Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Breathe heavy...

No this is not a hot and heavy tale... Get that out of your filthy mind!

I don't know why I deemed this worthy of a post, but I just got to thinking about a girl I knew in college.

She was very cute and had a long-term boyfriend whom she broke up with midway through college, and after that point she seemed to have no trouble finding guys to date... But there was one small problem... Actually, if you ask me, it was a big problem.



It was often difficult for me to hold a conversation with her, because standing or sitting within three feet of her meant suffering the death breath. It really was quite toxic. And to make matters worse, she seemed to be terminally suffering from nasal congestion which made her a mouth-breather. ICK!

In the days when I would see her on a regular basis, I often contemplated whether or not to bring this up... Trying to balance the fact that she might not even be aware of it with trying not to hurt her feelings... You know how it goes.

I know I would want someone to tell me if my breath stunk more than the most raunchy gaseous emissions of my ass, if only so that I could do something about it... I mean yeah, it would be really embarrassing for someone to tell you that, but in the end it's really for your own good.

I never did say anything to her... I just carried an ample supply of gum.

Your thoughts?

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