Monday, January 15, 2007

It's setting in...

As I fill the boxes and tape them closed, it's really starting to set in that I'm leaving. Don't ask me why, but it wasn't until Saturday that I even told Anthony of my decision. I just really didn't want to disseminate the news to anybody, not even one of my best friends apparently. But once I blurted it out I wondered why I had waited to tell him. He was incredibly understanding, and assured me that I was making the right decision. (We're getting together Tuesday.)

The naked walls, the empty shelves, and the neatly folded drapes resting on top of a stack of boxes collectively scare me. (I hate naked walls. REALLY. A LOT. So much in fact that as soon as I move into a place and mentally figure out the placement of the large furnishings, I hang pictures... And then I unpack and assemble things. The walls come first. But I've begun taking the pictures down and it makes me uneasy.)

I don't know what else to report... It's a quiet little life I have going on right now. Other than hand wrapping the glasses and emptying the closets, there is nothing going on. Have a good day, eggs!

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