Monday, July 14, 2008

Wait... It gets better?????

Just when I thought today couldn't get any better, my dad called.

Previous entries would make you believe that my dad calling instantly spelled bad news for my otherwise awesome day of liberation. And ordinarily you'd be right in thinking that way... But not today. NOTHING WAS GOING TO RUIN TODAY! NOTHING!

So he starts up conversation under the guise that he's coming to town and wants to get together. That's all well and good, because when he comes to town, he pays for the bar tab, and since alcohol is the only legal substance which facilitates and eases the tensions of me tolerating my father, I suffer his presence for a free night at the bar, and upon departing the bar, I contact all my inappropriate friends for more laughter and merriment without the drudgery of his company.

After a couple minutes of pleasantries, he segued over into more talk of the move... He asked what my decision to move would do to my mother.

"What does your mom think about this? How is she going to deal with it?"

"Dad, mom is fine with it. She's a big girl, she knows that she can call me any time she wants to, she can come and visit as often as her schedule allows, and she knows that I'm an adult and this is what's best for me."

"I imagine this will just destroy your poor mother."

"Well, you imagine wrong... She's fine with it, and in fact encouraging it because she knows I've been miserable here."

That effectively shut him up, though I imagine he'll have more to say when he comes to town... I'm fine with that too, because if he's going to try to guilt me into being miserable in my adult life for the sake of my mother's feelings, (which he should not pretend to know,) then I can guilt him right back by noting that his feigned concern for my mother's well being and feelings is the first time I've ever heard him express any concern for how she might feel in my 26 years on earth... And furthermore, the ploy didn't work because mom is in full support of the whole thing. That ought to piss him off good and proper.

So how does all of this improve my already excellent day? I'm in the mood for a little recap of the awesomeness anyway, so here goes!

Well lets see...

1) I quit that awful job once and for all.

2) Quitting that job allows me the freedom to move out of the festering cesspool of mediocrity known as my hometown in pursuit of greener pastures and higher education.

3) Moving without running it past dad has him so pissed off that he's been mulling it over since the last time we talked, and the best he can come up with to try and alter my course of action is an ineffective guilt trip... So I got to do exactly what I wanted to do all along AND I get to piss off my dad and make him feel impotent at the same time! And stealing dad's thunder by shooting him down like that really was just the icing on the cake!


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