Monday, February 18, 2008

Picture pages!!!!!

Debbie calls all the kiddos in her life her stinkies. I think that is just so perfect a term for all the great little kiddos I have the privilege of calling family... So I'm gonna D-BO the term and show off the adorable little stinkies in my life!

Here's Brandon, rocking his new free t-shirt!

Keegan is a a boy with a healthy appetite. As you can see, he's not one of those "failure to thrive" babies!

Keegan is showing off the dinner which made it on his face, rather than in his mouth!

Nicholas and Olivia play remarkably well with each other.

Olivia was really excited about showing off her static-y hair!

Occasionally Nicholas still picks on his little sis though! (But as you can see, she doesn't really mind!)

Parker just cracks me up!

Olivia wanted to share her pink snowman jammies with the world!!!

While not a member of the stinkies, Cousin Eric started it... It was all downhill from here!

Kim and Olivia got in on the fun!

And they hammed it up for the camera!

Parker was rocking his forehead stamp... He was so proud that he could make it move by wiggling his eyebrows!

And while he's not TECHNICALLY family, he might as well be! Here's little Caden, only hours old at the time, he's now a little more than three months! Can you believe it!

Cody wanted to show off his Halloween costume (though not on Halloween.) As a little monkey, he was soooo excited about pulling his own tail!

And Tyler was rocking his cowboy boots, which really kind of complete the Ninja Turtle ensemble if you as me!

Hey, Cody needed a good tickle!

Cody is rockin' the wellies, while Tyler tells everyone about his gift card!

So that's it, those are my stinkies! (Aren't they just too frickin adorable!?!?)

Now that I've finally taken the time to download all my pictures to my computer, you can expect more picture posts VERY soon! (I'm overdue!)

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