Thursday, July 24, 2008

A couple of notes...

First off, I made it here safe and sound... I have really great friends who helped with the loading of the truck, and we all know that the Admiral is my best friend in the world, so her assistance with the unloading was awesome, and considering we're merely two women who have no experience on the professional bodybuilding circuit, I was more than a little impressed with both of us for getting the thing unpacked by ourselves without any assistance from any boys. We also unhitched and re-hitched a car transport trailer, which was an ordeal unto itself, but either way, we got that bitch handled.

The other note is that have done a little tinkering, and removed some of the more superfluous bells and whistles from the site, so that it loads a fair amount faster... I hope this makes you happy, (::Cough, cough, CHRISTIE...::) Actually, the load time has bothered me for a while now, and I've been meaning to fix it, but never really felt so strongly about it to actually get it done until now.

And on one last note, it turns out that I have family that I totally forgot about here in Ohio, and I will totally be bumming a ride with them to the reunion. I am saving myself a lot of miles with that one! (WHEW!)

With that said, I am off to pack my bag for the family reunion, and will be back on Sunday... At which point I will be spending at least some portion of my time looking for a job and taking the most essential items I own out of my MANY MANY assorted boxes and other moving bins and receptacles. At some point I will be back with stories and pictures and love and affection for all of you. Until then, get your chores done, and you can stay up an extra hour before bedtime!

I'll holla at you bitches later!

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