Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't get your panties in a bunch!

I know that my posting here has been intermittent at best lately, but while quitting my job has afforded me some much needed time for me, (as well as improving my outlook on life overall,) my time has been spent packing my life into boxes in preparation for the big move!

Yes, that's right, Lizzle the nomad has returned once again! (But this time I'm genuinely happy about it!)

I will be picking my truck up on Tuesday, packing it Tuesday evening and with any luck I'll be on the road on Wednesday. After what is sure to be a long day of doing the final cleaning and a lot of driving, I will get to unload everything once again into the Admiral's house so that it stays safe while I look for work that doesn't involve poop shoes, scabies, lice, or welfare cases! All of my crap might get to take a break, but I certainly won't! Because no sooner than I arrive, I will be turning around and driving back to Indiana for the legendary annual family reunion! After which I'll spend roughly a week in Ohio, and then drive up to Chicago for Turkey and Murda's wedding extravaganza! (I will be escorted to the festivities by my spectacular gay boyfriend, Anthony.)

I'll get to run around for a few days in the city I so dearly loved and lost, and then I'll really set to the task of getting to know my new urban environment and hopefully finding regular work in a reasonable amount of time, at which point I'll move again, but let's not worry about crossing that bridge until we get there.

My point is this; once the dust settles, the posting is sure to become more regular, and considering I'll be living with the Admiral for an undetermined period of time, (and in daily contact with her even once we're not living together) the adventures are sure to be amazing and chronicle-worthy, and if I don't wind up in a coma or in jail, I promise to detail them for you in all their drunken, debaucherous, quotable, madcap, manic glory. This, of course, means the likely return of the notably-absent-of-late "Quote of the day!" But for the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be a REALLY REALLY busy bee!

Promise to miss me while I'm gone, do the dishes, take out the trash, and for god sakes, if you're not going to shower every day at least take a few minutes to freshen up! Oh, and for the love of god, someone give the dog a bath!

Oh, and no loud parties! I'm not coming home to bail you out of jail! The neighbors already think that we're a bunch of loud obnoxious miscreants!

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