Friday, November 03, 2006

The happy book...

Back when I was in college I decided to start writing a book, though it was more of an extensive leather-bound list than an actual "book."

It was called the happy book.

The concept behind it was that I carried around what was essentially a blank journal (with a nifty cover) that I used to list the things that made me happy. And being the social butterfly that I was in my college days, I opened the happy book up to contributions from my friends. In the spirit of the happy book, and seeing as I've been quite a grump lately, I'm going to try and change my energy and come up with a list of many things that make me happy just off the top of my head. (Most of these are probably in the book, but the book is not currently available for reference so this is just an odd jumble.) And like the original list, I'm opening it up to outside contributions, so feel free to list as few or as many things that make you happy in the comments! (With the exception of the top three, the rest are in no particular order.)

  1. My momma.
  2. My friends.
  3. Knowing that I am a Cubs fan, even if the actual baseball part has caused me to be very sad in recent years. (Likely a continuing trend, seeing what's going on at the moment.)
  4. Puppies.
  5. Kittens.
  6. Baby Pinguins! (Yes, that is how I say it, so that's how I'm gonna spell it.)
  7. Long nights of "confessional drinking."
  8. A good pair of sweatpants. (Strictly for lounging at home purposes.)
  9. Dancing to extremely cheesy music without regard for how I might look to others.
  10. Thunder storms.
  11. Sunshine on my face.
  12. Crunching fall leaves under my feet as I walk.
  13. That perfect fall weather when it's cool enough for a sweater or a light jacket, but not so cold you need a coat.
  14. Slow dancing.
  15. Driving on an open road on a sunny day.
  16. Camping.
  17. The beach.
  18. Genuine compliments.
  19. Playing in the rain.
  20. Curling up with a good book.
  21. My bed.
  22. Shopping at the art supply store.
  23. Gentle breezes.
  24. Working in the jewelry lab.
  25. Riding a horse.
  26. Air conditioning on those supremely hot days.
  27. Laughing so hard it gets hard to breathe.
  28. March Madness.
  29. Visiting with old friends who you haven't seen in a LONG TIME and finding that nothing has changed.
  30. Watching little kids play.
  31. My nephews.
  32. My sisters.
  33. (Occasionally,) hanging out with my brother also makes me happy.
  34. Seeing a really great music act do a live performance.
  35. Hanging out with someone for hours and having that feeling like it's only been mere minutes.
  36. Singing along to the radio in the car and not worring about how bad I might sound.
  37. People watching.
  38. Seeing my friends succeed.
  39. Playing cards with my friends.
  40. Engaging in random acts of kindness.
  41. Good sushi. (Crappy sushi can really ruin an otherwise good day!)
  42. Boys. (They are also known to ruin many perfectly good days.)
  43. Perfectly ripe fresh fruit.
  44. A really good stretch.
  45. Baby feet.
  46. Looking for pictures in the clouds.
  47. That feeling of accomplishment I get when I finish a big project.
  48. Getting flowers.
  49. Watching fireworks.
  50. Visiting art museums.
Okay, that's fifty... Now it's your turn! Like I said, it can be ANYTHING, as long as it makes you happy. Go wild!

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