Friday, March 28, 2008


Ok, so as you are all aware, I recently had what can only be classified as a really ridiculous weekend of intoxication.

While getting to see my college roommate/best friend, and watching the NCAA mens basketball tournament opening weekend all at the same time, served up with copious amounts of alcohol was intoxicating on its own, we added another dimension of fun...

[Enter the drinking costumes:]

To directly quote my introduction to the concept, which was e-mailed to me roughly a week before the actual event, "how do you feel about drinking costumes? because Tricia and I are big on them, and trust me, you may think there's nothing better than drinking, but just mull over this concept for a minute: Drinking while wearing a funny hat. I'm just throwing it out there, because one of my best drinking experiences EVER took place in room 114 at the Red Roof Inn in Canton, OH, and Tricia wore a brown paper bag with eye-holes poked in it and a necktie while drinking a 40. I wore a dress and a winter hat with furry ear flaps."

Needless to say, I am not one to take that kind of challenge lightly, so I took the idea and ran with it.

After Kirsten arrived and we drank A LOT on Friday night, we slept in a little bit on Saturday, but our first stop of the day was a local costume shop known as the Nick-Nackery. Kirsten insisted we go there based solely on the name of the institution. (She had no idea what she was in for!)

The store itself is something of a haphazardly assembled crap-hatchery. (But it is totally endearing in its own kitschy way!) And since it is stocked to the rafters with some of the most bizarre and ridiculous stuff, there is nothing there which is not worth loving.

The basic premise going in was that little (if anything) was to match, and that the more over the top and wild, the better. So that's how it went.

Kirsten purchased a bagged set "Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe," an Uncle Sam beard, and a stuffed parrot to perch on her shoulder.

I purchased a gold sultan/genie hat (complete with beads and purple feathers) and a plastic chest (complete with leather straps and nipple rings.)

As far as being ridiculous goes, we think we got the job done... look at the pictures to make your own assessment... And before you ask, YES, WE DID GO OUT IN PUBLIC IN THESE.

Momma went for a rather sedate look with a sequined hat and sparkly glasses.

You know you're jealous of my 6-pack abs! (And I only had to pay 10 bucks for them, instead of spending all that time and money on a gym membership!)

Kirsten is out to solve the mystery of where that alcohol needs to go...

Admittedly, the beard was a little itchy, so this look was deemed sufficient for the night.

Mom just had to know what it was like to have nipple rings...

Traci, rather surprisingly, had all this stuff at her house already... A star spangled bandanna, cheesy sunglasses, a lasso, the top half of a bridesmaid's dress, a giant belt buckle, camo pants (and a Mr. Rodgers sweater to be seen shortly.)

Ahhhhh.... There it is!

While we're being ridiculous in the comforts of home, why not assume a curious pose...

While out at the bar, Mr. Watson (Kirsten's parrot) needed a smoke.

Mr. Watson was strangely the only one photographed in public, though numerous bar patrons and the entire staff can attest that we were all there in full regalia.

The staff of Taco Bell can also attest to our public display of awesomeness and willingness to humiliate ourselves for the sake of greater amusement!

After a little sleep, a home cooked meal by momma, and more basketball, we opted for a more sedate night in... But with really great accessories to top things off!

Removing all encumbrances, it's time to get down to business!

And it's not a real weekend of debauchery until someone gets hurt... I dropped a wine bottle, obliterated a wine glass, and put a hole in my hand.

But when you're rounding out the night with a glass of Menage a Trois, it's been a good run even with injuries included.

That's how we roll...

Please don't neglect the new textual post below!

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