Wednesday, May 02, 2012

No rest for the wicked... Still.

(This post will be entirely in third person. Get used to it, or get over it. The choice is yours.)

Ok, so since we last checked in on the Lizzle, she was bitching about something trivial like changes to the blogger dashboard. She has since gotten over it, though she is still not a fan...

She is still not finished with the large project for her real job, though the boss is pretty much convinced that she can walk on water, so he is willing to wait until she is damn good and ready to submit the final product.

In the meantime, she has busied herself with other far more trivial projects for the boss, largely because the smaller projects are far more amusing for her to undertake, and have the added benefit of playing into her unique skill set... These projects include but are not limited to: room design consultation for a home office, furniture shopping for said home office, assembling bookshelves, painting walls, and rolling her eyes rather cavalierly as the boss rambles on about something before offering her own opinion rather than being a "yes-man" to the guy that signs the paychecks... And all at her regular pay rate! Awesome, Possum!

On the home front, she has installed a new door lock on the patio door, removed the old raggedy looking house numbers and installed shiny, pretty, new numbers in a new more prominent location, selected paint and carpet for the basement guest room area, selected paint for the exterior doors, bought new weather stripping and door sweeps to be installed after the doors are painted, pressure washed the driveway, expanded the herb garden, purchased a wine fridge, purchased and hung new accessories in the kitchen and breakfast rooms, cleared stored items out of the basement guest room area in preparation for new carpet and paint, patched basement walls in preparation for the paint, and all the while, she has managed to keep up with basic lawn care, daily meal preparation, and all of the boss' random requests, and submit a loving tribute to her college employer who is receiving a very special honor this weekend.

Basically, Lizzle has been a busy bee. You'll have to forgive her for not posting more. Clearly, there is a lot on her plate.

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bun(s) said...

Damn. I wish I could rememeber all that I've done. I guess there's not much to remember. I did go on a cruise along the Dalmation coast. Lovely. The Seabourn Odyssey was simply top-shelf. I recommend to anyone remotely considering it.

Congrats on your homefront. We've many projects to do also and not started a narry. I'll revel in your awesomeness whilst I chew on some more catnip.