Sunday, September 21, 2008

I can't think of a real title, so I'll just tell you, my toes are cold!

Yeah, welcome back, I've been milling around, applying for jobs, reading books, baking cookies, and waiting for my prodigal roommate who seldom ventures home.

Basically, I try to find any form of cheap or free amusements to occupy my time and usually that consists of reading my collection of books, (that way when I start getting paychecks I have excuses to buy new ones!) and playing word twist on facebook. It's really exciting stuff, I know!

But seeing as I spend all that time on facebook playing word twist, I click over to the (now entirely too cluttered and contrived) home page and get updates on my friends. I get a lot of the run of the mill updates, seeing people's wedding photos, status updates mentioning vacations, and things like that, but what amuses me the most are the updates and wall posts of my former co-workers. (GOD, I LOVE THOSE UPDATES!) So often the fine folks still sweating it out at my old job just write updates about how they are looking forward to the weekend, or dreading the coming week. I remember those feelings very well, though not very fondly!

The field workers mention how they have been subpoenaed to go to court and testify against a client, dreading meeting with infamously bad clients, (infamously bad clients who other people had to take on once I left, because I was notoriously saddled with the worst of the worst for much of the time I was there) and dreading case conferences and "family team meetings." Meanwhile the office staff airs their gripes about scheduling problems, training new people, dealing with the boss' wife, and other general complaints about their place in the company. And I would feel sorry for them, but the fact is that if they keep in touch with any of us who got the hell out of there, (and many of them do,) they'd know that the unbelievable feeling of liberation is not only incredible, but incredibly long-lasting! It's well worth any risk or trepidation they might encounter with regards to making a swift exit!

With all this in mind, I'm going to refer you back to a post from a couple of months ago... I just re-read it, and it's just as vivid, horrific, and accurate as it was the day I composed it. I'm not referring you back there to garner additional sympathy, because as far as that job goes, I'm out like a trout, but because it mentions something I think I'm ready to talk about. Namely, the "poop house."

I won't get into it in this post, but I told you that if you stuck it out with me, that you'd get to hear the worst of the worst as far as my work related horror stories go. This post is merely to remind, and more likely warn, of what's to come. Like characters in all those adventure stories and movies you've grown to love, you must steel yourself for what lies ahead!

Bring your A-game in the days to come, and if you've got a weak gag reflex, you might want to stay away for a bit. Call this fair warning. You now know what's coming... You just have NO IDEA how ugly it will be!

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