Friday, September 12, 2008

Fueling the fire...

I've been doing whatever I can to get my name where it needs to be in order to obtain work.

I'm not being so obnoxious as to purchase space on a billboard, largely because I can't afford it, but still. I'm trying.

And while I've submitted a ridiculous number of resumes in relation to the number of interviews I've gotten, I think my persistence has bitten me in the ass.

While attempting to contact people who I know, and people who I know by proxy, I think that I've managed to get myself blacklisted at one of my biggest possibilities at employment.

To tell you all the story, I emailed someone who I knew by proxy, (not in a presumptuous way, but merely to put my name into contention,) and that person received my email and noted that he would forward my resume on to someone he knew. Well, the person he sent my resume to sent me an email essentially lecturing me on trying to circumvent standard procedures and the problems of attempting to obtain employment by cronyism. TOTALLY NOT WHAT I WAS SHOOTING FOR!

My problem is that I have no idea how to even respond to this type of reception... I mean of course, I will make every effort to smooth any ruffled feathers by issuing a relatively standard mea culpa, even though I don't think that I am at fault for how things were mistakenly construed. I mean really, how do normal people respond in this situation? Or am I just so awkward that normal people don't get into this kind of mess? HELP!

I mean if we're getting into the real nuts and bolts of impulsive reaction to things, I'm not going to lie, my (less than diplomatic) response to things would have been to basically say "Eff you! DICK!" because his response to me was significantly more asshole-ish than was necessary... But no, I am trying to be nice, so I have to be all ,"Oh, no! I didn't mean to try to get work by any means of cronyism, I am the ass here!" Even though that's totally not the case... I'm sure it doesn't help that I've been drinking profusely. That rarely assists rational thought... (Note I sad RARELY and not NEVER, because there are plenty of examples where drunken ideas have turned out to be totally ingenious. But those times are not relevant in this particular case!

Jesus! I have to wrap this up before I start sounding like a total crazy person... That is, if I haven't crossed that boundary already, which is entirely likely.

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