Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So you asked for pictures of my project... Here we go.

This is a view of the steps leading down to my back door... See that horrid paneling? Yeah, that was the first thing that absolutely had to go.

Here's the main spread of cabinets. They were awful, but simple enough in design that I figured that something could still be done with them... Oh, and see that horrendous formica backsplash? Yeah, that had to go too.

TA-DA! A little blood, sweat, and a day or two later, that shit is toast!

Oh, fear not, I ripped out the continuation of both paneling and nasty backsplash on the other side of the kitchen too!

What was that? You said you want to know what was under the paneling? And you're laying even money on the option that it was commercially adhered to a mega-high-gloss fire engine red paint? DING DING DING, WE HAVE A WINNER!

And with that, the demolition work was complete... (This is roughly when the fire happened so we had a five month hiatus in the process...) Once all the other restoration work was complete, that kitchen looked extra raggedy by comparison, but the contractor did make sure that the walls were sanded flat, primed, and painted... But that was really the least of my worries. There was still plenty to do, and that wall paint would need some touch-ups before all of this was said and done anyway. So I proceeded to take the cabinet doors off the hinges, scrubbed those bad boys down, used wood filler to fill the holes from the old hardware, pre-drilled new holes for the new hardware... Then I sanded out the worst ridges in the doors, and on the frames, de-glossed them all over, primed them, painted them, re-hung them... did minor touch-up work, and BIBBITY-BOBBITY-BOO!

This is what you get!

Get ready, because here's where you find out for just a couple hundred bucks, and a lot of personal patience, BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!

Sink and dishwasher area:

Lower cabinets and new floor:

Fridge and bar station area:

Down the back steps to the back door:

And the main spread of cabinets near the stove and sink:

And with that, I patted myself on the back, because THAT--my friends, is what a job well done looks like.


bun(s) said...

Sweeeet. Love that color of blue, sky blue, sea blue, powder blue, whatever shade it is.

Like the cabinets and flooring. Good work Lizzle! Looks right nice, be proud :-)

Lizzle said...

It's actually a sea-glassy green. It's called rainwater by Martha Stewart.

(The powdery blue is in the living room.)