Sunday, June 19, 2005

Oh you crazy kids...

Ok, so we've established that people are idiots, and that when they shop at the home depot, they are mean idiots... and we've established that when masterpiece workers get bored, they are slackers of epic proportions. (Pictures below)

In other news, we've also established that electronic devices do not like the Lizzle cake. (I swear, if I were of a lesser constitution I would probably have done myself in by now... fortunately for me, and for you as well, I am not of a weak constitution, and I have suffered the slings and arrows just for your entertainment!)


If any of you remember me talking about Jar-Jar, a.k.a. Skelator, a.k.a. Stefanie Duncan, and you talk to me with any regularity, then you've probably already heard me tell this story, so feel free to skip ahead.

For those of you who don't know the story, this is a tale of karma, and how it is screwing with me.

Stefanie Duncan was a lifeguard, (of weak constitution, noted because she frequently cried on the job, but that's a whole other story.) Anyway, Stefanie and I were forced to work together one year, and she was engaged to a friend of mine, named Jake. While Stefanie and I worked together she irritated me (and everyone else on staff) intensely, and since she was irritating and had/has bad posture, we nicknamed her Jar-Jar, after Jar-Jar Binx the Star Wars character sharing these characteristics... anyway...

Jake was serving in Iraq when we worked together, and the staff collectively joked that Jake was going to break off the engagement because he met a lovely Iraqi woman and decided to tie the knot with her instead... (Jake did eventually break off the engagement, and did marry someone else, but alas she was not Iraqi)

So, I think karma is f-ing with me because the only even half way acceptable boy currently on my romantic horizon is in fact Iraqi... If this keeps up, and karma has it's way with me, if I should ever produce children they will all be mentally handicapped, and I will still end up in hell.

So I have that to look forward to, which is nice...


It should also be noted that the annual family reunion is coming up!! I will be in the greater Patoka Lake/Paoli/ French Lick, Indidana area for family activities such as drinking and roasting on one another, and making s'mores. And it will be fabulous.

I know you all have slowly grown accustomed to my abbreviated and/or occasional posting of late, and so this should not come as a huge shock, but since I will be camping, it's pretty likely that you won't be getting much in the way of posting between this coming Thursday and Sunday.

Look for a mega-post and great pictures upon my return though!



Liz: "A brown boy has a crush on me."
Nenny: "OOOH A BROWN BOY! What kind of brown? Are we talking 'Tyrone-Brown' or are we talkin..."
Liz: "He's Iraqi."
Nenny: "OOOH MUHAMMED BROWN!! NICE LIZZLE! ...But I read on the blog that you've got other boys after you... You masterpiece girls are some sluts!"

"It's my goal every day to say something that makes Lizzle's QOTD!" ~Ciara

"That plant scares me! It looks like something that would live on 'the dark side' ~Rosanna (Wow, two star wars references in one post... that's kinda scary.)


Happy Birthday to Michael K!!!
He is one VERY HOT SLUT!

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