Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Leave the bloggin' to the Emo kids...

I know I don't post nearly as regularly as I should. I don't post with the quality that I was once known for. But I'm holding the the idea that now that I'm at my current job, and I can't make much of my work day public knowledge, despite the fact that I am amassing a HUGE cache of quality bar room stories, on a personal level, I'm becoming boring. I'd like to say that there was more to it than that, but there really doesn't seem to be.

I've noticed that many of my favorite bloggers have been posting less and less. Some have quit the business altogether. I haven't updated my sidebar in forever, and a few of those links are deader than Jack Kennedy. It's a disturbing trend.

No, I don't intend to quit blogging, but I'm trying to work out a way that I can let you in on the interesting points of my life without violating any kind of confidentiality contract. I have also noted that I've just gotten lazy. I've got tons of pictures that I keep intending to post, but just haven't because it just seems like too much of a hassle to go get my camera, download all the pictures to the computer, edit them as needed, and then upload them one at a time to ensure some kind of remotely plausible timeline in a post. It just tires me to think about it.

I have also noted the disturbing trend of bloggers who were once prolific posters, suddenly settling themselves into stable relationships and BAM the posting numbers start to tank. Furthermore, the quality of the posts began to wane because they seem to care more about the quality time with their significant others rather than the reading pleasure of their readership! (What a bunch of selfish assholes!) I, selflessly as ever, have remained terminally single, but have just started to suck. And please don't take offense if you recognize yourself in any of this, or if by taking offense you intend to step up your game, then by all means, IT'S YOU! YOU NEED TO GET BACK ON IT, BECAUSE WE'RE TIRED OF YOUR LAME ANTICS!

And while we're on the topic, if you're going to go into hiding, making your blog all private and such, you need to let a sister know! Because some of my favorite blogs are suddenly out of reach because I haven't warranted an invitation in some CRAZY oversight! I mean I respect your right to keep certain things private, and to grant and deny access to the masses, but I feel the snub when I've been reading your stuff from the word go, and all of a sudden, probably for lack of recent commenting activity on my part, now I can't get my regular fix of your saga. That's like a TV network saying, "Hey, we know you've gotten really hooked on this great show over the course of time, but we thought about it, and since you never provided us with some kind of commercial revenue, we're going to take it to a premium channel, and you can't buy it, you've got to have an invitation to receive it... Sorry about your bad luck... We're going to keep putting out this awesome product, but we're tired of your freeloding ass!"

And as far as commenting goes, yeah, I've been freeloading lately. Totally and completely my fault on that one! I mean yeah, I've still been lurking about, reading the blogs I have access to, but no, I'm not commenting on everything the way I used to. Since I know that bothers some of you, I have also not complained about the lack of commenting here... What's good for the goose is good for the gander, so I have no right to demand comments from places where I don't comment all that frequently. I know it's a give and take thing.

So I am content to leave the daily posting to the gossip bloggers and those folks who follow politics or the Britney Spears train wreck a little too closely. One of these days, I'll stage my comeback, and you'll wonder how it was possible that I could have ever sucked this badly... But by then I'll be a champion archive editor, and these posts won't exist in their current form, so there!

If you want daily posting, go talk to that D-bag John Mayer, or some emo kid. I'm going to retain a little bit of my writing integrity and not compose a 673 post dissertation on WHY John Mayer is a D-bag...

Vacation is coming up soon though... So maybe the batteries will be recharged after that!

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