Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm pretty sure a little bit of pee came out...

A couple of things threw me for a loop today.

First off, let's keep in mind that my roommate spends a great deal of time at her boyfriend's house. Sometimes days on end. And since my car is in the shop, I can't exactly come and go as I please... I pretty much stay at the house, look for a job, talk to the cat, and watch olympic coverage. The admiral hasn't been home for a couple of days... And by "hasn't been home," I mean that I haven't seen her at all since the 12th and what little contact I've had with her has been in the form of text messages.

So I've gotten pretty good at being alone in the house and going about my business.

The first thing that made me pee a little bit was the one text I got from my missing roommate who apparently knows more about the status of my car than I do. It read, "You almost died. Your car was basically a moving bomb." There is no real room for interpretation in those two blunt sentences. They are both pretty matter of fact. And they state very frankly the possibility and proximity of my untimely demise. That makes me pee a little. And not in a good way, even if I am excited to still be alive.

The second thing that made me pee more than a little, was that after deciding to go to bed, or at least retire to my bedroom to read a book to wind down and round out the day, I was startled by a noise in the house. I'm sitting quietly on my bed in the back of the house, with the cat on the foot of the bed, and a book on my lap and suddenly I hear a very loud windows power-down tune... Knowing that my computer isn't on, and that I'm supposed to be alone in the house, I am quite lucky that I didn't end up with a hershey highway in my pantaloons! I give myself some credit for having that much self control. I am really trying to find a rational excuse, but considering it's like 2AM, and I'm hearing computer noises, and I'm supposed to be alone with the cat, well my mind is racing and I'm in full-on bewildered mode. It really doesn't help that I immensely enjoy the breaks in olympic coverage which happen to coincide with shows about hauntings and the like... (It's my thing. I enjoy that shit. Let it go.) But despite being pretty sure that there's a logical explanation for this, the fleeting thought is there because I believe in that stuff!

A few moments later I hear the windows welcome tones... I look at my computer. Still off. And these noises are loud! I'm really bewildered at this point... (Is this what it feels like to be one of those cotton-headed celebrity hoes? Just totally bewildered all the time? That's gotta suck!)

It's then I realize that the Admiral left her computer on several days ago, and despite the fact that the monitor was in hibernate mode, (so that it mentally registered as off to me) the computer itself was still on, it had done an automatic update requiring a restart and so it shut itself down and rebooted. I'm not going to lie, it scared me... Though "startled" might be the more appropriate word.

And now I leave you with the admiral's boyfriend on a mechanical bull... Because that had me nearly pissing myself with laughter last week... Not because it was necessarily all that hilarious, but because it's pretty damned funny just how bad he is.

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