Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Picture Pages: Christmas Edition

Ok, so I know I am a little behind on this, but here are the pictures from my holiday vacation... We'll lead off with my sister Becky celebrating her divorce with hearty chuckle and a windex. (That blue cocktail.)

Seriously fellas, look at that sweet ass!

Well we caught this guy lookin' at that sweet ass... And if you must know, he voluntarily shoved his cell phone in his mouth... We have yet to figure out why.

But then again, I guess some chicks dig that kind of thing.

Like a lot...

Kimberly is totally uninterested.

And although he didn't join us on our evening adventure, Cole showed up the next morning to ... well, Cole can always be counted on for some kind of comic relief. (We here at the happy hour would like to say that we hope Cole feels better soon, and that he recovers quickly from his appendicitis.)

And now it's Christmas morning! (Cody is Santa's little helper!)

Tyler is all smiles when you are busy giving him presents.

Cody is damn near swallowed up with the wrapping paper and gift pile.

I LOVE this picture of Cody... He's having so much fun. (Oh and that's a Spiderman sticker on his forehead... Courtesy of his big brother.)

He loves playing with his grandpa!

Meanwhile Grandma is in the kitchen, looking like she's TOASTED. (This is totally next year's Christmas card when coupled with the caption, "This is what happens when you celebrate Christmas with a cheap bottle of White Zinfandel!")

Tyler got one of those fishing games that we all had as kids... And of course we had to try it out!

Cody would like it to be known that he thoroughly enjoys "moon peanuts" a.k.a. cashews.

Sorry that's all I've got for you kids... I'm too depressed to really write much as a direct result of a certain football game which shall never be spoken of again. EVER.

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