Monday, June 20, 2005

Oh how lucky you are!!!

You kids are so lucky! You get two posts on consecutive days... WOW! It's just like the good ol' days! It's a father's day miracle! ...Or maybe not.


So Nate was kinda pissed about the condition of the store when he showed up on Sunday evening after Kerry and I left. Apparently he thinks that no work was done at all. In that regard, he is wrong.

Yes, we did slack a little bit over the weekend. But there was definitely work done! The empty carts that once contained lots of flowers got out to the lot because we cleared them off and arranged the flowers in an acceptable fashion... Either that, or the empty carts we stored in the lot magically multiplied on their own, because there were certainly more at the end of the weekend than there were on Friday morning.

Ok, so even though I got a pissy e-mail from Nate, which noted that he didn't want to hear excuses, I'm just going to respond here instead, presenting my defense.

  • The zinnas on an outside table were loosely arranged to occupy the full amount of space. Nate packed these zinnias closer together and filled the rest of the table with petunias. I didn't do this because Nate has specifically told us not to pack things too tightly on the tables, to quote our fearless leader, "The plants shouldn't touch." The ones he arranged were most definitely touching... but I am apparently supposed to know that he wanted that.
  • The end caps could've been filled. Yes, I knew this should have been done before we left, but in the two years I have done this job, I have yet to pick the right thing for one of Nate's end caps. He's finicky. Therefore, I do not mess with the end caps, EVER.
  • The 12 packs were not condensed and brought inside... Yeah, that's true, we didn't do that, and we could've, but I was of the belief that they would be there in the morning when I returned, and I would deal with them then. Nate got to them first.
  • Nate claims that some patio pots were not watered. I think he is hallucinating, because I know I watched Kerry thoroughly water them. (I think at this point his anger was making him write things that just weren't true.)
Now, those 4 things don't translate to the 4 hours he says he spent working, but what do I know? ...that means he was bitter because the place wasn't swept, which if you ask me, should be the Home Depot's job, and not the annual flower company. Ok, so Nate is done venting, and I'm done defending.

(Natey-kins, we all have bad days! It'll be ok, and we'll behave at the store! I promise!)


A shoutout to Meljoy who messaged me because she misses me and still loves the blog entries.

Meljoy, you are a hot slut, and I love you! Call me soon, we'll hang out!


Tom Cruise got squirted in the face with spooge by some prankster... He was pissed about it, but I don't know why, he should totally be used to getting squirted in the face with spooge!

(Because he is a closet homosexual...) And Tom, that's ok!

I don't think homosexuality is scientology-approved, though... anyone know anything about this?


On Sunday night, I attended my first poetry slam. It was awesome! I highly recommend you check one out if you have the time! (Green Mill - Sunday nights at 8.)


I have to go take care of business. You kids be good and I'll bring you something back from my vacation!

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