Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Don't you dare...

I know that many of you have probably lost all hope that I will ever post something interesting ever again... Don't lose hope.

And don't for one second think that I've forgotten that we're still in the middle of the poop house saga.

I still have a poop house post that I've been working on. It gets a new paragraph every now and then and then I have to put it down for a little while. I find that the more time I have between me and the actual events the better, and I am less willing to really delve into the worst parts. Unfortunately, there are no "good" parts, and we are really getting into the meat and potatoes of the beating heart in the epic tale.

I did recently find myself thinking about another of my clients today, one of my juvenile mentoring kids... A tragic story too, but even though my service time with her and with the poop house family overlapped, I'm going to limit this to one horrific story at a time, because I no longer have the personal desire or wherewithal to rehash things all at once. And I don't want anyone confusing the details of one case with another.

Basically, even though I had to deal with it all at once, you're not being paid to deal with it, so I won't put that burden on you.

(It's also much easier to drag my tales out and wait for someone to offer me a lucrative book deal if I'm telling things one case at a time.)

So what I'm really saying here is for you not to lose hope. Don't think that I've forgotten about you. I haven't. You'll get the whole story in due time. (In truth, I spend much of the time when my computer is cooperative doing research and planning for my upcoming relocation.)

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