Sunday, July 29, 2007

Apologies... Once again.

I don't know if too many of you really give a damn whether or not I've been posting for the last week, but for the few of you out there who love your daily dose of lizzle time, I offer my humblest apologies for depriving you of the privilege. It was not a premeditated or malicious withholding of information, I assure you.

You see, after returning from the family reunion I had to return to reality as well. That meant submitting the paperwork from the week preceding the reunion, as well as getting another week's worth of work under my belt. It is a totally lame excuse, I know, but still.

In other news, my brother was hit by a drunk driver last week, and while he wasn't hurt, the back end of his truck was relocated to occupy the same space as the the hood of her car, and as with any car accident he was a little sore the next day, and he was more than a little rattled about the whole thing, so I had a conversation with him regarding his mortality, and things of that nature.

And for those of you who remember my excitement over a recent purchase, (the DVD boxed set of Six Feet Under, for those of you too lazy to go look,) I probably shouldn't have to tell you all that pretty much every spare moment of my week has been spent reacquainting myself with the Fisher family. And on a related note, I must say that it is a really good thing that I absolutely adore my mother, because I showed her the pilot episode and she was hooked. She has since developed a serious and deepening addiction resulting in many hours lounging at my apartment rather than dealing with grandpa's malarkey and his increasingly cantankerous attitude. I think it's HILARIOUS because she will come over with the intention of watching one or two episodes and when a story line leaves her hanging she starts jonesing for more and says things like, "No, I can't leave it at that! I have to go, but I need one more! Just one more episode!" or "Just one more and then I'll go... But just one!"

She has found the broadcast equivalent of crack. And she is helpless to its power. She was seduced by that first hit, and well, the rest as they say is history. She also now totally understands why I went to the expense of purchasing the set for myself... (Before her exposure, she was horrified at the cost. But now I think there is a small part of her that is envious that I have it all to myself out at my apartment, as evidenced by her saying as she was departing my abode following a 5 episode binge this evening, "You're going to watch without me now, aren't you! You're going to watch more without me!")

I'll probably get to posting those reunion pictures tomorrow. We'll see.

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