Saturday, July 14, 2007

Because I'm old...

When I was young I'd save my allowance and babysitting money for trips to Toys R Us, or the mall. I bought things like a skip it, a pogo ball, a pack of garbage pail kids cards (complete with a petrified pink stick of gum,) ... You know... The important stuff!

But now that I'm old, I spend my money on things like rent, insurance, food, gas for my automobile, ...You know... The important stuff.

But in the interest of maintaining my sanity, (when I have it available) I occasionally have to spend a little "fun money" on myself. And now that I'm old buy things that we old folks find entertaining. For example, today I decided it was time to blow a little cash and ended up with this. I also got some books.

Because that's what we old people use as a means of entertainment... And since I rarely watch TV, it didn't make sense to spend it on cable... After all, the sports on cable are free when you're out drinking at the sports bar.

But because I'm old, I'm happy with my purchase!

(And that's all that matters.)

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