Monday, August 25, 2008

Snarky asshole for hire...

I have applied for countless jobs over the past few weeks. I am only now starting to see some limited results.

I find it utterly ridiculous that someone with my work experience and prowess for professionalism in a text based application format. And it's not like they are giving me interviews and then turning me down because I made some crass joke about something I thought was innocuous but turned out to be something that my interviewer cared deeply for. I mean how the hell was I supposed to know that interviewer was a Hot Wheels aficionado? Or that other interviewer was really sensitive about use of the term "banana hammock?"

I say these things as hypothetical scenarios because lord knows the responses to my job inquiries has been slower than (insert joke about the mentally handicapped, or George W. Bush, or some other such nonsense) ... Slow. You get the idea. And home skillet needs to start generating some revenue.

Basically, I apply for all the jobs I can find, I play word twist on Facebook, I hang out with the cat, I try to come up with other job finding resources, and I dream of human contact.

I'm sorry if I haven't made it around to your blog lately, but if it isn't salacious celebrity gossip, or a job search site, I've been notably absent... I've even been absent here. Sorry. I just lack any and all motivation to do much other than compulsively check my e-mail hoping that someone has discovered my awesomeness and elects to pay me a vast fortune just to be me!

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