Monday, February 11, 2008

Nerd post...

Ok, so by the end of this brief post, you're either going to think I'm a total nerd, or you're going to respect my opinion and review of a product, and consider making a purchase for yourself!

Ok, so I'm not one to go totally overboard on self-indulgent purchases, and if I had paid full price for this item, I'm sure I would have felt that it would have been closer to an overly self-indulgent purchase... But seeing as I paid roughly 25% of the retail cost, I thought of it more as a wise investment.

So, about a week ago, my mom called to say that her office had gotten a promotional rate on the latest, fancy, high-end super toothbrush. She said if I wanted to, I could also take advantage of the ridiculously good discount. So I did.

And here's where I turn into a huge nerd.

I gotta tell you, it's more than just a toothbrush! It's this toothbrush. (Go ahead... Go see EXACTLY what we're talking about here... I'll wait.)

Back? GREAT!

So now that you know the specifics of what we're talking about, let me just say, HOLY MOLY!

For those of you who have decided you don't want your mouth to look like that of Amy Winehouse (or the mouth of your favorite neighborhood dumpster-dwelling hobo) at any point in your lifetime, I am guessing that you've probably seen a dentist in the not TOO distant past. And while you're probably not a total masochist and most likely find all the poking and prodding of your dentist and or hygienist pretty unpleasant, I'm guessing that you probably do enjoy that super clean feeling in your mouth when all is said and done. Well, using this contraption, I just gotta tell you that this is like getting that super clean feeling WITHOUT all the poking and prodding.

And while I haven't been back to the dentist since beginning use of this product, I have heard that using it does REDUCE the poking and prodding necessary during dental visits. Reducing the need for someone to inflict pain on you is always a wise investment if you ask me.

If you pay any attention to what a bunch of doctors conducting research have to say on the matter, then making an investment in your dental health now, can save your ass down the road... In more ways than one. So there's always that.

Like I said, it's entirely possible that I am just a huge nerd who is getting WAYYYY too excited about an overpriced toothbrush, but as I see it, I am just a relatively normal person trying to get the word out on something that will improve your life in both the short term AND the long term pictures!

And since you know that I love you, my dear readers, I'm choosing to believe that I'm just looking out for your hot asses! For real.

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