Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Going nowhere fast...

When I first came up with the idea to relocate to the South, the original concept resonated with me so much that when I talked to my cousin, it was "THE SOONER THE BETTER! GET ME OUTTA HERE!" But things have changed somewhat. After some money was spent on car repairs, and other unforeseen expenses, it has become pretty clear that I've got to get some finances in order before picking up the stakes and rollin' to the other side of the Mason-Dixon... Which is really tough to do on a crappy retail pay scale. So I'm still working on planning the logistics of the move, because it's really tough to find an apartment in a city 9 hours from where you currently live. Sure you can look at online listings, but the pictures that people post on the apartment search websites can deceive you into thinking a roach motel is a palatial estate. "We have in unit washer dryer hookups, hardwood floors throughout, OH, and you're conveniently next door to a very lovely crack house!" None of that shows up in the pictures that they put up. It's an interesting endeavor to be sure.

And when you're saving all that you can to afford the move, planning a trip to another time zone and another region of the country is an expensive notion that seems a little out of the question for the time being. So I'm cooling my heels and waiting for my bank balance to tell me it's ok to start thinking about this in concrete terms.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still eager to get this thing nailed down and over with, but without the help of some ridiculously wealthy benefactor, I'm going to be spending my days biting my tongue and busting my ass in the retail world... Unless any of you want to contribute to my cause! (In which case I will totally sing your praises as I hightail it outta here, and you know me, I'm not one to mooch off you guys, which should tell you how big this is to me!)

In other news, despite my better judgement, I went to a job interview here in Ohio the other day, thinking that if things worked out, I could at least spend a few weeks earning a check while not being ridiculed behind a cash register, or maybe put in for a transfer if I learned that was a possibility... Turns out it was another one of those bullshit "group interview" gigs where some dude yammers on for an hour while never actually saying anything, and then hooking a few of the dumber sons of bitches with talk of an unreasonably large paycheck, but not once ever mentioning what you needed to do to get it... My momma didn't raise a fool. My ass walked out while others remained seated around the table, and I again had the notion that some of them were folks planted to talk the idiots into sticking around and wasting their time and energy on some pyramid scheme or craptastic sales job where you spend all day pounding the pavement for someone else's benefit, or cold calling people for ten bucks an hour. Either way, not for me! I just thought you should know.

The poop house post has been delayed, but it is about half-way completed... I don't know when it'll actually be up, and I could give you a date, but I don't want to lie to you.

Much love, bitches!

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