I am miserable.

I think about updating all the time, and then I don't. Part of it is to ensure that I don't drag you through the mud and mire of my misery just to say that I posted something. I don't want to do that to you. I don't want to be that Debbie Downer, because not only is it no fun for me to live in real-time, it's no fun for anyone to read after the fact, and it's not why you come here.

In short, my job makes me hate life, and it finds new and interesting ways to do so on a daily basis. I mean I love the people I work with, but there is a lot to hate aside from that, and I'm not one to whine over something stupid like not having my own staple remover, or having to borrow someone else's scissors.

There is good news though. There is a change in the wind. A big change.

You see, my friends, I'm looking at putting my nomadic lifestyle behind me... I'm looking at buying myself a house. I know, I know... It's crazy talk for the Lizzle to speak of settling down in one place for long, and in the politically conservative south, no less! I never thought it would happen either. Mind you I'm not pregnant, nor even romantically attached enough to get pregnant, and it might be really stupid of me to go looking for a house when I hate my job as much as I do, but jobs will come and go, and I am fed up with dumping rent to pay someone else's mortgage payment and having nothing to show for it but walls I'm not allowed to paint.

Mom says I can get a puppy too! (Any she's right, and that excites me, because I've wanted a puppy for a long time.) But we're going to take things one step at a time. Because there are other things up in the air at this point, and I don't want to get in over my head... But the times are kind of exciting, though with house hunting, and other issues that drag me out of town on the weekend I am busy with things other than posting. I know that's not an excuse, because it only takes a few minutes to provide an update, but in saving for a down payment on a house, I'm not paying for internet at my apartment, so I have to leave and go elsewhere to post updates and that's a hassle, but I promise to make more of an effort to keep you updated.


I really will try harder!

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