Wednesday, December 13, 2006

[Grumble, grumble...]

So I went to see yet another staffing company. And I did yet another round of the same old interview and paperwork routine... And then I spent the next two and a half hours doing software testing.

I mention this important bit only so that I can say this...

I HATE software testing. Software testing BLOWS.

And since I know my way around computer software, I had to take seven, count them SE-VEN tests to prove that I actually knew what I was doing and wasn't just checking boxes randomly. Seriously, there are only so many original questions one could ask about certain programs... but when you get to the 45th question on the Excel test and they are asking you how to make the text in a cell BOLD, you secretly want to punch in the monitor, if only so that you will have a piece of glass sharp enough to filet your wrists quickly and get it over with. And trust me when I tell you that after a little while your eyes do glaze over, and you just pray that the last question will come. And when it finally does, you rejoice... until you realize that you still have 4 more tests to complete. That's when the "secret" desire to punch the monitor goes public. But instead of taking a break between tests, you plug on, because to take a break means you have to sit in that weird little room that much longer, or even worse, you'd have to go back in and do the rest another day. Perish the thought!

Check in later. I'll try to put up those pictures I've talked so much about.

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