Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A good day.

I have to say that I had a good day today as far as the first day back from vacation can go.

I opened my mailbox to find that not only did my replacement bank card arrive while I was away, I also got word about my "reckless driving" ticket.

I saw the envelope marked "County Prosecutor's Office" and put off opening it. I had monthly reports to turn in, and just really wasn't in the mood, so I left it in my car unopened as I went into the office to get my ass in gear.

Coming out of the office in order to see a client, I had a few extra minutes, so I figured I might as well open it up and find out what the damage was so that I knew just how much of my tax refund to earmark for the fine and diversion program to keep this stupidity off my record... I had a feeling it was going to be several hundred dollars based on earlier calls to inquire about what I was possibly looking at.

Turning my attention to the text before me, I was more than a little shocked with what I encountered. (Aside from the omission of full names, this is a direct transcription of the letter.)

"Dear Reckless Driving Liz, (They used my real name, but c'mon, you know they wanted to say that.)

Today is your lucky day. The officer who cited you for reckless driving has not, and will not be turning your ticket in. This means that you will not have to appear for court, the citation will not appear on, or effect your record, and you will not be responsible for paying a fine. May we suggest that in thanksgiving for this, that you consider slowing down a little. Happy Valentine Day. We appreciate your rapid attention to this matter and cooperation throughout this matter."

To get a letter from a prosecutor's office which leads off with, "This is your lucky day," while slightly unprofessional, is more than a little bit pleasant! It's not every day that the prosecutor's office tells you that you're getting lucky, lets you off the hook, and then wishes you a happy Valentine's day. This is so not the way my luck typically runs, so this is a VERY BIG deal for me!

It's nice to have a little good luck for a change!

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