Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Asian women behind the wheel...

I'm gonna say it...

I am always grateful when I see a little Asian woman on the train or the bus... because it means she's not behind the wheel of a car.

I hate to be the one to perpetuate the use of stereotypes, but the fact is that Asian women can't drive.

I know. I've seen it.

I used to live in a VERY Asian neighborhood in this fair city of mine, and I always had to look two or three times before crossing the street. Why? Because Asian women can't drive!

I have nearly been hit by Asian female drivers on numerous occasions... all while I was either legally in a crosswalk, standing on a sidewalk, or standing in a parking lot.

I was nearly struck once again while at work today by a small Asian woman who was evidently not aware that you have to be able to see in order to drive a motor vehicle.

Like I said, I'm not one to perpetuate stereotypes, and I generally don't buy into them, but this one has offered me just a little too much evidence to be totally untrue.

Just thought I'd offer that for your commenting.

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