Monday, January 08, 2007


Remember that last time when I mentioned that I was in a serious funk, and I ended up moving my bed? Well one of the things about moving your bed out to the middle of a room instead of having it shoved in the corner means that unless you're planning on putting an otherwise unnecessary dust ruffle on it, people could easily see what's underneath it... And since I was moving the bed in an effort to change my energy and thus change my fortunes, I threw away all the boxes I had saved from my previous moves. So now I have to think about packing up all my crap, and I have no boxes. DAMMIT.

I tried getting boxes from my local grocery store, but they apparently get money for recycling them or some shit so they don't give them away. CRAP. (And when I was taking those boxes down to the dumpster, something in the back of my mind said, "You're going to need these someday, and you won't have them!") My determination to stick around then has screwed me now.

I have nothing new or interesting to report, but I just remembered that I still haven't posted my pictures from my holiday trip... I'll do that later, so check back and be sure to refresh the page!!

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