Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why are the weekends so short when the weeks are so long?

So I got back from my little mini-vacation. Upon getting home I dove right back into the pile of work that heaped up while I was away. Then I ran errands and attended my cousin's wedding over the weekend... Since then it's been work, work, work, and preparing for another weekend getaway, this time for the annual family reunion.

Post reunion it will be another week of work followed by another trip out of town, this time for the Admiral's son's 1st birthday party. Of course, this conflicts with my plans to spend that particular weekend watching the Walking Dead marathon... Thank goodness we live in the digital age, complete with modern conveniences like DVR!

I still have yet to complete the promised updates on the other blog, and such, but I will get to them sooner or later.

Just letting you know that things are fine and that you are still my little turtle turds!

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bun(s) said...

You fell out of rhythm on this here blog. I was wondering if you found some gent to coo your soothing words to them while they rock in a hammock, breeze gently blowing, southern tea in hand...

You have to tell stories about the family reunion, like you have in past years. No, I'm not a stalker, I just like your style.

Enjoy your trip