Thursday, February 14, 2008

Myyyyy Bellllllllyyyyyy.....

Read that title in the best whiny-complain-y tone you can manage, either out loud, or just in your head.

That whiny-complain-y tone is really all I can muster lately, and it's all I can reasonably think of while trying to work this week.

Monday was supposed to be a day off for me... Instead, I had the dubious honor of spending like 5 hours with a client and ended up taking her to the hospital because that's what goes with the territory of being on call 24-7.

Tuesday and Wednesday were total losses because of an ice storm which kept all of us home. Today I went back to work, but having lost two days, pushing things around to ensure that everyone gets seen becomes quite a chore. And that's not even the half of it.

To boot, I haven't felt like myself lately.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was totally lethargic, (which is kind of normal for a snow day if you ask me,) but I have no kind of energy (I mean laying around was the best I could manage for two days, but sleeping was the ideal... no matter how much sleep I'd already gotten,) I haven't been hungry, or able to eat... Something is up!

Thursday was the first time I could manage anything resembling an appetite. But it was one of those weird appetites where no matter how hungry I felt, nothing sounded good, and I could already tell that whatever was going in was not going to do the trick... And so I put off eating until I was literally so hungry that I nearly vomited. (Seems counterintuitive, I know, but that was the literal sensation, complete with retching.) And so I ate, and just as I had suspected, while it didn't come up, it didn't sit well, and so I had a sour tummy all day!

Several hours later, when it was appropriate to consume another meal, it was another round of totally lacking any kind of appetite, but since I knew I was due for a meal, I tried to eat something, even if it was just something light... A half a can of soup, and some peach slices later, I once again have that nauseated sensation, this time accompanied by an overstuffed sensation which is hardly something I expected as a result of consuming a half a can of soup and a few sliced peaches...

Again, I say, SOMETHING IS UP!

I'm just whining... Pay no attention to me.