Saturday, December 30, 2006

A soft buzz...

I spent last night at my oldest sister's house, consorting with my two older sisters, watching movies and collectively being our particular brand of obnoxious... (We enjoy each other's company so much speceifically because we all understand this acid-tongued version of family fun.) And after spending the morning watching my nephews, I came back to a load of laundry, a little packing, a few phone calls, (including talking to momma for a little while,) some dinner, and a few beers while watching some sports highlights... All in all, a pleasant 24 hour period. Certainly the most light hearted overall day I've had in a while.

And now as I sit here with a soft buzz, and the packing for tomorrow evening's trip home looming, I just want to have another beer and prolong the feeling. Seriously.

No... Really.

Like A LOT.

I have nothing else to really report, so I suppose I will just write up those quotes I have been continually promising you.


Becky: "Hey Tyler... (my 4 year old nephew) What are these?" (Referring to cashews)
Tyler: "Mommy, those are moon peanuts."

Becky: "Hey Tyler, what's that?" (Referring to orange wedges with the peel still on)
Tyler: "Mommy... That's a juicy orange with the package on!"
Becky: "That's opposed to the baby mandarins we have at home, which are baby oranges with the package off."

Dad: "Damn... I'm sore from bowling."

(To understand the next bit, it should be noted that my dad has a deep passion for ALL things historical, with a special focus on WWII.)
[While watching "Pirates of the Caribbean II]
Patsy (My stepmom): "Bill do you want to watch this anymore?"
Dad: "Uhh... No."
Kim: "Well maybe if it were 'Nazis of the Caribbean...' You think that might interest him more?"

Random guy while shopping: "Hey how are you doing?"
Becky: "I'm infectious, how are you?"

[Christmas Eve, after "bedtime" while the parents were still up.]
Patsy:What are you doing up here?
Liz: "Sorry... I'm not trying to peek, but I really had to pee... and I didn't want anyone coming to wake me in the morning and thinking I had wet the bed solely due to Christmas glee."

[After I was essentially mauled by a guy who wanted to make out on the dance floor when I went out with my sisters]
Liz: "Whoa... What the hell was that?"
Kim: "That was a great white shark attack... It happens. They circle, looking for prey, and then when they find you off guard they go in for the kill."
Liz: "Was he even cute? I didn't even get a look at his face."
Kim: "Yeah, you were lucky. He was alright."

Running quote, issued from several sources: "Santa told me to tell you to go to hell!"

[A couple of years ago, after my dad had set up a nativity scene on the front lawn, someone stole the baby Jesus]
(Dec. 27: Dad was hell bent on getting the Christmas decorations down)
Dad: "Let's get these reindeer up in the attic."
Jessica: "Dad, why are we taking this all down so soon?"
Dad: "I just don't want to do it later."
Liz: "I think the real reason is that you don't want your precious reindeer to go the way of baby Jesus... And I don't mean that they will eventually be crucified."
Dad: "You're a smartass... But you're right."

Liz: "Jessica, what is dad doing?"
Jessica: "He's in the chair."
Liz: [laughing] "Well, I asked you what he was doing, not where he was, but your answer really does cover all the bases doesn't it."
Jessica: "Yeah... I'm pretty sure he has the history channel on."
Liz: "See, that was kind of a given."

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