Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting that feeling...

I've been getting that feeling again. You know the one. It's that feeling that I'm turning into a total downer. Today was no exception to the rule either.

I talked to three people today.

First I talked to the mechanic.

The news wasn't good. The original estimate to get Andy patched up and ready to go was about $400. This call was to say, that number was too low because another part was fucked up. Now I was looking more in the region of $600.

I talked to the admiral and to momma about this. They consoled me some.

The mechanic called back.

"Umm, I found out why those other two parts went bad on you... I found out that the part that supplies those parts with energy shorted them out and proceeded to melt... Brace yourself... Because your new total is $811.45 and the car will be ready Friday."

Well, that's just awesome.

Clearly that's how I planned to spend a huge chunk of what little money I had saved up before leaving my old job.

On that same note however, even with this unfortunate news, and my financial ruin, I am still beyond elated that I don't work for those assholes anymore. It's been a month since my last day there, and I still don't feel the slightest tinge of sorrow for leaving that job.

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