Monday, January 26, 2009

Can I just have a nap?

The weekend was not as relaxing as I'd have liked.

I knew that doing the ghetto-fix using tape or plastic sheeting of any kind simply wasn't going to cut it when it came to closing my car window. And I knew this because I work in an area that's kind of run down, and well, ghetto, so bitches would think nothing of just busting through that shit.

So I got up on Saturday and decided that I was going to try my hand at a real solution. So I did a little googling, and I searched for a screwdriver, and out I went. And then I turned into a total bull-dyke for a couple of hours and I fixed that shit myself.

Yes, that's right, I took the door panel off and fixed that window and put the door panel back on all by my lonesome.

I then decided that all I wanted to do was go in and watch some reruns of "House" and call it a night... but Ollie had other plans. He called me up and requested that I accompany him to the gay bar. And by "requested" I mean demanded, and by "gay bar" I mean tragic leather daddy dive bar.

"Ollie! I can't go to the gay bar! I've been WAAAAY too dykey today!"

"You're going."

"No, I need to save the money! I fixed my car myself. I fixed it myself instead of taking it to a mechanic because I need to save the money!"

"Well, see you need to celebrate that you fixed it yourself... BY GOING TO THE BAR!"

"I CAN'T! I can't spend the money!"

"You're going. I don't care if I have to drag your dykey ass out of the house in sweats, you're going to the bar."

"NOOOO! I have to go try on bridesmaid dresses in the morning... That will most likely be plenty painful without the added pains of a hangover!"

"Oh that's funny, I still don't care. You have one hour. Get dressed."


"You're going. We're done talking."


"See you in an hour."

"I hate you."

So I went. And I laughed. And I drank. And I danced. And I laughed and drank on the dance floor. I admit that I had fun... But there was a price to pay, and it was exacted on me the folowing morning.

I woke up with a wretched hangover!

And while all the other bridesmaids were all giggly and chipper over lunch, I was sullen and salty as I clutched a large glass of water while praying that I could keep some of it down.

We went. We tried on dresses. We ended up with an interesting green number, and I nearly beat some bridal shop girls down with mannequin arms, because it is ridiculous to ask 6 bridesmaids to use ONE fitting room when they have an appointment, and you knew they were coming.

I then went with The Admiral for a little "hair of the dog."

In retrospect, I should've gone home for a nap.

I didn't get home until 11, I didn't get to bed until 1. Which is a problem when you've gotta be up at 6.

I just need a nap.


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