Wednesday, April 04, 2012

New toys...

So, I got myself a new toy.

It hangs out in my garage, but it's not a new car.

It runs on gas, but it's not a new lawn mower, weed whacker, or chain saw.

It's this little beauty:

Isn't it pretty? And to boot, it's pretty badass! I've already made kebabs, pork chops, chicken, rotisserie cooked pork tenderloin with a homemade sauce. And while charcoal lends a certain flavor that gas can't deliver, I'll exchange that for the convenience of being able to just get this beauty fired up, cook, and put it away before the neighbors even have the coals heated... And it does offer a smoking tray for wood chips so I can get that smokiness if I want.

I was amazed to find that when I was cooking up some oven-roasted asparagus that just the roasting time for the veggies took longer than every part of the meat cooking process combined.

So, for the remainder of my spring and summer, if you can't find me around mealtime, I'm probably out in the driveway playing with the grill!


bun(s) said...

Classic Weber Genesis. I have a two burner that is probably 8 years old and it's still kicking out some amazing meat. I've looked at new models but I don't like how the burners line up from front-to-back rather than side-to-side.

Enjoy the convenience! Nothing like a nice, pink, juicy piece of meat!

Lizzle said...

Apparently the redesign running the burners from front to back took three years to perfect, but it improves on the amount of indirect heat space if you're cooking low and slow. I got the upgraded model with the three standard burners, the sear burner, and the additional side burner built into the table, too... I can already tell it's going to be a long and happy relationship!