Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's officially a national holiday!!!

Ok, maybe not for everyone else, but for March Madness nuts such as myself, today is the start of something that tops Christmas in my book. (Seriously, this is what gets me through the winter months!)

To top it off, Kirsten will be here in little more than 36 hours. This makes March Madness just that much more awesome.

Basically, I am so giddy, I'm ready to soil myself, and every spare moment will be spent checking the live scoreboards for updates if a TV is not available.

Brenda, in response to your question, I'll be in Vegas in about a month. And it will be GLORIOUS.

As far as plans for the weekend go, you know the basic gist of things if you've read the lengthy post below, but in an effort to illustrate the bigger picture, I'll let you in on a conversation I had with my uncle earlier today. I called and left my uncle a message inviting him to come out for copious amounts of adult beverages and basketball viewing, and he called back with this:

Liz: Hello?
Uncle: You're a woman after my own heart, and you're going to make some man VERY VERY happy someday if you continue calling and leaving messages like that!
Liz: From your lips to god's ears!
Uncle: So basketball and beer, is there a more perfect combination in all of creation?
Liz: No. No there really isn't... And we plan to have our fill of both if you're available to join us.
Uncle: You've got a friend coming into town, you say?
Liz: Yes, and she and I are both of the belief that this weekend should be spent focused on the important things in life; those being sports and alcohol.
Uncle: Well, your aunt is taking off with your cousin on Saturday morning for spring break... Your other cousin is possibly coming home from college at some point this weekend, so I've got some loose ends out there, but once some things are nailed down a little bit more firmly, I'll let you know when I'm available... But seeing as I believe that the first few days of the tournament should be considered national holidays, or at least work-optional paid days off, you can bet that I will be in touch.
Liz: Marvelous... And keep in mind, we're mobile. If you can't come to the party, if you've got beer, the party can come to you!
Uncle: Your parents did such a good job raising you!

And here's a long overdue QOTD:

Traci: "Oh, I might have to bail on you on Friday night... But we'll get together for drinking costumes at some point this weekend."
Liz: "You're bailing on plans with me on a key weekend... There's got to be a reason... Booty call?"
Traci: (Nods)
Liz: "Go on and get yours girl!"
Traci: "I knew you wouldn't be upset... If there was ever anyone who would understand it's you."
Liz: "Hey, I get so little action these days I'm all for promoting it in others just so I know that it still goes on. So make me proud, and go out there and get you some!"
Traci: "Oh I intend to. And I'd have gone even if I didn't have your approval, but I feel better about it knowing that you do approve."

And another QOTD just for good measure:

(I had Traci and Addi over for drinks)
Liz: "Can I offer you an adult beverage?"
Addi: "What have you got?"
Liz: "Well, plenty of mixers, and plenty of vodka... I don't drink gin, so whatever you want will have to be vodka-based."
Addi: "I don't know..."
Traci: "How about a cosmo?"
Addi: "What's in that?"
Liz: "Citrus vodka, triple sec, cranberry and lime juice."
Addi: "Hmmm..."
Liz: "I'm not going to force you into anything, but like I said, it needs to be vodka based because I don't drink vodka...
Traci and Addi: (GASP!)
Liz: "I meant gin... I meant gin! I don't drink gin!"
Addi: "You said you don't drink vodka... I think a fairy just died!"

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