Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dear fan, prepare to meet a large heap of shit...

Yeah, as miserable as things have been lately, there are no signs of any kind of improvement.

As excited as I am to quit my job, I am not putting in my notice until the last possible moment. I will give appropriate notice, but I'm not saying anything until I absolutely have to. Why? Because I don't want to get stuck with some half-wit trainee who I would get the dubious honor of training. Yeah, our office, despite an astronomically high turnover rate, and an abysmally low job satisfaction rate, expects the current workers to train the folks that they hire to replace those of us who have the good sense to get out now... Even when we're on our way out the door. Personally, I think it's beyond unprofessional to ask people who are quitting to train the newbies, I mean it's a more accurate picture for the newbies, but once you've established to the supervisors that you're outie boom boutie, there are all kinds of things you're willing to say to some slack-jawed peon who is just coming aboard which you wouldn't be willing to say if you were at all concerned about long term job security.

In other work related news, the Tuesday morning staff meeting was just loaded with all kinds of half-cocked, harebrained idiocy which serves no purposes other than to reduce morale, cheat the field workers who are the ones out there doing the work that generates all the money, and generally piss everyone off... But someone thought it sounded good... (Someone was HIGHLY mistaken.) And from what I gather, based on numerous reports from my friends at various levels and positions around the office, things are only going to get worse... I can't imagine how, but someone over there will dream up a way! They always do. I'm told to be glad that I'm getting out now because things are supposedly going to get REALLY REALLY ugly, and they are supposed to get really ugly REALLY fast.

In other working world news, the job that I was counting on jumping to once I moved is not mine. They hired someone else because they were already local and they didn't want to wait for me to move... So I'm moving anyway, and hopefully I'll find something to go to. And if I don't, I'll just leech off of The Admiral for a little while.

In more personal news, I was originally just joking about that Lyme disease thing... Turns out, not so much a joke anymore, as the site of the tick bite on my hip has remained red and itchy... Not a good sign. I've been taking antibiotics as a precaution, but things are slow to improve. This really fits in with my luck.

Speaking of my bad luck and apparently poor health, (please cease and desist all reading now if you are at all squeamish about the human body or it's many disgusting processes).

I've called to get a doctor's appointment not only to get that tick bite checked out, but also because I am suffering from major fatigue, and anemia. I'm suffering these problems because I have had a really long bout with the female curse. We're talking like continuous uninterrupted flow for over 2 weeks now... I have called my doctor, but it seems the first available appointment is in 2 weeks. Meanwhile, my hemorrhaging and my general misery might very well persist.

When I called to make the appointment, the receptionist asked if I was just scheduling an annual exam. I told her I needed to schedule an annual too, but at the moment I was having a pretty significant problem. I noted that I'd been flowin' down the red river for a good 16 days now, and she asked if that was it, or if I had any other symptoms such as cramping or headaches... I think this woman must be some kind of rocket scientist, because I told her, "Yeah, I've been having headaches and cramping, and some serious fatigue, but last time I checked those were part of the standard period package... The heavy bleeding for 16 continuous days on the other hand, not quite so much something I was ready for." I'm calling again tomorrow and getting upset if they don't at least make an effort to squeeze me in sooner, lest I bleed out in the meantime.

Someone just shoot me and put me out of my misery.

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