Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I am so boring...

I want to begin by issuing preemptive apologies.

The fact is, I am so boring right now.

Wait... That first sentence is pretty much how Britney should have opened her performance last night.

I'm not going to delve into the pop-culture commentary though. I'll leave that to the pros. Especially considering they've made just about every joke which can be made about it at this point. But really... Who greenlit that one? And where can I get some of what they were smoking? This was one of those occasions where I was glad that I didn't have cable, so I didn't pay for that performance, and when I did catch it on D-listed, I was grateful that I hadn't wasted any portion of my Sunday on that trainwreck of a show (opened by the trainwreck of all trainwrecks!)

Back to my own boredom.

I went to that little get together on Friday night, and aside from grabbing the ass of a cute fire fighter, (at his request,) it was nothing special.

Other than that, I spent my weekend essentially recharging the ol' batteries by doing a lot of sleeping, some necessary cleaning, and very little else. (I've seriously astounded myself with my sleeping abilities lately... Seriously, I'm awesome at it!)

In work related news, I recently closed one of my most miserable-to-deal-with cases. I still have another one that is horrendously bad, and that one is most likely not closing any time soon. (They are lifers, and the only way I'm getting out of that case is to transfer it once I get to the point where I can't handle it anymore and have to get out for the sake of my sanity.) But when it came to closing the other afforementioned case and when talking to other people around the office, they asked about my case load, I mentioned that I closed this particular case, and the reaction was universally the same. They'd burst out cheering and say, "God, I bet you're relieved!" I'd reply with, "You didn't even have it, and you're cheering... Why? Because you always had that dread in the back of your mind, thinking, 'OH JESUS, they could transfer that case and they could force it on me!' Or at least that's something I'd have been thinking in your position." The response was usually, "Yeah, you pretty much nailed it."

So we were all happy to see them go.

Like I said, I'm horrendously boring right now. This post has benefited absolutely no one in absolutely no way, and we are all slightly dumber and more boring for having suffered through it. Once again, apologies.


Kelly: "Hey, have you ever been there to eat?"
Liz: "Where?"
Kelly: "Charlie's Mongolian Barbecue."
Liz: "No, why? Is it good? I don't usually go to Mongolian barbecue restaurants in buildings which very closely resemble barns."
Kelly: "Yeah, it's pretty good... Well, I mean kinda... Pretty much everybody I've ever talked to who has been there has ended up with a nasty case of the runs."
Liz: "Kelly, forgive me if I don't run out to Charlie's right now, largely because I don't consider that to be the most resounding endorsement."
Kelly: "Well, it's pretty good going in... It's coming out where you run into problems."
Liz: "Yeah, I can just hear the radio commercial now! 'CHARLIE'S MONGOLIAN BARBECUE! COME FOR THE SPRING ROLLS, STAY FOR THE DYSENTERY!"

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