Friday, April 18, 2008

Adventures in idiocy...

So I tried to get pictures up for you all as soon as possible...

I also tried to e-mail the pictures to those who participated in the trip... Herein lies the problem. When I tried to e-mail the pictures, my idiot computer decided to convert every file in the folder to something which essentially can't be opened by most any program.

This SUCKS... A LOT.

However, I am almost always ready for this particular kind of disaster. And luckily in this case I was ready for anything!

I saved all the pictures to my jump drive, and left them on my camera, rather than deleting all in one fell swoop as I normally do... In case you couldn't tell, I had something invested in these pictures and wanted to be sure that they were safely stored in multiple places in the event of just such a crisis.

So I do still have the pictures, in various forms, and you will see them eventually, but it will take me some time to figure out how to get them all sent along via e-mail without messing them up before I'm confident enough to go messing with them on blogger. (I don't want to accidentally jack up my remaining copies!)

Give me until Saturday or Sunday... I'll tackle this bitch yet!

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