Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I really gotta find another way to cope...

[Warning: This post contains a little bit of me feeling sorry for myself... You've been warned, so don't yell at me and tell me I'm going to hell because I refuse to give up all that I have and give back to the global community because I'm blessed or anything...]

I have a bad habit...

Actually I have many bad habits, but this bad habit is likely to get me in more financial trouble.

I cope with my problems through a little recreational activity I like to call RETAIL THERAPY. In case you are not familiar with this term, it means when I have problems I go shopping.

Those of you who know me well know that I am usually not much of a shopper. I generally limit my spending to the grocery store, bar tabs, and the occasional DVD indulgence at Best Buy...

This all changes any time I get stressed.

When I was stressed with trying to find a new roommate, and making plans for graduation, it was a trip to Borders downtown, and a few "lucky on-sale finds" at Banana Republic that saw me through. When I was stressed with finals, I bought books from Amazon, and a few sale items from J.Crew. When I was stressed with my move, I ordered more furniture.

Sensing a pattern?

So with the stress of trying to work enough to pay my rent, pay for my summer class, finish my work for my summer class, consolidate my loans before July 1 (when rates go up), being told by someone else that I am going to hell, and the added news that my grandmother has ovarian cancer, it was time for a little recreational spending... not good when 2 of the stressors are financial in nature.

Lucky for me, my spending at a Target store is limited to a few key areas such as DVDs and books... It's pretty tough to rack up a bill that could be amassed at a Banana Republic for the same number of items...

So yeah, I'm going to hell, one grandmother is in a nursing home with a broken hip, and a negative prognosis of recovery, and the other grandmother now has ovarian cancer... couple that with the end-loaded rush of things I have to accomplish for this poetry course, (Which still needs to be paid for, too) paying my regular bills, and the other daily stresses of my life... and let's see, what else could we possibly pile on here? Anything? Anyone got something to add?

So yeah, maybe I am feeling sorry for myself... and maybe I don't deserve to. After all, I'm not the one with ovarian cancer. But until someone comes along and offers to be my sugar daddy, and make sure I never have to worry about bills ever again, so that I can focus on my other problems, I'm gonna bitch about it. You'll have to deal!



(In response to a mid afternoon rush at work)
Ciara: "Where did all these people come from?"
Kerry: "Asia."

"My Jello is sweating!" ~ Kerry (Who didn't have any Jello.)

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