Monday, January 01, 2007

Hey 2006, I've got two words for you...


We all know that 2006 was NOT the year of the Lizzle. CLEARLY.

It didn't finish well either. My trip home from my holiday down south was a delayed and then seriously turbulent flight, and an absolutely ridiculous wait down at baggage services while it took literally an hour and a half for the luggage from my flight to hit a baggage carousel. Nevermind that my luggage was temporarily "misplaced" (read: the dumbasses lost my bag) on my flight down there in the first place... And how that happens on a direct flight is beyond me.

I didn't do anything fancy to celebrate the new year. Largely because the old year has pretty much broken my will in addition to my bank account. Other than having an excuse to drink and see my friends, I had no real desire to do much of anything other than flipping the last page on my calendar and saying 2006 can kiss my f-ing grits. And so I rang in 2007 by doing the dishes, a couple of loads of laundry, changing the sheets on my bed, and drinking a chocolate martini while sitting in a bubble bath.

All I can say is that I hope you hot bitches know what you're talking about when you say that this is going to be the year of the lizzle, because although I don't know that things could get a whole lot worse, I have learned not to tempt the fates by saying it's an impossibility. (Usually as soon as you make that statement, the other shoe drops and you find yourself in an even lower circle of hell... Speaking only from my experience here... If this past year has taught me anything then chief among the lessons amassed is to never rule out the worst case scenario, lest you find yourself there in a big hurry.)

In any case, stay hot and I promise to continue to love you all in the new year.

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