Thursday, July 17, 2008

The awesomeness continues!

Here's an update:

I still don't work at that hell hole anymore.

It still feels awesome.

I got the scuttlebutt from one of my friends who does still work there, and she told me something that made my blood boil, and also made me even more elated that I no longer work there.

Here's the story:

A friend/co-worker in that dump had a very sudden and very severe stroke several months ago at the young age of 38. As a direct result she took an unpaid medical leave... Now let's not even get into the fact that TWO DAYS after the stroke, someone from our office called and told her husband, (even as she lay partially paralyzed in the hospital bed) that she needed to return her work phone because they couldn't just have her making personal calls all willy-nilly... (But they called her on her personal cell to tell her this... The logic is baffling!) So after months of rehabilitation, her doctor just approved her to come back to work. She is still walking with the aid of a cane, and not 100%, but she's wanting to get back into the swing of things... So she comes into the office and talks to someone about getting cases again. They tell her that's not going to work. Because despite the fact that she had taken an unpaid medical leave, and continued using her medical benefits from the job, they told her that if she wanted to start working again, she would have to REAPPLY! Now as if this alone wasn't humiliating enough, they made her sit and fill out an application in the office, like she's some brand new hire... And please keep in mind that this is an establishment which tears through workers so fast that the turnover rate is astoundingly high, even for a social work setting, and as a result they are CONSTANTLY in search of people to take cases! And they did it in spite of the fact that she's been an employee ACTIVELY using her health coverage while on an UNPAID MEDICAL LEAVE for having a FUCKING STROKE! Now correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't the whole point of a LEAVE OF ABSENCE to hold your position so that you have a job to go back to when you're done? If she's smart she'll file a lawsuit, but considering she's going back to that shit at all after they called to have her return her phone, and then forced her to go through the reapplication process, I don't think she will... But if it was me, you can bet I'd sue the pants off those fuckers.

Well, I'll just continue to sit and laugh my ass off for all the sorry suckers who still work there as I pack all of my worldly possessions into boxes and haul those boxes to Ohio! And I'll keep laughing no matter what job I get there, because ANYTHING is better than that bullshit!

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