Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dear Traci...

I was having a conversation with my friend Traci about the state of affairs which seems to be our life at the moment. (She also works at my office.) I indicated that after growing up in my hometown, I moved to Chicago for a very distinct reason... I didn't want to be HERE. As you all know, I left Chicago, because I needed the job, and as hard as I was pushing, it just wasn't coming in Chicago. Basically, I'm of the belief that (at least as far as Chicago goes,) if you don't know someone to get a toe in the door, you're pretty well screwed... I am not bitter about this fact, but I am holding true to my belief that is actual FACT.

We talked about our desire to pursue opportunities elsewhere. We talked about how much we feel the need for some kind of change... Be it internally in our office or externally from some more massive change.

And then Traci said it.

She uttered the words which so accurately captured my sentiments about my hometown, my workplace, my life...

"This place is just a festering cesspool of mediocrity."

She gets quote of the month for February. I don't care what else is said, that sentiment was just too perfect a line to encapsulate how I feel about this place to possibly be unseated as the head of the table for February.

I dare you to compete.

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