Sunday, February 24, 2008

Christmas pics...

Ok, so I've been promising you all some pictures for quite some time now... And with the recent pictures of the stinkies, I merely served the appetizer. I've been storing up pictures for a while now... Case in point, here are the pictures from Tarreck's family Christmas party.

You know those colossal snow globes that most people would only put out in the front yard... Yeah, well, seeing as it's a party, Tarreck put it in the foyer.

We might all be family, but that doesn't mean we don't harass each other as much as possible, and we start the harassment young!

Yep, those are all either alcoholic beverages, or some form of non-alcoholic mixer which was shortly mixed with alcohol...

A little Wii bowling keeps the kids quiet... But the "kids" are widely ranging in age at this shindig.

The young-uns are expected to entertain themselves in a corner...

And they did, at the expense of tidiness. (But really, all zebras need a little popcorn!)

And here sits the popcorn cleanup crew.

Yeah, that's Santa, a sleigh, a tree, and a few reindeer in one giant inflatable musical thingy ordinarily reserved for lawn use... Tarreck just puts it on the back porch.

Tamara is big pimpin' on her phone.

Time to bust out the party games!

Tamara explains the rules!

They seem confused. But we still love them!

Moving back to the Wii, just look at this follow-through! (Actually, he damn near broke his thumb by busting it on the coffee table shortly thereafter!)

Tarreck is big pimpin... Kinda.

We had to create a Grammy on the Wii.

And this one is my Aunt Peggy...

And then it was time for a little pay-per-view boxing... It was fight night!

Mayweather won, in case you care and are somehow really behind the times!

Then it was time for poker and pool!

But Tarreck wanted to show off his ballin' skillz, and decided he's going to represent Palestine in the 2008 Olympics!

That about sums up the Christmas party... The New Year's party was much more adult in nature... Those pictures are still to come!

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