Thursday, June 26, 2008

A need for clarity

Being as this is a two post day, and comments were limited on my "I'm quitting" post, I feel the need to issue a clarification statement on my own behalf after that last post... Hopefully a few of you out there will give enough of a damn to read the posts and catch up if you're feeling out of the loop.

So here's the thing. My last post mentioned that I told a caseworker that I wanted to punch a woman in the face after spending three hours in a meeting with her. I don't think it's any huge shock to any of you that in the event that if I should (and do) get stuck in a room with someone who lacks any common sense, and who is contradicting my every statement with every breath she takes and every word she speaks when I am speaking on behalf of a child who's interests I'm looking out for, and who she supposedly loves due to familial ties... Well, I'm drunk right now, and losing track of that complex sentence... Anyway, it was obvious that I was looking out for the kid, and this lady was looking out for her worm of a brother who is only in this situation because he was manufacturing meth... If I'm more of an advocate for this kid than her own damn aunt, that's saying something, and I had every right to want to punch her in the face. The case worker loved it, and even if I wasn't leaving in two weeks, once they'd left the room, I'd have said the exact same thing in the exact same context. I didn't say it in front of the boss who runs the show that pays my salary, and even if it was, I'm pretty sure he'd have been right there backing me up, and in point of fact, probably reiterating my point by stating that he too wanted to punch her in the face! The doc is down with that in certain situations.

The fact is that I implied to the doc weeks ago that I was leaving and that I would be grateful for a letter of recommendation for my grad school application. He indicated then that he would be more than happy to oblige. So unless over the course of the next two weeks I lose my gourd completely, and show up to the office with my handy dandy grenade launcher, and a borrowed uzi, I think I've got my recommendation in the bag.

Either way, I'm out of there in two weeks and the end can't come soon enough! Every day my smile grows a little wider, and is a little bit harder to wipe off, even in totally inappropriate situations... In fact, I'd say that now more than ever I smile at the worst times, because I just think to myself, "Oh, I am so out of here, and in two weeks I'll never have to think about putting up with this particular brand of bullshit EVER again!" And if that ain't worth a smile, I don't know what is!

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