Sunday, June 05, 2005

Who missed me?

Yeah, it's been a while. My apologies! I have been insanely busy in the last week.

Believe me when I tell you I would much rather have been sitting around, doing very little, and composing entries for you, my lovely readers, but alas, I have put in a 40 hour work week, packed up all my worldly posessions and moved them from my former residence to my lovely new apartment. (Believe me when I tell you that working a 40 hour week is bad, moving during the same week is worse, ad doing it all on a bum foot* is downright AWFUL!) (* Foot is recovering wonderfully though!)

Of my move-out, I will say this: I did manage to lock myself out of my old place by leaving my keys on the counter while going to load nonsense into a borrowed car, (Thank you again Ciara, you are my savior, and my hero.) and I while I was able to get in touch with the building manager, he was out in the burbs, so he was not able to let me in... so I had to figure out alternate means of entry... meaning I essentially broke into my own apartment. Basically if you've ever been to my old apartment, you know there is a brick wall with some old-world stonework on it that sits just below my living room windows... this would be a balcony but there is no door to get out there, only windows... fortunately I had not gotten around to locking those windows yet, so I used the stonework accents to scale the brick wall and get into my apartment through the window... I'll go back over there some day and take a picture of the wall so that you kids understand what I'm talking about. (It's a much better story that way.) But I thought it was funny that I had to break into my own apartment on the last day that I actually lived there. (I also find it interesting that *burglars have not noticed this before!) (*Burglars is spelled with an A at the end... I recently saw a sign adverstising installation of BURGLER alarms and I was offended... I also saw a sign advertising ARTIC FREEZES at a dairy queen... it really is no wonder that the rest of the world thinks Americans are stupid... it's because as a whole WE ARE! God bless we intelligent few for tolerating all the idiots out there!!!!!)

With regard to my new apartment: I love my new home, (and I love that I am the only crazy woman living there). I just finished ordering new furnishings (a chair, ottoman, kitchen cart, and book shelf) to complete the overall ensemble. (I feel old... not only am I shopping for home furnishings, I am getting very excited about it.)


As for work, Nate has been a grump lately, but I understand most of it. Marco is still a waste of space and a total oxygen robber, but apparently being creepy and worthless is not enough to get you fired from flower slinging... although he doesn't really sling flowers like the rest of us... he has been relegated to watering all the time because it is all that he can manage to do without mucking up... and there have been occasions where he has managed to screw up even while only watering... (You thought it was simple enough to apply a flow of water running through a hose to a plant... wrong... he finds ways to complicate even that.)

We did hire a new girl though, a friend of mine, Kerry... She knows about plants. She is a delight.


Other notes and addenda:

I am still not posting with any regularity because I still don't have internet set up at my new place... (I am presently typing this entry at a Panera because they offer free wireless internet to their patrons... and I like Panera, so it's just an added bonus!) I also patronize a coffee shop near my new home which offers free wireless internet access to it's customers, so I will be posting as much or as often as I am able, but I can't make any promises as to the regularity, or quality of my posts until I am able to make an appointment to have internet installed and whatnot... (I only transerred my electrical service today!)

Michael K. has returned from his vacation unscathed! HURRAH!!!

I still love you crazy people! Thanks for stopping in to read up on me!



Holly: YEE-HAH!
Liz: Yee-hah? That's Texan for "GREAT!" right?
Holly: You got it! You're learning the lingo!

"Honey, nothing scares me. I'm a 77 year old, blonde sex symbol. I spend my days shopping, flirting with younger men, and eating chocolate ice cream." ~ a woman Maggie met at panera (I think she's my role model!)

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